Sunday, November 28, 2010

November 27 through December 4, 2010 (Or It Was A Good Week For Chanel)

I'm late.  I'm late.  For a very important date. I'm late, I'm late, I'm late.

I'm sorry kittens.  I've been on vacation.  A lovely vacation.  A put your feet up, and let someone else do the cooking sort of vacation.  It has been divine.

But,  there are clothes to be bought,  Auctions to bid, and not a moment to waste!

Blogger's note:  I've found in following links to a spot in Sense of Fashion, one often has to click twice, as they have something in their software that demands that you see the front page before you can see anything inside.  This is really annoying and I'm going to post that on the Sense of Fashion site in Facebook.  (Post scriptum:  Sense of Fashion responded that they are aware of the glitch and working towards fixing it.  They apologize for any inconvenience.) 

Not really old enough to be considered vintage, this Chanel Little Black Dress is chic in any decade.  Found on Sense of Fashion, this LBD is all that and more. Perfect for anything from the opera to an afternoon bridge party, the dress is loosely fitted and features a slightly flared knee length hem. In excellent condition, the dress is a US size 6 or a French size 40.  From the 2000 Autumn/Winter collection, this dress is offered by wwwdecadencefashioncouk for $598.00 - a veritable bargain for a dress from the First Queen of Fashion: Coco Chanel. 

This absolutely to-die-for brown veiled hat with rhinestone detail was found on eBay. Created by Frank Olive,  the auction tries to link the hat to the TV Show Mad Men, but kittens, it's older than that. I'd date it late 40's, early 50's, they just date it as a 50's hat. Whatever the decade, it is divine! The hat is brown satin, wrapped in a long, long (are you getting that I mean long?) veil of netting, and features a bow in the back. No picture of the bow is shown on the auction. The rhinestone brooch is original to the hat and will be included with the purchase. This hat was created for Bonwit Teller, but Mr. Olive's creations were done for many upper end department stores as well as for the couture houses of Oscar de la Rente and Pauline Trigere and for such celebrity clients as Carol Burnett, Diana Ross, and Miss Peggy Lee. Offered by Connectibles for a Buy It Now price of $84.99.

I love this 1880's black silk velvet and lace jacket so much I want to just grab it off the dress form and run away with it!  I found this jewel at Etsy. Oh my goodness, kittens, is this gorgeous, or is this gorgeous?  The coat is from a french couturier and was first sold by Newcomb Endicott Co, Michigan's first department store. The frog closures are exquisitely embroidered.  There is chantilly lace at the neckline and the edges of the bell sleeves. The collar features a chic green and black design as shown in the detail below. 

This detail allows you to see the black fine needle lace used on this garment and the lovely ivory chantilly lace at the neckline. Doesn't that black lace just pop against the white background? The lines of the coat move to  a curvaceous, heavily embroidered waist line, and the same intense embroidered detailing is done on the sleeves. I would estimate the size on this coat to be a size 6, but please see the measurements before you send out that Paypal payment. This fabulous Victorian coat is offered by TimelessVixenVintage for $880.00. I heard once Whoopie Goldberg collects vintage coats. I think someone should tell Whoopie about this one.

For slightly warmer evenings, one might wish to wrap oneself in this lovely 1920's beaded coat found on 1st Dibs. The heavy bead work is done on a background of cotton, which has allowed the garment to survive in remarkably good condition and should set it in good stead for the next 90 years. The entire coat is sprinkled with gold bugle beads. The ornamentation is done in sequins of lovely shades of lavender, aqua green, and rich gold. The coat is meant to be worn open, and so there is no restriction of size.  Offered by Katy Kane for $1950.00.

This 1970's kimono jacket and skirt set by Yves Saint Lauren found on Sense of Fashion is being offered for sale by DorotheasCloset. The luscious kimono is hand-painted silk with a rayon sash, and the wrap-around skirt is a yummy rayon jersey. Absolutely timeless, this creation could grace your closet for decades to come and always be in style. From the "Rive Gauche" collection, this set should fit a size 4 or 6, and is priced at $575.00.

I just love a mod coloring book and was delighted to find this one at ModCloth. This coloring book was illustrated by Andy J. Miller as part of the Yellow Bird Project - an initiative that puts musicians in touch with various charities.  With introduction by Pierre de Reeder of Rilo Kiley,  this coloring book is one-size-fits-all and sells for $9.99. 

Other collectors of Mod Coloring Books are encouraged to watch eBay for the occasional surfacing of the Fat Cat Coloring Book,  the moddest coloring book I've ever seen.  I've made photocopies of the pages of mine so kids I know can color all they want and my book remains pristine.

This gorgeous 1950's Hattie Carnegie dressing gown was found on Ruby Lane offered by Glad Rags & Curios. The height of elegance and refinement, this sumptuous gown features a wide shawl collar, cuffed bell sleeves, and a bustle like trio of pleats in the back giving the gown a regal sweep. The gown closes with a long metal zipper running from the neckline down to almost 10" from the bottom hemline.  The gown is tiny with only a 32" bust measurement. The gown is in over-all good condition, though the dye has not aged well (purple dyes are always so tricky!), and parts of the garment have a sepia tinge to them, especially in the folds of the neckline and the sleeves.  The left sleeve has two small discolored patches.  Hattie Carnegie's garments are highly sought after. Even with it's flaws this dressing gown is a bargain at $375.00.

