Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Return to Arms: January 31, 2012

Oh blog!  Oh dear, neglected, much loved blog!  

I had surgery.  I'm fine.  Really.  But recovering took much more, in terms of both time and personal resources, than I had ever imagined.

And now,  being almost whole again,  let us commence to returning to the subject at hand.  As the last breezes of winter blow through our attics and we wait for the groundhog to tell us how much of winter we have left, I am going to seize this opportunity to talk about coats.  I love coats.  I would have an entire closet devoted to my forty some-odd coats if I could.  I would have a coat of every weight and color, of every fabric, for every occasion and in every style.

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Let's begin with something sumptuous, almost decadent.  Every girls dream.  The thing that makes you the center of attention the moment you walk in the room.  What could I be talking about?  Why a mink stole of course!

Isn't it lovely?  Isn't it sumptuous?  Isn't it elegant?  Imagine yourself with the softness of mink wrapped around your shoulders.  Imagine snuggling a bit deeper into it in a moment where the wind picks up a bit.  Imagine the admiring glances,  the outright envy,  the whispers as you make your way to the table.  A mink stole is the very essence of luxury.  And you can wear it with anything (though I don't think I'd wear it with jeans.  But you could if you wanted!). 

Like all quality furs, this stole is lined in 
a wonderfully smooth silk satin, so the whole experience of wearing it is one of softness, of comfort, of luxury.  

I chose this stole, because I believe it is a universal color.  It would be flattering on the brunette with the slightest auburn tinge to her highlights.  It would look marvelous on a redhead.  It would be stunning on a blonde.  And ladies,  everything goes with silver!  

Currently one of several furs being offered by MonDesirVintage for the unbelievably low price of $ 74.00,  a steal in anyone's book!

     ***     ***     ***

Also offered from MonDesirVintage is a classic boyfriend jacket for the not-too-long-of-waist.  

Just imagine this jacket with it's sleeves pushed up a bit, or even cuffed!  Made of brown herringbone tweed this boxy jacket features a black velvet panel at it's nehru neckline and and slight puffs to the sleeves.

Made by J.G. Hook in the 80's,  the jacket is marked a size 8,  but I would recommend it for a size 6 or smaller.  There's nothing more obvious than a jacket that's too small,  and for a boyfriend jacket,  too large is flattering.

This lovely jacket is available for the bargain price of $34.00.

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The New York Times recently published a peice about the reappearance of hats in fashionable women's wardrobes,  most predominately cloche type hats and fedoras.  I couldn't stop myself from mentioning this absolutely gorgeous (but alas, not vintage) cloche hat I found on Etsy.

These felt hats are made to order, so you can get one that is the perfect color to compliment that outfit that needs just a touch of chic.  I adore the mabe pearl accessorizing this hat, as well as the way the hat seems to unfold like an upside down flower on your head. 

Hats take approximately three weeks from the time of order and are offered by YellowField7.  $350.00.  She is quite the milliner, and you would be cheating yourself not to peruse her entire selection. 

     ***     ***     ***

One of the more fun coat finds I made is this wonderful and somewhat whimsical purple duster from the 90's.

I think purple is such a fun color,  and it is used so well on this duster that it becomes the new navy blue!  The duster has a wonderful shawl neck which you can wear up or down (I like the drama of wearing it up), and has two pockets, placed at an angle on each side.

Alas,  the seller did not give us any information on the fabric content, but if you have concerns, I'm sure she'd be happy to answer any inquiry.  

The duster is sized for a medium to large woman, and has a timeless quality which should set it as a go-to item for years to come.

Offered by Beautifulshyt for the bargain price of $68.00.

     ***     ***     ***

While doing the cyber equivalent of thumbing through eBay, I ran across this amazing 30's black velvet opera coat,  perhaps the most elegant coat I'm featuring today.

The silk velvet of this coat is a nice inky black, and seems unfaded even after all these years.  The coat is full length, features a wonderfully smocked collar and the sleeves taper from narrow at the shoulder to full and generous at the wrist.  The satin ivory lining has been professionally replaced and  is so immaculate that you can wear the cloak inside out for a change of style, and not worry about under-arm staining!

This coat is not for a wall flower.  Wear this and people will notice!  This coat is only for a woman of confidence and poise;  one who is used to being the center of attention and knows how to handle that attention well.  

Offered by the SelvegeYard for the Buy-It-Now price of  $495.00.  This is an investment piece,  Handle it well and it will only appreciate in value, and it will add huge dimension to your wardrobe. 

