Thursday, December 23, 2010

December 23, 2010

Hello Kittens,

I hope your holidays are going well.  I ran across a couple of things that I just had to tell you about...

I’ve been so pleased to see the return of the leggings, and this tie dyed pair may be the most fun of any I’ve seen. I love the way you can just throw them on, and I love how comfortable they are! Available on Etsy. Made by the seller, these low rise leggings are size 2-4 (argh!)  Offered (and made) by VamosThreads for $35.00. The seller has a delightful selection of other leggings. 

Lilly Dache is really known for her hats. Nonetheless, is this a stunning brooch, or is this a stunning brooch? Found on Ruby Lane  This striking rhinestone brooch is almost a variation of the pineapple motif with a wildly exaggerated leaf design.  Or perhaps you see something Celestial in it?  My boyfriend just walked by and said, "Cool.  The Milky Way!"  Whatever you see in it, I'm certain you see beauty.  Offered by Antique Showroom for $195.00.  There are no missing or darkened stones. From what I can see this brooch is in mint condition.

These mad-men era (1960's) cream colored ostrich shoes made for Saks Fifth Avenue are in remarkably good condition.  Found on eBay,  there is some minor scuffing at the base of the heel, but I'm not convinced that this is anything that 409 sprayed on a paper towel won't remove.  These are 100% hand sewn in Italy (and they don't make 'em like that anymore!) and are size 7.5. Offered by Fashion 401K (isn't that clever?) for the Buy-It-Now price on the shoes is $29.99 - a steal! This merchant has tons of really fabulous merchandise.  I could spend an entire morning just admiring her tie collection,  and on top of that she has a fabulous Paloma Picasso purse from the 1980's.

This Halston Bow Neck Blouse just screams the 1970's. It was the Women’s Movement in a shirt and up for sale on Sense of Fashion. Made for the legions of women who were entering the workforce in droves, these shirts were a woman’s answer to the tie. I think you could update the look and feel of the shirt by simply tying a Windsor knot instead of a big bow. (Don’t know how to tie a Windsor Knot? There are instructions on line!) The seller says the shirt is mauve. I’m so glad she said so, because it really looks like a cafĂ© au lait to me. (Okay, so I'm still tempted to write her and say, "There's really a pinkish tone to this shirt? You're sure?")  Offered by deyatarnofornakedboutique for $96.00.

Hardy Aimes made this lovely Art Moderne abstract tie in silk.  I was lucky enough to find it in eBay, and gentlemen, I am all about this tie.  I'm even considering buying it for me.  Rendered in shades of gold. burgundy, blue, grey, green and white,  this tie is almost too cool to just be a tie.  Lined in a red silk jacquard, the tie is offered by e_deals_everyday for a Buy-It-Now price of $18.95.  The seller also has a lovely selection of Dr.Seuss ties, which are just good for the soul.

Straight from Rob and Laura Petrie's Livingroom, this fabulous Art Modern Sofa was found at First Dibs. Upholstered in a wonderful (and pristine) grey tweedy fabric with just a hint of brown, all in a walnut frame. This walnut frame is all that's visible from the back of the sofa (sorry, their photograph was unforgivably bad). The tufting on this couch is accomplished by leather ties, rather than the traditional button, and one suspects that the upholstery is not original. This sofa is the stuff that 1950's dreams were made of. I'm tempted to sell all my other furniture and just buy this. If I had this, what else could I possibly need? Offered by 1st Dibs merchant ModeModern for $3,500.00. I'm betting this little baby is going to find a home remarkably fast. The seller has a remarkable collection of goods including an incredible painting of Marlene Dietrich and Josephine Baker.

Oh!  It's so hard to present photographs of white on white.  I do so hope you can see this. This fabulous "Dandelion" Art Moderne Light Fixture was found on eBay and just knocked me out!  What a work of art!  Perhaps this view will work better.