This lovely 1950's Eisenberg passamenterie evening gown is so gorgeous, but I'm afraid it's difficult to capture it's beauty at a distance, which is why I have not shown a full length view of the gown. Found on eBay,  this dress is tea length and includes a separate blue net full slip/crinoline (unhemmed) with a flounce underneath with periwinkle blue acetate taffeta lining & back zipper closure to be worn under dress. The provenance of this gown is as interesting as the gown is lovely, as it was made especially for Mrs. Eisenberg to be worn at the wedding of one of her sons (I do not know that there is documentation of this history). The passamenterie floral design of leaves and flowers is complimented by a ruched waist, and a full "new look" skirt. (See detail below):

Add to these charms a sweetheart neckline and cap sleeves. Offered for sale by Polishqueen who notes that the camera did not quite catch the precise shade of blue of the dress which has a hint more of periwinkle in it's tone. Mrs. Eisenberg was a small woman, and I would size this dress as a 4-6. There are some oh-so-slight imperfections to the slip, but the dress itself is almost in mint condition, having been worn - in all probability - only once. A treasure for any collector,  this dress is available for the Buy It Now price of $349.00. 

Anyone interested in purchasing the dress for it's historical significance is encouraged to research the weddings of the Eisenberg children in the Chicago Tribune or the Chicago Sun Times, whichever was in publication in the 1950's (maybe both?). It was the habit of newspapers at that time to describe all possible details of a wedding, including the costumes of both the mothers of the brides and the mothers of the grooms. The marriage of a member of a family of the Eisenberg's standing would have been covered in excrutiating detail, and one could\quite possibly find irrefutable evidence of the provenance of the dress from such a publication.     

This fabulous embroidered silk 30's piano shawl was found on ArtFire where it is being offered by Bonjourmadame.  Unusual in that it is embroidered in four distinct panels instead of one over all design,  this shawl was machine embroidered in China. (I didn't know machine's could embroider in the 1930's!).  With the exception of a few loose threads, the shawl is in excellent vintage condition, and features lavish 14" fringe (wow)! The roses are constructed of embroidery floss varying from an almost Schiaparelli "shocking" pink to shades of coral.  Available for $148.00.

Since finding that first Jack McConnell hat,  I now look for anything by McConnell at every vintage venue I visit. This week, I was lucky enough to find another hat on eBay. This auction ends very soon, and I apologize for being so late in bringing this to you! Still, I won't be surprised if this ends up being relisted, as it has not sold yet. Items like this tend to sell right away or languish for a while on eBay. Much like the last hat of his I listed, this wild creation features a profusion of feathers that sort of fly out of the hat. The feathers are tipped with rhinestones! The body of the hat is a "buttery soft" felt and fits like a cloche. The hat has been lavishly photographed from every conceivable (and some inconceivable) angle on eBay for your perusal. Made in the 1970's, this hat will be the subject of conversation anywhere you wear it. Offered by Fantasyofjewels for a Buy It Now price of $405.00, though the seller is accepting offers. If the idea of making an offer intimidates you,  see some past issues of my blog for some tips.

I found these classic vintage Valentino eyeglass frames on eBay. No date was provided other than the reference to "vintage" so these could be fashion forward 1960's "cateyes", or retro 1980's frames, I don't know. The frames are black plastic with rhinestone details at the temples. Suitable for both prescription or sunglasses, not only are these frames twice as cheap as anything you'll find at your eye doctor's office,  they're Valentino's to boot! I don't understand the sizing of eyeglass frames, and I won't even attempt to offer an opinion. See the auction for the measurements. The seller guarantees the authenticity of these frames, but sadly, they come without an eyeglass case. Offered by smio73 for the bargain Buy It Now price of $39.00.

This madly chic reversible 1980's Etienne Aigner is available on Etsy. The inimitable Tim Gunn describes a good trench coat as "able to take one from the Opera to the grocery store."  And certainly, such a garment is an indispensable part of any woman's wardrobe. Camel on one side and a burgundy on the other, each side includes edging in the color of the opposing side. Created of a cotton / poly blend,  this coat has slash pockets and a "squared" collar which can be worn folded down or pulled up against the weather, as shown.  Offered by UndergroundVintage, a seller who specializes in coats and jackets. The seller notes that the coat is severely dusty under the collar on the burgundy side and in need of a good cleaning. This great trench coat is available for $69.00.

These 1970's platform oxfords are perhaps more fashionable now than when they were made!  Found on Sense of Fashion,  the 4.5" heels are stacked wood and the shoes themselves are made of soft brown leather.  The shoes show some slight signs of age, some scuffing, a spot on the toe of one of the shoes. (I won't embarrass myself by attempting to guess from the photograph if this is the right or the left shoe,  but I will tell you that if you use the "zoom" feature,  you can see it on the shoe in the front.) I believe these signs of age add to, rather than detract from, the chic of these shoes, but as they are size 6.5 someone else will have to be the ultimate judge of that. Part of the stock of HBVintage the shoes are priced at $122.00.

While researching the post on Lucite, I ran across several pieces of jewelry which weren't relevant to the post, but which I adored just the same. The first of these finds is the earrings shown above.  Found at Etsy, they are not vintage but are Art Nouveau styled, so I've decided that counts. Actually, basically,  I've decided that it's my blog and if I like it, I can blog about it. But the Art Nouveau rationalization works so wonderfully for this earring, we'll stick with that for now. As a jewelry maker myself, I'd kill to know where she got the findings for the long brass stems. They're exquisite. The flowers are made of frosted lucite and inside there is a dark Czech glass bicone with a brass seed bead in the center. The earrings measure 2.75" from the hooks to the edge of the flowers. Created and sold by MCStoneWorks of Houston, Texas, these earrings are priced at $16.00.

