Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Finds On The Fly or Roze Hits SenseoFashion

These days there's no telling what you'll find at the bottom of a pair shoes. At the House of Dior they're using everything from what looks like a knitting needle to the wooden (or plastic) equivalent of an ice cream cone.

These particular creations, strange as they are, actually herald from the 70s not the latest couture creation.

Look kind of like the end of a violin, don't they?

And they cut quite a profile.

I found these killer shoes at SenseoFashion. Created by Amano in the late 60s or early 70s, these leather shoes show some wear, but are absolutely in wearable condition. Sized 9.5, you can imagine what I'd give to shrink them just a tad! Offered by DorotheasCloset for $250.00, a steal for shoes with this much style.

Also from SenseoFashion is this incredible, curve hugging, electric blue, lamb suede dress from the 1980s.

A color one of my friends used to call "zapper blue"' this luscious body hugging dress was made by Firenze and is shired along the back to emphasize each curve.

The dress measures 36" 24" 36" and is 47" long. I'm especially pleased by the length of the dress, as I believe rather long dresses can create this long, lean, almost column-like appearance.

Offered by Daisy Fairbanks M 'a for $125.00.

My final find of the day from SenseoFashion is this One of a Kind Couture creation by Katharine Hamnett of London from the 1980s.

Though labeled a size L, the stretch of the fabric is such that it will fit anyone from a size 2 to a size 8. I shudder to think of a world in which a size 8 is a "large"' but I'll set that aside to focus on the timeless beauty of this dress. Made from a silk, cotton blend, the style of the dress owes an obvious debt to the undergarments of the Edwardian era. The fact that this is a dress and not a slip only adds to the sexiness of the slip-dress.

The semi-fish tale hemline adds to the timeless quality of the dress, and the adjustable shoulder straps enhances the dresses ability to fit a variety of sizes.

Offered by TheKaliman for $300.00.

And on that note, I shall wish you all Good Shopping!

Second Hand Roze

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Finds on the Fly March 29, 2011

One of the first things that caught my eye today were these killer "Pom Pom" shoes from eBay.

Made by MIA, these shoes are not vintage, they aren't even used, they are new and in their original box. My favorite color - bronze, but they're calling it mushroom. They can call it anything they want, it's still bronze to me. With sweet platforms, peek-a-boo toes and four inch heels, I think these shoes are the sweetest footwear I've run across in a while. Offered by molliedog80 for an opening bid of $9.99. If these weren't a size 9 they'd be on my size 8.5 feet.

The next thing to catch my eye was this absolutely to-die-for 1940's silk satin evening dress also on eBay.

My mother had a very similar gown from being a bride's maid for a cousin, and I've never forgotten the feeling of being swathed in smooth, heavy, glamorous silk and the sumptuous feeling of wearing that lovely dress. The shoulder straps really exist to facilitate hanging the gown on a hanger. Once you've got it on, let those straps disappear into the folds of the shoulder band. Then what's left to admire is the lovely gathering of the fabric along the left seam.

Offered by VintageWear for the Buy It Now price of $200.00.

The gown is the equivalent of a modern size 3, with 33" bust and a 24" waist. The skirt is full and the hips are free. Nevertheless it would be a grave disservice to the historical integrity of the gown to wear it with a crinolines even though it would easily accommodate one.

The gown is a size 3 and is in excellent vintage condition. It secures with a side metal zipper, as is usual for gowns of this period.

For hundreds of years, the rituals of mourning were governed by very strict social norms. In the immediate time period following a loss, a woman could wear only black, listen to somber music and interact only with members of her immediate family. Once this period was completed, the woman could wear black mixed with deep purple and her social circle could expand somewhat.

Following the death of Queen Victoria's beloved Prince Albert, all the rules of mourning changed. The Queen was so bereft at the loss of her consort that in some ways she went into a permanent state of deep mourning. She wore only black for the rest of her life. Though her station and duties required that she continue many social rituals, she replaced some ordinary life rituals with rituals of mourning which were mimicked by women in the British Empire, America, and indeed throughout the world.

During this time of global mourning, it became fashionable to make jewelry, or elaborate braids from the hair of the deceased. It was also customary for the widow to retain some of the flowers which had been displayed with the casket of the deceased. The frame shown below for eBay houses such a remembrance.

This particular photograph does not display the three dimensional nature of the memorial, so I tried to find a photograph which better depicts that aspect of the display.

I'm not sure of this, but the metal "At Rest" sign, may have served as a temporary grave marker for the cemetery until the final monument could be carved, completed, and placed at the gravesite.

The flowers from the gravesite and Funeral home have obviously been arranged with such care by the loved ones left behind.

At the risk of committing sacrilege, I would propose turning this into a memorial of a different type. Perhaps one might wish to display the first shoes, a silver rattle, and the Baptismal gown of a much beloved child. The flowers, an invitation, and perhaps the cork from the first bottle of champagne could memorialize a wedding. But the truth is, there are limitless possibilities for the use of such a lovely antique frame and unusual shadow box.