Doesn't it look like someone took an entire package of hole reinforcers and put them on wires?  I just think it's madly mod.  Made of aluminum and available in your choice of chrome or white,  this fabulous light fixture is offered by Great Shoppers, sellers who are fairly new to eBay.  Let's help them to feel welcome, don't you think?  They have a wonderful selection of primarily art moderne light fixtures.  This particular one is available for $149.00 - a price I consider an unbelievable bargain.

That wraps up this "night owls" version of Second Hand News.  I couldn't sleep, and just decided to see how much of a blog I could put out in a couple of hours.

God bless you all Kittens.  Happy shopping!

Second Hand Roze

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

December 19, 2010

Hello Kittens.

I'm sure you've been busy with your Christmas Shopping, but remember every season is vintage shopping season.  And what finds I've found this week!

This Emilio Pucci hot pants suit from Etsy combines two icons of the late 1960's: Pucci and Hot Pants. Honestly, when was the last time you even thought of Hot Pants? Like most of Pucci's designs of this period, this suit   was executed in cotton velvet. The ensemble is a playful combination of pinks, purples, browns, black and cream. The label is consistent with Pucci’s work of this period. An outfit certain to be the center of conversation whereever you go! This suit is labeled “Size 12", it’s true size is more of a modern size 4. Offered by Pamcoco for $875.00.

This Thierry Mugler suit was found on eBay. More “gently used” than “vintage, this stunning Thierry Mugler dress is evidence that tailoring did not die with Lilli Ann. Made of a knee length black wool knit, this dress has 10 buttons which are actually snaps. The dress features deep side pockets, a peplum in back, and removable shoulder pads. 

There is a 12" kick pleat on the side. I would size the dress at a small waisted size 8, or a busty size 6. Offered for sale by Pixelbillboards for the Buy-It-Now price of $450.00.

Is just about died when I found these on Ruby Lane. These sunglasses have a set of seven interchangeable lenses. Now is that cool or what? Dead stock from the 60's, the frames are lucite with metal ear pieces. Seven sets of colored lenses that just pop in and out. Tags from Darkin, made in Italy. Offered by LooLou’s for $45.00.  I want!

Listed on eBay as “Vintage 70's Jon Wood Beagle Collar Shirt...”  I don’t know what any of that means (except of course the Vintage 70's part), so I didn’t know what was relevant.  I am covering my ignorance by including it all.  It is listed as Vintage Dead Stock, so it is, quite literally, in like new condition.  A disappointing 65% polyester and 35% cotton, this shirt is permanent press, so while it’s not as cool as a 100% cotton shirt, at least you won’t have to iron it. The shirt is purple with a white swirl pattern.  I’m glad he wrote it was purple because on my computer screen it’s blue.  He also writes that the shirt has “short sleeves with a V and button detail.”  I’m not sure if this guy is splitting his infinitives of not.  Is there such thing as a sleeve with a V and button detail?  Or does the shirt have both short sleeves and a V and button detail?
A size small, this shirt also comes from across the pond from scarboroughunderground2010.  Opening bid is 20.00 British Pounds (or approximately $30.94.)

This incredible floor length Art Moderne Coat has been completely and lovingly restored. Found on Sense of Fashion the awesome op art pattern has been fully restored to it's original silver and black psychedicica. Worthy of Grace Slick, the optical patterns on this coat could have come from the Filmore West.

The coat features a 3" wide waist band, and a fully restored black Italian sumptuous charmeuse interior.  The coat secures at the breast with three vintage 60's glass buttons.

I think the choice of buttons was inspired, don't you? The coat is listed as a size 8, but I'm going to hedge my bets and say that's a rather small size 8. This coat has been lovingly restored and is currently offered for sale by RestoredVintageSuzanaMercedes  (who has just an amazing stock of vintage items) for $599.00.