This stunning 1980's Chanel military styled suit was found on 1st Dibs. The jacket has a sculptural quality with the rich use of ribbons trimming the pocket and the collar. Created of wool gabardine and silk, the jacket is fully lined and features 22 signature Chanel gilt buttons. The skirt is also lined with an attached back 1/2 belt and signed gilt buckle. (No picture available. So sorry!) Offered by VintageFashionInc for $2,400.00.

This rhinestone and feather flapper headdress is up for auction on eBay. The Art Deco design is created as much by the lavish use of silver glass bugle beads as it is by inset rhinestones. The feathers date from the 1920's, but the body of the head-dress was created in the 1970's. The feathers have survived the last 90 years in remarkable condition. This type of stage wear is precisely the type of garments that are likely to go up in price after the release of the movie Burlesque.  Offered by VampofVintage  for the Buy It Now price of $120.00.

This ruffled double knit wool mini dress from the 1960's is so remarkably fashionable today! The skirt has a nice swing to it and the deep "V" of the neckline is accented by the ruffles. The bracelet length cuffs are also richly ruffled, and the dress secures with a back metal zipper. The dress is small/medium. Offered by Ramona West for $65.00.

These vintage Gucci sunglasses were found on eBay. Marked "Gucci. Made in Italy 145". These sunglasses are in excellent condition with no scratches on the lenses. The Auction closes Nov 27 at 17:45 eBay Standard Time.  Offered by skip-a-long, the auction currently has two bids and is at a price of $10.50.

This patchwork top by Marimekko is actually featured in several museums. Found at Etsy,  this top features random patch pockets all over the garment (even the back!). With a loose style, the top looks as comfy as a pair of pajamas. This silkscreened top buttons up the front with silver buttons and has cap sleeves. Size XS. Offered by 123plie of Brooklyn for $135.00. This is probably the most mod item I've included in this weeks blog.

This fabulous ostrich feather collar was found on 1st Dibs. Described as "terrifically extravagant",  this collar is constructed of dense ostrich feathers mixed with marabou. Lined in satin and featuring a crochet covered snap closure, this collar is sure to make you stand out in any crowd.  Offered by Torso Vintage of San Francisco, price information may be secured by inquiring with

You'd think these two pieces were made to go with each other, but the collar shown above is a 1960's creation, and this lovely ostrich fan is from the 1920's. The lovely gold ribbon is original to the fan, and the fan is in remarkable condition. The "tortoise shell" construction of the fan may be bakelite, but it is too old to be acrylic or lucite. It may be actual tortoise shell, though this is my claim and not the sellers. Also offered by Torso Vintage of San Francisco on 1st Dibs,  like the collar above,  one must email to inquire about the price.

I think the two pieces belong together, and it would be a shame to buy one and not the other. How unimaginably chic to have both!  I swoon at the very thought.

Also from the 1920's is this gorgeous cocoon coat found on eBay.  The collar is made of fine fox fur* which is in excellent condition with no dry rot, even after all this time. Though the coat includes several cloth covered buttons (see detail below), someone late added additional hook and eye closures too. The coat is made of a fine quilted fabric that appears to be cotton, but may be silk (this is not disclosed in the auction and is my observation).  The coloring of the fantastic art deco print may have begun to fade in places, but I am unable to ascertain if this is actual variations in the fabric or in the exposure of the film.

Fully lined,  the lining has begun to have holes, some stretching, tearing and other issues.  Also there appears to be a missing ball from one of the tassels which hang down from the collar. According to eBay's standardized size profiles, this coat is an XL, though as always you are encouraged to review the actual dimensions of the garment.  All in all a lovely vintage coat, and one which I would be proud to own.  Offered by Marie92001 for $550.00, but the seller is taking offers.

* I have reversed my position on showing fur. I wear leather, and even I can see the hypocricy of my stance against fur. I still don't believe in killing for fur - the cows that made my leather shoes and jackets were also eaten, but I am still killing for fashion. If you want fur, at least get vintage fur. You'll pay far less, and perhaps the fur market will dry up!

This next item just filled me with nostalgia:

Before the ipad.  Before the iphone.  Before the ipod.  Before even the walkman (remember the walkman?) there was... the transistor radio.  And everyone wanted one.  The incredulity of being able to take music with you. The idea of lying on the beach with your transistor radio playing the Beatles while you rubbed suntan lotion on your shoulders,  put zinc oxide on your nose,  and dared to bare yourself in that new bikini.  Some of you aren't old enough to remember this. I'm actually only old enough to remember it as a Manhattan Avenue packaged dream. Or perhaps I don't remember it at all.  But I do know this,  that in some ways the American Dream was in that little box.  A dream of endless freedom and endless achievement. The idea that somehow everything was getting better. And it was available for a fairly reasonable price too. Funny, the memory of that dream is a bit more expensive than the original dream. Found on Etsy from the GirlyGirlzShoppe for $59.99.