This fabulous artifact is offered for auction by oneofadozen and is currently priced at $103.50. I expect that price to jump considerably in the last 3 minutes of bidding. It might be quite the thing to watch. I also strongly suggest that anyone with a genuine interest in true antiques take the time to peruse their inventory. You will no doubt find it to be of interest.

And so passes another day on eBay. I hope you found something which gives you pleasure.

Happy Shopping Darlings!

Second Hand Roze

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Catch of the Day: March 27, 2011 Dior "Breakfast at Tiffany's" Hat

Few costumes from American film have become as iconic as that worn by the character of Holly Golightly as depicted by screen legend Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's. When I saw this oh-so-Holly hat on eBay, my heart skipped a bit.

Designed by Coture legend Christian Dior this lovely milano straw braid cartwheel straw banded hat captures all the chic Audrey Hepburn exuded from the screen.

Please note: this hat is a lovely inky black, and any perceived variation of color is caused by the lightening of the photographs to make it possible to view the details of the architecture of the hat. Also, the photographs have been watermarked by the seller. These marks do not appear on the actual hat.

The label on the hat reads, Christian Dior, Paris. Easily the single most important designer of women's wear in the twentieth century. After the war, Dior rocked the fashion world by his introduction of the full skirts (with crinolines) paired with the wasplike waist and lady-like jacket that was instantly labeled the "New Look" by the editor of Vogue. He went on to perfect the pencil skirt with padded hips in deep jewel tones, to be worn with white day gloves and hats died to match the skirts and jackets. Dior also introduced the "A" line skirt, a staple in any woman's wardrobe.

Anyone wishing to know more on 20th century Western Fashion would do well to start their inquiry with the work of Christian Dior.

This particular and lovely Dior hat is offered for Auction by IsadoraFedora. It's sale has excited considerable interest, and as of the time of this writing, has received ten bids, bringing the hat to a price of $76,00, I expect this to be only a fraction of the closing cost at the end of the Auction tomorrow night.

Darlings, I hope that some of you will be interested ib pursuing ownershipn of this fine fashion icon. It is in excellent condition and should continue to grow in Value.

Happy Shopping to you!

Second Hand News

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Catch of the Day: March 24, 2011 Olive Green Beaded Coat

March. In like a lion and out like a lamb, right? There's more. March is the time Smart women buy their coats. You can get a good coat now for half of what it will cost you next fall. But what about trends? Save trends for other garments. Buy either coats that are so classic they will never go out of style, or buy coats so unique they are above trends. Today's coat is one of those coats.

I found this coat on SenseOFashion in a size 10 for a mere $174.00; a price that really barely covers the cost of the beads themselves, much less the expense of sewing them on.

Made of fully lined wool in a deep rich olive green color, this coat will go with anything in the autumn hues of color. And the beadwork, oh my! I am just all about this beadwork! I wish I had close up photographs to show you, but we shall have to make do with the seller's description of these beads as black and elaborate.

The coat has padded shoulders (tip toeing their way back into couture) and closes at the waist with the belt leaving a 30" to 32" waist. Made by Accostage and brought to us by YumYumVintage. While you are at their shop, please indulge yourself in their lavish selection of vintage lingerie.

Happy Shopping my Darlings,

Second Hand Roze

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Catch of the Day: March 22, 2011 80s 1950s Styled Prom Dress

If there is a single word that will get me to look at a garment (aside from certain designer's names, of course), that would would have to be bronze.  If a garment is bronze it's almost always lame', charmeuse, sequins, or - when you are very very lucky - taffeta.  This particular bronze dress from eBay is a stunning shark skin taffeta created mostly of a bronze with a delicate black stripe and accented with a solid bronze waist. 

Made in the 1980's, the dress is decidedly of the 1950's "New Look" style created by Christian Dior.

The dress has lovely, slimming puffy sleeves, an apparent sweet heart neckline (hidden by jewelry), a great full skirt which demands a crinoline (heavy on the the starch) and - most notably - a wonderfully executed ruched waist.

Doesn't that ruching make the waist look like Scarlet O'Hara's?  And this is on a size 9!  I also adore the textured effect given by the almost pencil thin black stripes interrupted by the solid fabric.  

The dress is as gorgeous from the back as it is from the front.

The dress was designed for Misty Lane and closes at the back with a nylon zipper (the real dead give away that it is a 80's and not a 50's dress!)  

Alas, this dress does have on tiny little flaw.  A pea sized hole and smudge close to the hem.

I think the answer to this dilemma is obvious.  Take up the dress 3".  There is more than ample length.  Also, you might consider doing nothing.  It is unlikely anyone would notice a flaw so small on a skirt so voluminous.  

The dress is sized 9/10 and is of recent enough vintage for that to be true to size.  However, always read a garments measurements before buying on eBay.  EBay has no dressing rooms,  so what you buy is what you get.