When I stopped for the perfunctory viewing of the SelvegeYard's offerings, I literally wanted to blog their entire stock.  Bookmark this seller!  S/he has an eye for items which are both chic and which are perfect reflections of the times from which they sprang.  Don't cheat yourself and not browse their listings,  though you may want to hide your credit cards from yourself before you peek!

     ***     ***     ***

Another one of my finds at Etsy is this incredibly fashionable "Denauve" Camel Cape.

From the Alexandra Grecco Autumn 11 collection and styled after the 1960's,  I love just about everything about this cape.  The camel color will, of course, go with anything.  The swing styling is as fashionable today as it was the day it was when JFK was President.  The bow is lovely without being cute, and the black buttons add just enough weight to the coat for a woman to be taken seriously in it.

The coat features a shawl collar and is 100% wool.  It is cut in such a way that one size should fit anyone from size 0 - 10, though I wouldn't go over 10 with it.  When your friends ask you where you find it,  smile mysteriously and say, "It's vintage."  They'll be green with envy, and picture you climbing through mountains of clothing at Good Will to find this treasure.

Offered by AlexandraGrecco for $330.00.

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Also not vintage, but definitely vintage styled is this incredibly elegant brocade steampunk jacket from eBay.

The rose motif brocade on this coat is some of the most gorgeous fabric I've ever laid eyes on.  The front is crossed with four lines of military type buttons, and the hems of both the jacket and the sleeves feature first a gathered lace, and then a pleated satin.

The styling and cut of the jacket are unmistakably Edwardian, and I applaud the researcher who designed this fabulous jacket with such historical detail.  It is styled in such a way as to be able to see you from the laundramat to the office to the opera without skipping a beat.  Truly a work of art.

Offered by SirensandStarlets for 47.39 British Pounds, or approximately $58.79 American Dollars.  This seller has an absolutely incredible set of offerings of vintage styled goods.  Please see them all, and mark SirensandStarlets as one of your favorite sellers so you can keep up with their goods.

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The next coat is from the most fun shop I've seen in a long time,  denisebrain.  While browsing her offerings, I was shocked to find this lovely 1980's Pauling Trigere Coat!

Would you believe this gorgeous coat is being offered for only $31.00!  Hello?  This is a Pauline Trigere.  It should cost you that much to say her name!  While unsure of it's provenance, the seller believes this is a 1980's does 1940's coat, though it's not out of the realm of possibility that it truly is from the 1940's.

The coat is made of winter weight 100% black wool and lined with black satin.  It closes with a single button at the neck then has hidden snaps down the front of the coat.  The coat is cut to accomodate "new look" gowns, and there is a deep pleat in the center back for ease of walking.

The coat is labeled a size 8, but both the seller and I believe it could handle a size 10.  This, as much as anything, would seem to make this an 80's coat and NOT alas, a 40's coat.

I've had occasion to email the seller, and she is truly charming, and a pleasure to do business with.

     ***     ***     *** 

Also from DeniseBrain is this wonderful lipstick red coat from the 1960's.

This lovely double breasted coat is made of soft 100% wool with a pronounced horizontal rib texture.  Interestingly,  the back of the coat's notched collar is doubled over, and left open at the end.  Perhaps this is to run a scarf through?  

The coat is missing a button at top, but as you can see from the pictures, this really doesn't show and shouldn't affect the coats appearance.  There are also some small marks on the coat which should come out with a good dry cleaning.  

Offered for an amazing $29.00.  At prices like this, you could afford to have a different colored coat for at least every day of the week, and quite possibly each day of the month!

     ***     ***     ***

Next, I'm going to close this evening with a lovely irridescent coat by Lilli Doll available at eBay. 

This gorgeous coat is made of a lightweight polyester olive-bronze iridescent fabric which in the right light will show hints of teal, purple, and all the hues of a peacock.  I just adore this type of fabric,  it allows such a great latitude of accompaniment;  almost anything will go with it.

The coat features a balloon neckline and three button closure in the front.  Made in Macau, this coat has been loved and well cared for.  Handwashing is suggested, and I would steam, rather than iron, the wrinkles out of this garment.

Offered by dmlz1965 for the unbelievable price of $26.00.  If that's not a bargain, I've never seen a bargain.

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Finally,  I wish to thank all of you who have returned to my blog, found my blog, or whatever road led you hear.  After such a long absence I am so grateful to have an audience.

I'll be blogging again soon, and until then,

Happy Shopping!

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