This breathtaking Edwardian "Titanic Era" dress was found on eBay.  Made from a rich silk velvet in a deep amethyst purple with ivory princess lace.  With a label from Gannon of New York, the empire waisted dress has short sleeves with a cut out opening on top where rhinestone fringe dangles from the opening. The skirt is ruched at the waist towards the back where a train falls from a slight bustle. The bodice lining is sadly completely shattered, thus destroying the structure of the boning and ivory sewn into the dress. The bodice also features a wide band of black and clear rhinestones with a few missing stones. The seller notes that it would be easy to replace these stones, but what I'd like to know is if it would be possible to remove the rhinestone band. I frankly find it to be a tacky touch to an otherwise lovely dress. The skirt is draped up on the left side with a rhinestones ornament about two inches wide. This ornament is missing a single stone. Another rhinestone ornament hides inside a velvet flower on the back of the waist. (I don't find these rhinestones to be tacky - just the band.). There are some breaks in the tulle in the lace. The dress is in obvious need of restoration, but it is restorable.  It even has realistic dimensions and is about a size 6,  instead of a size "corseted since the age of 10...".   I'm including a close up so you can see the true charm hiding in this dress:

Don't you agree the dress would benefit from the removal of the rhinestone band? The dress has been well photographed by the seller and I encourage you to review the photographs for their historical value if for nothing else. Offered by ShastasVintage (who has an impressive collection of piano shawls) for the Buy It Now price of $450.00.

Dated only as belonging in the eBay time period of 1947 - 1964, these charming Irving Miller Peony slingback shoes have a decidedly pop art feel to them to me, and I must not be completely clueless about that as further details will attest. Mr. Miller - who began making shoes way back then for actors and actresses in burlesque, "His renown is preserved in the Times Square building, inscribed "The Show Folks Shoe Shop Dedicated to Beauty in Footwear," (the seller) In the 1950's Irving Miller was able to persuade Andy Warhol to be his chief illustrator. It is even possible (though not probable) that Warhol himself designed these shoes. Found on eBay the seller claims these are new old stock that have been worn "one time max". I'm afraid the bottom of the shoes tell a different story. While undoubtably they are in fine condition,  they have been worn, and not just on carpeting. Featuring dainty hourglass heels 3 5/8" high, the peony decoration of the toes has been beautifully rendered. Each flower is formed from individually stitched leather petals in graduating shades of pink. The green leaves are also individually cut and hand stitched with green veins across the shoes. As all the really cool shoes are tiny,  these shoes are an expected size 6.5A. Offered for sale by Katwoman for the Buy It Now price of $229.99. This price is not negotiable, though it never hurts to inquire (especially at the end of an auction).

The Fashion Book Of The Week is this book on the work of Rudi Gernreicfh and his collaboration with his model and muse Peggy Moffit and the photographer William Claxton. This first edition is available on eBay.  This book, published in 1999,  is 256 page,  measures 9.25" x 12.5", and is richly illustrated.  I've included some of the illustrations below, but many more are available at the auction site.

FROM THE DUSTCOVER:  "One of the most original, prophetic and controversial American designers of the 1950s, 60s, and 70s, Rudi Gernreich, was fashion's bad boy and its oracle.

The creator of the topless swimsuit and the thong, the see-through shirt and the uni-sex look, he infused Seventh Avenue with wit, intellect and the beauty of surprise.

The Vienna born Gernreich left Austria in 1938, shortly after the Anschluss.  As early as the 1950s, his innovative designs were causing a stir and by the 60s, he had become both star and enfant terrible of the fashion world.

This book documents Gernreich's career through William Claxton's acclaimed photographs of Peggy Moffitt, Gernreich's favorite model and muse.  

Augmenting Claxton's definitive studio work are shots of his earliest work and photographs by Richard Avedon, Helmut Newton and David Bailey, among others."

The book  is described as being in "Very Good" condition (further explanation is provided at the auction site) and is available from frenchparkdesign for the Buy It Now price of $98.70.  Also available at Barnes and Nobles in a range of prices spanning $275 for "Like New" condition to $72.72 for "Good" condition.  

This sexy strapless 1980's leopard dress is done in a lovely sarong style with a swag of fabric forming a bow on the right hip. Found on Sense of Fashion, the dress is made of a luscious satin charmeuse which I've been assured has no pulls or snags and is smooth throughout.  I love wearing charmeuse, it makes me feel like a movie star, it is such a luxury fabric! The dress features a sweatheart bodice,  is fully lined in black satin and has a back zipper closure. This lovely cocktail dress is described as a size 8, but the 27" waist has me thinking it might be better for a busty size 6.  Offered by DaisyFairbanks for $95.00.

The Whiting Davis Company opened in 1900 and is known internationally for their production of fine metal purses, cigarette cases, and compacts. This unusual purse from 1910's  to the early 1920's  was found at Vintage Vixens. The seller reports that they offered similar bags in their 1922 catalog. The bag has a narrow body coming to a soft V at the bottom.  The sterling silver frame features a floral motif and attaches to a spiral herringbone strap.  Sadly, there are places where the silver has tarnished or darkened, and there is not a uniform appearance of the mesh throughout the bag. Also, the bottom ten links have separated and the bag does not close well. Still very wearable,  this bag is on sale for $66.50.