The one thing about the presentation of this dress is the unfortunate use of what the photography at least made to appear very cheap imitations of pearls.  I like the idea of multiple strand necklaces for this very simple neckline,  but for them all to clasp on a single strand precludes any possibility of wearing your hair in an "up" do.  If one does go with pearls, I'd prefer to see multiple single strands, draped as much down the back as the front ala' Coco Chanel.  Or, for my own entertainment, I went shopping for the perfect necklace to go with this dress.  I believe I found it in the "Autumn Haze Torsade" at Sweet Romance Online.  

Isn't that stunning?  And take a look at a close up of this smashing clasp!

The dress is brought to us by Mocha_Chocolate_Vintage for an unbelievably low opening bid of $24.99.  The necklace is available from Sweet Romance Online for $125.00.  This line of jewelry, while not vintage, is vintage inspired, and made as true to vintage as is possible.  It is used by Hollywood and television as costume pieces, and is collected by everyone from wannabe fans like me to a veritable who's who of America's Stars.

I hope you've enjoyed today's Catch of the Day as much as I've enjoyed writing about it.

Happy Shopping Darlings,

Second Hand Roze

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Catch of the Day: March 18, 2011 Putting a Tiger in your Tank

I cheated on this one.  Yes. I must confess, that I found this not today, not even yesterday, but late Tuesday evening.  And I knew right away they were entirely too cool to not blog about.  It was destiny.  It was written in the stars,  it was... a lucky turn of a page in eBay.

My goodness! Aren't they magnificent?  Aren't they just the cat's frickin' pajamas?  (Cats do too wear pajamas!) I think they are so cool I can hardly stand it. They have but two flaws.  The first is they are not vintage. I find that forgivable. Ocassionally au currant designers actually come up with art worth looking at. The second flaw is slightly more sticky. They are a size 5.5.  I'm yet to find an effective means of shrinking my feet.  

The leopard covered platforms are well met with the leopard and black back zippers:'

The platform and wedge bootie are made of luxe leopard and black velvet.  They feature round toes, cushioned insoles, rear zippers and rubber soles.  It's really not been so long since my gallbladder surgery and I could put on and take off these shoes with ease.  Many people are giving them , giving them, to the movement limited. Charity need not always be ugly!  Out those ugly orthopedic things back on the shelf where they belong!

Similar (as in almost identical) shoes are currently selling for over $200.00.  These can be yours for an initial bid of $29.65 or a Buy It Now Price of $33.85.  Part of the fabulous offerings of Tambukiki, along with the following which I could simply Not leave out:

Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is how it's done!

Happy shopping to you darlings!  May your bargains be as plentiful as this stores stock!

Second Hand Roze

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Catch of the Day: March 16, 2011 Vintage Boho Cocoon Jacket

I'm rather in love with today's Catch.  After thumbing fruitlessly through the pages of eBay searching for inspiration, I was - at last - rewarded with this gem:

Created in lovely shades of gossamer green, blue, purple, black and a hint of gold, this lovely Cocoon Dolman Jacket is just the right weight to keep you warm against the chill of an early spring night, and just the right look to keep you hot no matter what the weather.

Seen from the back, the sheerness of the fabric is accentuated by the model's bare shoulders, and the just-right-slant-of-light reveals the gold hidden among the black threads.  I adore the drape of the fabric, and the cut is such that this jacket could grace the shoulders of any sized woman.

The perfect spring accessory for any woman aged 18 through 95, this scrumptious wrap is being offered by Funkin Junkies, whose stock includes the funktabulous to the trendtastic.  The current bid (after 5 bids) is at an unbelievable $13.50.  There is still time to get your bid in on this fabulous garment, and you know that this is precisely the sort of once in a blue moon garment that leads to regrets if left behind.  Scheduled to close on Wednesday at 4:03 PM eBay Standard Time (That's Pacific Time to the uninitiated),  get your bids in early or prepare to snipe, but don't let this ship pass you by.

Happy Shopping my darlings,

Second Hand Roze

Monday, March 14, 2011

A return to Finds of the Day: March 14, 2011

The sniffles have been snuffled,  and the bulk of the move is behind me.  Would any of you happen to need about a hundred cardboard boxes?  Feel free to inquire within.

Back to the joys of life, and of course, this mean chic!

Just after I had been thumbing through Vogue and looking at the latest stiletto heels from the House of Dior (which are oddly like shoes balanced on pins,  or on one particularly notable occasion, shoes with a tree branch as a heel),  I was lucky enough to find these at Ruby Lane:

Aren't they magnificent?  

And they date from when Dior changed the fashion world in a single season with the introduction of "The New Look".  I'm simply mad for them.

Featuring a leather lining and sole,  these fabulous suede shoes from the 1950's are open on both sides and feature a wide grosgrain ribbon across the demure toes.  They look barely worn, well, in point of fact, they don't look worn at all.  I'll have to take the seller's word for it that they've been outside of their box.

So darlings, if you simply must have some of the new stiletto heels (and you must), try some of the old stiletto heels via Christian Dior and Toinette's Vintage Clothing, Jewelry, Patterns and more where you can find these size 7 lovelies for a mere $75.00.

Happy Shopping!!!

Second Hand Roze