This mid Century Moderne Sterling Silver Cuff was found on eBay with a search of “Art Moderne”. Originally from Taxco, Mexico (see last blog entry). The cuff is a wee bit scratched, and shows some signs of wear, but all of that can easily be fixed by a trip to your local jeweler who can have it looking like new in no time. (You should be able to get this work done for approximately $10.00) Stamped "925 Sterling, Mexico, Alicia" on the inside along with the artist’s hallmark. The outside measures 2 3/4" x 2" x 1 1/4" with weight of approximately 1.8 oz. I think it’s a stunning piece of jewelry, something I would consider wearing with one of my many lucite pieces. Offered by Mjhselect for an opening bid of $50.00.

This lovely floor length Gianni Versace gown was found on Sense of Fashion. Featuring a simple tie at the bust and a flounced hem, this dress is a demonstration of the elegance of restraint. 100% silk, the dress was made with a 1930's silhouette. Without any trace of excess, this gown will show your figure to it’s best advantage. It reminds me of something Coco Chanel is rumored to have said, “Dress shabbily and they’ll remember the dress. Dress impeccably and they’ll remember the woman.” This gown is an exercise in dressing impeccably.  I would estimate the dress to be a size 8, but it could a small 10 could pull it off. Offered by wwwdecadencefashioncouk for a more than reasonable $415.00.  

I also offer this dress as evidence of what Gianni Versace understand so well, and what was the principle strength of his genius.  Gianni Versace understood what was enough.  Sadly, without his stewardship, the House of Versace has fallen prey to that cheapest of tricks: excess.  What a pity.

I looked at probably 50 Buddha charm bracelets before choosing this one as the best balance of quality and cost.  Made by Napier, I found the bracelet on Ruby Lane.  Approximately 7 1/4" long, this chain features a lot of charms I do not know the meaning of.  The two I-Ching coins are obvious, there are charms of faux lapis (a fan), jade (the lotus blossom and two orbs connected to the Chinese character and the bottom of some charm I can’t quite make out., and I believe the white charm is supposed to be a pearl.  Also there is some nicely carved Czech crystal, and if my eyes don’t deceive me, that is some real carnelian in there. I love the dark green faux jade emerging from the lotus blossom along with the faux coral beads which surround the bottom of the blossom.  It is just exquisitely rendered and indicates a thoughtfulness one doesn’t often find in this type of costume jewelry. There is one Chinese character that I’d be a fool to try to interpret for you.  The only thing that comes to mind with the cage is that Chinese royalty used to keep crickets in Golden cages to hear them sing.  Finally, there is a bridge scene, the type of which you see replicated again and again in blue willow pottery.  I have no idea about either the stone or the symbol which the yellow circle is supposed to represent.  

Asian themed charm bracelets have become incredibly collectible lately, and this is as fine a specimen in the “under $1,000.00" range as I’ve seen.  offered by Artes-Trouveaux for the very reasonable price of $225.00 (on sale from $285.00).  I hate to sound like a broker, but this is a definite buy.

This luscious mink stole from the 1940's was found on Etsy. Lined in exquisite silk, the lining is a luxurious as the fur itself. This stole is in unbelievably good condition, with no signs of wear, deterioration, dry rot, or moth damage.  There is one faint stain on the lining which the seller reports is barely noticeably at best and is not hidden when worn in any event.  I would feel better if the seller had included a picture of the stain just so that we could make an informed decision.  The inside lining is monogrammed JCL (which happens to be my Aunt’s monogram, but alas, she has passed away). I love it that my vintage clothing has led a life before it comes to me, so I would revel in this monogram. If it bothers you, I would suggest asking a tattoo artist (yes, a tattoo artist) to design something which might camouflage it.  (After all, they have experience at that.)

The tag reads: "Bonwit Lennon - Baltimore - Guild Craft Exclusives".  The stole is 68" from one end to the other, and is 22" wide.  Offered by OldBaltimoreVintage for the bargain price of $100.00.  Make some woman incredibly happy this Christmas.  Bring home a mink.