Okay, so they aren't clothes.  Still, these vintage opera glasses are so incredibly cool!  I was thrilled to find them on ArtFire. Flawlessly made of brass and mother of pearl, all the decorative insets of these opera glasses remain intact despite the glasses being - as the seller believes - over 100 years old. The brass is stamped "Verne" and "Paris" on the top cross bar. The soft leather case is starting to disintegrate from age.  It is line with what appears to be a dark blue silk. The case is quite dusty inside, and for once I agree with a seller's decision not to attempt a cleaning. No one but an optician should clean these glasses lest the lenses be ruined. Be sure to look for the coupon code which will get you 15% off on the purchase of these glasses between now and Nov. 30th. Offered for sale by TooFancy for $65.00. These would make a lovely Christmas gift for a true antique connoisseur.

I found this wide vintage lucite bracelet on eBay for a current price of 5.99 British Pounds (or approximately $9.45).  Similar bracelets are listed for over $50.00, so I couldn't just not tell you about this one. Though this is a vintage piece and is showing it's age a bit in the scratches, please be reminded that lucite can be polished!!!  This is not a big deal!!!  Offered by donnytell, do remember that when you buy from a dealer in the UK you will have to pay slightly more in shipping.  Even with that,  this bangle is a bargain, and would look fabulous with a stack of lucite bangles going up your arm. (See that picture of Cindy Crawford in my last blog post). I find bangles of differing widths to be the best to achieve this look, so this unusually wide bangle would be an excellent addition to any lucite bangle collection.

In a time when the fashion world is heralding the return of the cape, I don't think you could make a better investment than this 1960's Zim Stra Navy Coat from Etsy.  Featuring square gold buttons,  well tailored arm holes and slash pockets,  this cape has a rear inverted pleat for extra swing and is lined in a mod black and white op art fabric (so sorry! no photo!). Offered by CastawayVintage for $232.65.

Found on eBay, this fabulous Art Deco coffee set was made by Manning-Bowman in the 1930's.  Featuring 6 bakelite handles (two on the tray; two on the large coffee pot, and one each on the sugar and creamer) and a rich Victorian motif etched into the chromium overlay of the coffee set.  Sadly,  the chromium overlay is beginning to flake off and separate from the base metal in a few places, but the overall presentation is still stunning. The set otherwise has no dents or scratches and is in remarkable vintage condition. The original electrical cord even appears to be serviceable. Offered by GrapefruitMoonGallery, the bidding (which has been fairly heavy) is currently at $76.00.

These stunning (and quite vintage looking) evening Chanel shoes from the 1980's were found at 1st Dibs. Made of black silk faile, the shoes are accented by a bow at the center and are reminiscent of Chanel's 1920's shoes, which were part of the collection that launched the Chanel empire.  Offered by Katy Kane,  the shoes are in excellent vintage condition (I'm not sure they've even been worn) and are size 8A or a European size 37.  Priced at a very reasonable $250.00.

This fabulous 50's beaded sweater was done by none other than The Other Queen of Fashion:  Elsa Schiaparelli.  Found on eBay,  this cashmere (?) cardigan has been hand beaded with crystals and pearls.  Described as a size "M".  the sweater has been put up for auction by FabbyChic.  After 6 bids, the price stands at $199.99.

Also from the 50's is this gorgeous full sweep navy lace gown.  Found on eBay,  this dress is not described by the seller so I shall have to my best on my own.  The bodice features a deep "V" neckline with ruching at the bust.  A modesty panel is included behind that deep V so that one's decolletage need not be fully exposed to accommodate the line of the dress. The back appears to have a cross over of one side of lace over the other side of the lace in an "X" design, but this may be a fold created by the positioning of the mannequin. The lining extends throughout the gown except for the sleeves where one may seen one's skin through the lovely lace.  Described as a size M,  the gown closes with a back metal zipper.  I do not know if he dress has been photographed with a crinoline, or if there is one sewn into the lining of the dress.  Offered by 2TryHard, after lively bidding, the price is currently at $79.92.

These oh-so-chic leopard granny boots are for sale on Etsy. The black stacked heels are 4.5" high. I wrote the seller to see how old they are, and they are from the 60's or 70's, but definitely no younger than that.  They appear to close with silk ribbons. Offered by TheVintageBoutique66, I'm happy to report the seller is charming and a joy to deal with. The boots sell for $41.00.  One weekends,  this seller offers "Buy One, and Get One for 60% off" so if you like her merchandise, be sure to take advantage of that special!

I find this 1920's cloche hat to be completely charming. Offered by Hemlock Vintage, the front of the hat is decorated with lovely velvet poppies in hues of gold with splashes of dark purple and navy with the center of the flowers featuring golden thread to simulate pollen. The black cloche hat is formed of woven horse hair.  The lining to the hat is beginning to shatter, but the hat itself is in lovely condition. The hat is priced at $135.00.

This lovely shawl coat is offered by GirlOnaVine at Sense of Fashion.  The brooch closing the coat is for decorative purposes only, and is not part of the auction, but you can easily provide (or acquire) your own.   Created of rayon burnt velvet with places of complete sheerness,  the berry colored coat is embroidered in a birds of paradise motif in shades of amber, forest green and cranberry. (See below)

Isn't it stunning? The coat is edged in gold trim and has fringe all across the bottom. Shown on a size 2 model, but one size should fit all. The coat sells for $189.00.

I had found the most lovely Lilli Ann suit for you, but naturally it has sold.  So instead,  I am offering this fabulous beaded Lilli Ann 40's jacket.  It is a nice deep black, and you should have no trouble finding a pencil skirt to match.  Available on eBay,  the beading on this jacket is done in bugle beads, seed beads, and a double row of rhinestones set the center of the florals.  The scoops formed by the beading are actually the jacket pockets!  The jacket is made of gabardine and is lined in black crepe.  Featuring a wide collar, tapered, turned back sleeves, and cloth covered button closures,  this jacket could make a stunning addition to the right woman's wardrobe.  I would size this at around a 10, but as always, you are encouraged to read the measurements before taking the plunge. Offered by CatsPajamasVintage for a Buy It Now price of $1,150.00.  Wow.  They're pretty proud of this piece.  I guess with all that bead work, I would be too!

This smart leaf hat is a rare find from the 1940's or 1950's. Found on eBay. This skullcap type hat is created by layered black wool leaves. Additionally the hat features a huge pearlized glass pin for embellishment. I think this hat is just madly chic. Offered by VampofVintage, the hat is available for a Buy It Now price of $125.00, though the seller is accepting offers.

This breath-taking black lucite necklace was designed by Gerda Lynggaard. Found on Jewel Diva (you'll need to scroll down the page some to find the necklace), this necklace includes some unusual spiral pieces mixed in with the black circular "petals".  The necklace measures 30" long and closes with a horn slip closure. It is reported to be in excellent condition.  Priced at $700.00.

This charming sheer lace Edwardian blouse is from the 1910's and was found on eBay.  The lace is highly detailed and of a soft cream color. The blouse features mother of pearl buttons and has a silk lining.

Being almost 100 years old, the garment does have some minor flaws. There is one small hole in the lace on the lower front. There are some minor breaks in the netting, and part of the front hem is undone. The lining should probably be replaced, as there has been more significant damage to it. The blouse is a size small. Offered by great_lake_outfitters the blouse is available for the Buy It Now price of $76.00.

This fabulous Leslie Fay almost makes up for my not being able to find a Lilli Ann.  Found on eBay, the suit has wide lapels,  turned back bell sleeves, and cloth covered buttons.  Fine seaming makes for an hour glass figure and the appearance of a bust on even the most un-busty woman (like myself).  At the hips of each side there are rhinestone ornaments that add to the suits flair.

The skirt closes with what appears to be a white or clear plastic button and a metal zipper on the side. The skirt is 30" long. Both garments are both unlined.  The suit is in fine vintage condition with no holes, rips, tears, stains or odors. Offered by Marie92001 for the Buy It Now price of $250.00. The seller is accepting offers.

This simply flawless 60's two piece baby doll is precisely the sort of garment that the movie Burlesque is going to make sky high. Found on ArtFire this garment was advertised as a nighty, I'm not sure it's not an elaborate undergarment. It's very sexy, whatever it is. Made of semi-sheer black nylon with rows of ruffles across the bra top and panty legs.Below the ruflles on the top there is an elastic band and features sweet double spaghetti straps at the shoulder, the bottoms have an elastic waist and the high cut legs are free of elastic. Made by "GMC" and marked a size S.  What was small in 1960 is tiny in 2010,  so be sure to check the measurements. Offered for sale by OneTrickChassis, this lovely set is priced at $45.00.

These fabulous "Dead Head" sunglasses are available at Etsy. The frames are vintage,  but they are retro pieces from the 80's, not from the 1960's. Perfectly suitable for use with prescription lenses, these wire frames bring are iconically John Lennon Glasses to me. These are "new" old stock, and the lenses are in new, unused (unscratched) condition).  Offered by StarStruckLadies for $12.99.

Another fine selection from the second Queen of Fashion, this Elsa Schiaparelli hat was found at Ruby Plaza. Perhaps no other designer in history has been as innovative or left as rich a legacy as Schiaparelli, and that legacy lives on in the rare find of a hat like this. Created of layers of woven straw, the hat is predominately black, but features a white circle on the crown. The back is graced with a flourish of black and white grosgrain ribbon. The interior of the hat includes two tortoise shell combs for securing it to your hair. Again, these may be actual tortoise shell depending on the age of the hat (which is almost undoubtably pre-WWII).  The hat still includes the flawless "Schiaparelli Paris" label. Offered by Easterbelle's Emporium for $165.00.

Again, in the year when fashion magazines are heralding the return of the cape, I bring you this lovely full length white brocade cape from Time Warp Vintage.  The cape features a finished neckline, shoulder seams, fine arm slits, and two exquisitely rendered frog closures at the top. A close up of the top of the cape is shown below:

One size should fit all.  From shoulder to hem, the cape measures 56 1/2". The cape has been marked down to $137.75.

This black silk cocktail dress from the 1960's was found at Mainstreet Vintage.  The fabric gathers to a lovely  bow on the left side of the waist. The pencil straight skirt features a back kick pleat. With a scoop neckline and short sleeves, the dress is made of raw nubby silk and closes at the back with a metal zipper. Created by "Brown Dress Original Designed by Annette".  Offered for sale by Alley Cat Vintage for $76.00.  A bargain for a 60's dress in such fine condition!

I've obviously been in an Edwardian mood this week, and I was thrilled to find this extravagant hat on eBay Made of red velvet this hat is replete with black died ostrich feathers. The crown of the hat is highly decorated with jet beading and passementerie. The seller dates the hat from 1914 - 1919 and offers reassurance that this is not a reproduction.  I think it's simply a smashing hat.  Offered by Isadorafedora, with lively bidding, the current price on the hat is $179.99.  