This garment is not vintage. I just like it. I have decided that since it is, after all, my blog, that is sufficient reason for inclusion. This jacket is available on eBay in a variety of colors (cream, black, brown pink and red) and in sizes S through XL.  Made of a cotton/polyester blend, this lovely jacket has a ruffled flounced neck, a self tie at the waist, and comes with a removable floral broach.   Appropriate to dress up a pair of jeans or to rock that pencil skirt hanging in your closet.  Available from fairyfairyland1 (and lord, how I envy those who can sew) for the bargain price of $30.59.  A sleeveless version is available as well at this auction.

Okay. I'll admit it. I just adore cat eyed sunglasses. And adoring cat eye sunglasses as I do, you can imagine how I just adore these perfectly sized tortoise shell sunglasses, found today at Giant Vintage via a reference in Marie Claire Magazine (yes! Really!). Featuring gold detail at the temple, and gold ear pieces, these babies can be yours for a mere $16.00. Just in case these gems sell before I go to print, try thee hip shades also at Giant Vintage.  These are kind of John Lennon meets Jane Mansfield. Also $16.00.

I found these killer reptilian skin gold platform shoes in the vintage clothing section of Etsy, but I think it should be noted they are most likely vintage 90's. These great Colin Stuart* heels feature a cross over strap, sandal style, and high 5" wedge platform soles. The shoes are a copper or bronze gold color and while the upper part of the shoe is leather, it is likely the bottom part is not, this includes the faux python print heels. The shoes are quite comfortable despite the heavy platforms. My favorite part of the shoe is the gromets on the strap. No more stretched out holes in the straps! The shoes are size 6.5 but the extravagant strapping may allow them to accommodate a larger size. Offered by ChicTrend, for $89.00. It should be noted that the seller has the same shoes in a slightly different color scheme; this time in black and grey (silver?) instead of brown and bronze. 

*  It should be noted that Colin Stuart has also designed shoes for Victoria's Secret

This beige wool cape from the House of Doucet is trimmed with Ostrich Feathers, and richly ornamented with embroidery and jet beading. The jet beading and embroidery with black braid hint at the arts and crafts era during which the coat was made.

Garments by this legendary and oldest of french Couture houses are highly collectible, and this one is in exquisite condition with only the faintest drop here or pinhole there. The black satin lining has only the most minor of wear. Found at The Frock for $8500.00.

I've taken the liberty of looking up this book on Yves Saint Lauren in several places in search of the best price.  It is decidedly not eBay. On eBay, the book is available for $65.92.  On Amazon it's available in hard copy for $34.65.  For Kindle Download,  it's not yet available for Kindle download.  Barnes and Noble has it for $38.10, but be reminded that B&N members get a discount. 

Is this so mod you could just die or what? And what woman’s vanity* could possibly be complete without this luscious hand mirror with the fabulously mod op art design? I want this so bad, I’m actually salivating over it here on Etsy. But alas. I am moving soon, and the acquisition of goods must go on hold for a while. So here, I offer this to you. The coolest swirly curly opsy artsy hand mirror a girl could ever hope to own. Offered by VintageFunland for a mere $14.99.

*Okay, for the benefit of my mail readers, I will explain what a vanity is.  Vanity is not merely a trait of being excessively concerned with one's appearance.  A vanity is a table, often with drawer on each side, with a place for a chair to slid in and mirror(s) in front and sometimes to the side.  A woman will sit at such a table and apply her makeup, her perfume, and fix her hair.  "Vanity sets" were sold often through the 1930's and included a hand mirror, a hair brush, and comb.  These would often be made of the finest silver, and were a frequent gift from a husband to his bride.  Sometimes, up until the Edwardian period, such a set would also include a sort of round box with a hole in the piece which fit on top.  This hole was for putting in the hair which had come out of the woman's hair and was caught in the brush or comb. I think it was used in the making of wigs. It may have been used in the making of jewelry, but I believe most "hair jewelry" was made of the hair of the dearly departed during the Victorian era. Where else it may have gone from there, I know not (though, no doubt, someone will enlighten me).  These were called "receivers" (they "received" the hair.).  Thus endeth the lesson in vanities.