I must really like these shoes, because they are so close in style to the pair by Chanel listed above.  These, however, are done by Salvatore Ferragamo, the shoe master himself! Made of fine kid suede and decorated with satin (silk?) ribbon,  these shoes remind the seller of "The Sun King:  Louis IV."  To me, they are simply Coco Chanel 20's shoes. I found these on eBay, though I actually used to own a remarkably similar silk pair from - of all places - WalMart (No kidding, and they were great!). These are in excellent pre-owned condition with no signs of wear. Even the suede has not lost it's nap! The inside of these shoes are equally immaculate.  I suspect these shoes were worn once and put away, or they were worn by someone who takes incredibly good care of their shoes. These shoes are a size 8AA (my kingdom for an extra 1/2 size!). Offered for sale by ogothemagnificent for the Buy It Now price of $165.00.  I am happy to report that Ogo is taking offers. 

In this day of over-priced lucite jewelry,  I just adore this leopard lucite bracelet available on Ebay.  Offered by my favorite lucite jewelry source:  77rula. They don't speak the English so well, so be gentle with them! There are several of these listed,  so there is no reason to pay more than the list price of $2.99.  Yes, that is two dollars and ninety-nine cents. Plastic jewelry. You gotta love it! No, it's not vintage, but my love for lucite springs from a love of vintage jewelry. When I found my first lucite Trifari, well, it was love at first sight. I've been a lucite slut ever since.

This magnificent 1912 Ball Gown is a stunning example of Edwardian formal-wear at it's best. Made of sumptuous silk, lavishly beaded, extravagantly laced, and completely impractical. The dress even features a train. I was lucky enough to stumble upon it at Ruby Plaza The couturier label reads, "Hoflieferant, Leiste Badach Wiesden" which literally translated from the original German means: "Purveyors to the Imperial and Royal Court." This leads me to believe that this gown was created for a member of the Hapsburg family? This Viennese Couturier house did not survive the first world war.

I must admit that the seller's knowledge of antique clothing of this era far exceeds mine and I can only defer to her expertise in most matters. She mentions that the silhouette of the gown is reflective of the new silhouette established by Paul Poiret in 1908 which abandoned the Victorian silhouette which was formed by "S" corseting.  Instead, longer, slimmer lines took their place. (I urge you to read the seller description for more on this shift of line in women's fashion)

This elegant gown is created of layers of the finest silk, both sheer and satin.  The front, back and sleeves are all lavishly hand-beaded.  (Look at those fabulous square pyramid shaped beads!) 

The bodice features hand made lace over illusion netting. Trapunto quilting in gold bullion thread with beading and embroidery again over net in an elegant Art Nouveau motif. 

I would not be surprised to find that those pearl beads are actual pearls. 

The dress closes with an intricate arrangement of hooks and eyes and snaps, which gives stability to the overall fit. There is boning at several places inside the lining, and a good 40 years before Coco Chanel famously added chains to the hemlines of her jackets, this dress has a weighted hem to make it hang properly.  

There is a sizable tear in the underskirt lining.  In four to five places, the outer garment has discoloration which has perhaps been caused by drops of water.  these range from pea size to the size of a quarter.  I believe this gown should be conserved in a museum rather than worn,  or at the very least owned by someone who loved it's beauty without subjecting it to the stress of wear.  

Offered for sale by Toinette's on Ruby Plaza for a price of $5,000.00. 

Made by Patullo Jo Copeland,  this 1960's mini dress is so fashionable, I wouldn't be surprised to see it on the runway today. Found at Kitty Girl Vintage,  this lovely dress is made of a matte black silk crepe. Styled with an hourglass silhouette, a bateau neckline, cap sleeves and a slim skirt. The magenta silk inset at the bodice/waist has a large buckle covered in glass beading. I would venture the size to be a 6/8,  but please see the measurements posted at the shop. In excellent vintage condition, the dress sells for $98.00. The dress is more lavishly photographed by the seller and these photos are available at the site linked. 

I love the dress shown above so much that I actually found the same dress from two vintage dealers!  I chose the less expensive of the two dresses.  Found on Ruby Plaza,  the dress was made by Edward Abbott in a lovely lightweight sheer chiffon jersey over a satin blend lining. The dress is a solid inky black, but the photographs have been lightened somewhat to allow for viewing of the details of the dress. I adore the criss cross feature of the waist and believe that this ruching could create the illusion of a waistline every where none was present. Dating from the 1950's, the dress is a modern size 6. Featuring a scoop neckline, bracelet length sleeves and a back metal zipper going all the way down to there!  Offered by After Dark Vintage, the dress is very reasonably priced at $65.00.

I'm just wild (and is there any other way to feel about Pucci) about this Emilio Pucci bodysuit found at Etsy. With the wild explosion of color and design one would expect of a vintage Pucci,  this bodysuit is made of a very stretchy fabric (okay, I'm thinking nylon. She doesn't say nylon, but nonetheless, I am thinking nylon. It's what you make a body suit from... it just *is*).  The tag says "Emilio Pucci Wolford" - which appears on all Pucci bodysuits and tights. It also says size medium, but the seller, plumberryvintage, says this "medium" is fitting her XS/S mannequin fine.  Available for $119.99, a veritable bargain for a vintage Pucci.

This stunning 1940's dress from Blue Velvet Vintage.  Finally, after a blog of "Size 6", I can't tell you what a pleasure it is to bring you a dress that will fit a woman who doesn't have a 24" waist!  This lovely navy blue taffeta dress is overlaid with embroidered fine tulle netting. The sweetheart bodice is sheer at the sleeves, shoulders and upperback, and the short sleeves are ruched. Beautiful black embroidered floral designs decorate the front bodice and trail down onto the skirt. 

The skirt is flared and slightly full and there is a side metal zipper. As befits the period, the dress has shoulder pads, but these can be easily removed if you so desire (I hope you don't so desire! I hope you love the integrity of the dress.)  Blue Velvet lists measurements for best fit instead of the measurements of the garment,  and these are: Bust 46"; Waist 38"; and Hips 37". The dress has been clipped in the back to fit the mannequin. It is missing it's original belt. I would suggest taking it to a seamstress and asking her to reproduce that "clipping" as ruching to make the need for a belt superfluous. Aside from the missing belt, the dress is in mint condition, and sells for $235.00.

Kate Spade released a handbag like this last season!  And this one is from the 1960's (the spade bag was not black)!  Found on ArtFire, this fabulous handbag is timeless and very today.  Made of soft vinyl wrapper wicker, the interior is lined and has a side pocket.  The label reads: "Hand Made In British Hong Kong"  The bottom has two leather straps and four goldtone feet. One of the leather straps was attached slightly off center, and as a result the bag sits ever so slightly askew.  Available from the DustyDog for the bargain price of $25.00.

This magnificent 1950's silver party dress simply took my breath away when I found it on eBay.  Made of silver or gunmetal silk,  the dress is lined with acetate. It has a matching bolero jacket, and still has it's original belt!  The strapless bodice is boned and richly beaded with bugle beads, seed beads and rhinestones.

Isn't it magnificent? The pencil skirt appears to need some steaming, but it hangs beautifully. There are tiny, pinhead size holes in the skirt and the back of the jacket, and the jacket has been slightly discolored at the lapel and has faint perspiration stains. I wouldn't let this bother me, but it might bother you. At worst, you could wear the dress without the jacket. I think the dress and jacket are simply knock-outs! Offered by millstreetvintage, the price -after 10 bids - is at $81.00.  I think the beading alone is worth that.  I am truly in love with this garment.

This remarkable black and ivory ensemble from Vintageous is just too smart for words. Made in the 1960's, the coat is reversible. Paired with this lovely coat is a simple, sleeveless high-neck cocktail dress with a back kick pleat and a rear metal zipper. The seller notes that the dress has an ever so slight greenish tinge to the satin, but I was only able to discern it in one of the photographs, and I wonder if it's a function of her lighting?  Sadly, the dress is missing it's original belt, but this gives you the opportunity to substitute a smashing black satin one in it's place and pull the piece together a bit more. The pair would make a striking wedding ensemble if the jacket were worn ivory side out. The set has been priced at $265.00. 

The last time I thought I had found a teddy from the 1920's I got all excited about it, wrote a full blurb about it for the blog, and then I saw the “washable” label.  LOL!  This time, I think I have something a little more authentic.  This dainty teddy was obviously hand made, and with a great deal of care, though the woman was not a tremendously talented seamstress (her stitches are rather large.) The garment is made of a soft pink silk with lovely ivory lace as trim.  

It snaps at the crotch and has criss-cross pintucks at the crotch. The handkerchief hemline makes it possible to wear it open, and remove the snaps from the crotch if you so desired. I would size this at an 8, it has a 36" bustline, but otherwise is generous in it’s proportions. Offered by theselvageyard for the Buy It Now price of $124.95.  The seller is also accepting offers. 

I was thrilled to find this lovely mink collared* brocade Opera Coat on eBay. Made of a royal blue silk brocade, this coat is from the 1930's - 1940's. The coat has a hand stitched grey silk lining to match the double grey mink collar which is adorned with a black velvet bow.  The coat has a mandarin collar and closes with exquisitely rendered frogs. The coat may be worn without the mink, and frankly, even political objections aside, I prefer it that way.

The seller notes there is a faint stain in the lining which they believe will come out with dry cleaning. It's the lining folks! No one will see it!. The coat is rather small, and I would hesitate to recommend it to anyone above a size 8, and that's a smallish 8, not a "pushing it" 8. Offered by Hollywood*Classic*Vintage, the coat is available for the Buy It Now price of $350.00.

We started with a Chanel, and we shall end with a Chanel.  This creation by the House of Chanel is available on Sense of Fashion.  I can't help but wonder how Coco Chanel would feel about her couturier house putting out garments in "shocking" pink? It was so much Schiaparelli's color, and Chanel loathed Schiaparelli, calling her "That Italian artist who makes clothes." For Coco's sake, we will call this "hot" pink, not "shocking". Still,  here we have it. Made of a smooth wool blend,, yes, hot pink garment has a micro-floral motif throughout. From the late 1970's or early 1980's, this dress is not a "boutique" or "ready to wear" piece, this is couture; a garment painstakingly made to perfectly fit the client. Such a garment can run anywhere from $15,000 to $50,000.00.  Made to have a loose fit,  the skirt sports lovely pleats and breast pocket buttons. Fully lined in hot pink silk, this dress is in impeccable condition. Offered by wwwdecadencefashioncouk, the dress sells for $950.00. Truly a bargain for a couture Chanel garment!  The chain Chanel belt belongs to the seller is not included in the sale.

And so kittens,  we end another week.  I wish you all Happy Shopping!

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