I haven't forgotten my promise to try to include a little more men's clothing (okay, any men's clothing) in the blog,  so behold!  I offer for your viewing and wearing pleasure this 1960's men's "duffle" coat from eBay.  Made of nice thick wool, the coat has a hood and features closures of varnished wood which toggle with leather straps.  This is rather a small coat, so if you are interested, please read the measurements carefully.  Offered to us from across the pond by puppy_dog_clothing.  At the time of this writing,  the coat has received 4 bids and is currently at 12.50 British Pounds.  Mind you, it has seven (count them seven) days before the auction closes. 

I hope the picture above did not send any of you into a buying frenzy, as it seems to be not for sale. I found it while viewing the wares of GirlOnAVine at Sense of Fashion, as I was writing it up I noticed there was no price information. There is another like it (but not as cool) which is also without a price tag. I believe these mod cuties are for display only. I've written the merchant to see if she will part with these at any price, but so far, my inquiry has not elicited a response.

I actually remember having a set of these in the late 60's. Oh, er, uhm, no. I’m much too young to remember anything from the 60's. I must just be really tapped into my cousin’s memories of the 60's. Yeah. That’s the deal. Well anyway, my parents, I mean, my cousin’s parents, brought them home for Christmas one year, and put all the clothes “Santa Clause” brought us, I mean my cousin and his siblings on these hangers. Only the ones we had weren't quite this cool.  They were in color for one thing, and they didn't have that pop-art vibe to them.

Ah!  They don’t make Christmases like that any more... 

This jacket is made of a thick cotton with ridges. The seller is calling it “barkcloth”. Since I don’t know what makes for actual barkcloth, I will too.  Found on Etsy, this 60's or 70's jacket tugs at my heart strings and my love of all things floral, especially rose floral. The tag says “Rawson Square” and “Made in the USA”.  The closeup of the tag shows the faintest markings of where there used to be another tag which is now gone. Size Small to Medium with an emphasis on the small. Offered by letslovevintage for $32.00, I think this is a mad bargain.

(Apologies for bad picture quality!) Few things are as difficult to find as vintage, no antique, women’s shoes.  I’ve found some satin slippers here and there that were Victorian, but rarely do anything besides wedding shoes survive.  These boots found at Timewarp Vintage, like wedding shoes, have likely not been worn much more than once.  Their proprietor claims they’ve not been worn at all, but I’ve seen the bottom of these shoes, and they have been introduced to the ground.

Made of satin for some extravagantly special occasion (at a time when shoes themselves were an extravagance!) The heels are made of leather and covered in satin, and have a leather cap.  Also, I believe the 18 gromets have been enforced with leather on the inside and the seller claims the shoes still have their original laces!

Truly lovely, the shoes have a label which reads “size 7 ½", but who knows what that means? I must confess, I’m uncomfortable about this. If these shoes are what they portray themselves to be, I would think they are too old to have been made at a time when standardized sizes would have been used. I believe at around 1900, people were still going to cobblers for their shoes. But I really lack the knowledge to say anything definitive about them except that if you invest in them, please buy them because you love the shoes, not for their historical value. They are priced at $225.00 

This exquisite Reed and Barton Art Moderne Coffee Percolator comes from Ruby Lane. Sterling Silver and in the diamond pattern, the seller, Berry and Company Antique Silver estimate the vintage of the pot to be 1960. There is an ever so tiny bit of pitting at the top, but the coffee pot is in otherwise immaculate condition. This soft, mirror like finish we see was achieved with no machine polishing or buffing. Offered at $995.00, I can't imagine a more lovely wedding gift, or a nicer addition for a true collector. 

I've been waiting weeks to find a decent and new to the market Lilli Ann, and this dress was worth the wait. What a stunning contrast of color! Found on eBay, the bidding for this gown must have started at $0.99, as after 10 bids, it's only reached $50.00. The gown appears to me to be a tangerine pink, but I would confirm that with the seller if you are in love with the color. I adore the contrast between that and the applique across the right breast. The same fabric is used for the four cloth covered buttons and their corresponding loops. It‘s also used on the “back” side of the self belt, and aren’t we lucky that the original belt survives? The gown is made of “a light-weigh silky fabric,” to me, this suggest that if the dress is not silk, then it is rayon, which I adore above all other man-made fabric because it drapes so beautifully. The dress is generously sized too, without getting tedious and offering measurements, I’m going to estimate it’s size at 14 to 16. There is elastic at the waist, so a good fit should be fairly easily achieved. The crinoline is naturally not included in the auction. If you don’t have one, it absolutely worth the investment. “New Look” garments are coming back “in”, and I think you’ll find you are breaking out the crinoline more than you ever dreamed you would when you purchased it. Offered by fashionologie-boutique whose offerings are so lovely that I added her as a favorite right away. If this suit sells for less than $150.00, I will be surprised. I will not be surprised if it sells for $200.00 or more. An exquisite offering from an exquisite label, it was a pleasure just to view it. (It should be noted that the dress was pinned to the mannequin for photographing.)

This modernist brooch of a bull was made by Pierre Cardin in 1960.  I know.  I'm as shocked as you are, and I've never thought of Cardin as a modernist either. Nevertheless, here we have it, or rather, there it is, on eBay. With rhinestones as the bull's eyes, in his ears, and on his tail.  Rendered in gold tone metal with a purplish enamel body, the bull is almost cubist in his representation. Offered by NatParis (who has a lovely collection) for the Buy It Now Price of $180.00.

This gorgeous white on white silk paisley blouse would be at home in any decade, but this particular one springs from the 1980's.  Found on eBay,  the blouse is double breasted, has a cinched waist, long sleeves, a shawl collar and a peplum in back. This blouse is so classic, you'll have a million opportunities to wear it, and because it is ubiquitous, I doubt it will sell for a very high price.  I consider pieces like this to be excellent investments, as they will carry you from statement piece to statement piece, all the while being quiet background.  Brought to us by 2TryHard for a current bid of $0.99.  4 days remain of bidding.

This fabulous men’s black and white Tie Dyed t-shirt was actually done with bleach instead of dye. It features a crew collar, short sleeves, and an all-over distressed print.  Reclaimed from some distant time (the seller does not specify), this shirt is available from ASOS for $29.31 and is available in a variety of sizes.  Each shirt will be a unique work of art.


This bohemian black and white polka dot and abstract skirt brings back memories of hippy days in the 1970's with long hair, huarache sandals, and in Texas, the Armadillo World Headquarters in Austin. Found on eBay, this lovely skirt is made of a guazy fabric that is probably Indian cotton.  The tag reads “Zonte”, and the waist, stretched out and uncinched by the cord is 30".  I’m thinking a size 8, or 10. Offered by mousevoxvintage for an opening bid of $9.99.

This fabulous green Moc Crock bag was found on Ruby Lane.  Being 8 1/4" X 6 1/2" X 4 1/2" this bag.  Pressed from an overall black vinyl,  the bag has 5 separate compartments,  including two which zipper.  As much as I adore Alligator / Crocodile - I adore Moc Crock even better, knowing that nothing had to die to give me a purse.  Offered by Hoosier Collectibles for $45.00.  

I thought this Child Life magazine from 1928 was simply charming.  The illustration to the right seems familiar to me in a haunting sort of way.  If anyone has any idea where else I might have seen it, please write me.  If anyone has any idea where else I might have seen it, please write me.  Filled with stories, paper dolls, puzzles, games, poetry, recipes, activities, great advertising and more!  For me, the best part - by far - is the illustrations. Wonderful gift for a new mother, or simply for the young at heart.  Offered by Patty Ann’s Studio for $20.00. 

This dress length ruffled jacket is made of 5 panels. The front of the jacket is pieced together using princess seams.  Made of a lightweight blend, the jacket is 90% Modal and 10% wool. Essentially a variety of rayon, modal is made of the cellulose of the beechwood tree.  50% more water absorbent than cotton, the garment should be hand washed and hung to dry.  If you find you have excess moisture, place the garment between two towels and roll - the towels will absorb the excess water.  Do not twist!  Made to be resistant to shrinkage and fading, modal is even more smooth and soft than mercerized cotton.  

Found on Etsy, as offered by Brendalaine (to whom we are indebted for our Modal as a fabric lesson), this garment is on sale for $100.00.

This glamorous oversized Opera Coat with the leopard lining was found on Ruby Lane. This is a warm, substantial weight leopard coat, and is lined throughout with black satin. The Labels read: “Fashions By Jill”; “Made in the U.S.A.”; “100% wool; and finally “ILGWU” (International Ladies Garment Workers Union) This coat was meant to be worn open, so we can play a bit with size, but I still wouldn’t go above a size 6.  Offered by My Vintage Clothing Store for $220.00.

This charming hand-crocheted tunic was probably put together lovingly by someone’s grandmother. I think it’s stunning. You don’t find garments like this very much anymore, and when you do, they're on venues like Etsy.  Meant to fit loose, this is a size small to medium and should be worn over a chemise.  Offered by NorthStarAtelier for  $32.00.

I must admit.  I did not find this shopping.  I found it on Daisy Fairbanks Blog, and from there, I found it on Etsy. Made in Mexico, this modernist brooch is marked .925 (to indicate it's sterling).  I just love the tree of hearts!  Offered, fittingly enough by Daisy Fairbanks, for  $42.00.

Made by Royal Haeger, this Danish Modern Pitcher is pitch perfect. Found on Etsy, I think it’s just the perfect touch for any Art Moderne home.  The pottery has a creamy white frothy glaze and is 19" tall, and 8" wide at its widest point.  Offered by Vintage Funland for $34.00 - a steal!

This vintage Howard Greer Black lace and chiffon cocktail dress foreshadows the “lingerie” look of the late 80's and early 90's.  That strap of peach chiffon covers some racy places!

Can’t you just see Joan Holloway meeting her husband at the door wearing this and carrying a pitcher of Martinis?  Oh my. The 40's dress features tiers of chiffon below the waist, and across the waist from left to right is a low hung swag of Chiffon that gives the dress that special touch.  There are some small picks to the rayon around the zipper which disappear when the zipper is closed.  The bodice is boned and reinforced with petersham ribbon. The dress is in remarkable vintage condition,  I'd estimate the size as a modern size 10.  Offered by Dorothea's Closet for $1400.00.

There are few things I enjoy more than a truly art nouveau piece well turned out.  Having said that, you can imagine my joy at discovering the frame pictured above at Ruby Lane.  Whether it is your intention to keep the charming photograph offered, or to replace it with an ancestral wedding picture, this frame will provide the touch to any Art Nouveau decor. Resplendent with Art Nouveau signature whiplash turns, this bronze frame is done in a floral motif and exhibits the Art Nouveau love of symmetry and femininity of design. The picture shown in the frame is such a perfect choice, as the female nude figure was considered the height of perfect design and execution.  Offered to us by Easterbelle’s Emporium, this frame is priced at $800.

And with that kittens,  I shall wish you Merry Christmas.  I will not have another issue out until well after the first of the year as I'm going away (yes, again).

Ciao bellas!  And Happy Shopping!

Second Hand Roze