Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lucite: Redux

Lucite. If you read my blog, you know it's my passion. Yes. If you gave me a choice between lucite and diamonds, I'd chose the lucite. No kidding. Yes, I mean the clear plastic stuff. You may call it plexiglass. Either way, it's the same stuff. What lucite has that diamonds don't have is the ability to conduct light. Let a bit of light hit some lucite and the whole thing lights up like Times Square.

Developed (probably, but not certainly) by DuPont. The first acrylic safety glass (lucite) was mass produced in 1936. They used it to make submarine periscopes, machine gun turrets, canopies and windshields during the war. One of the first peace time applications they found for it was the making of jewelry and it's been variously hot and cold in jewelry circles ever since.

Right now, baby is it hot. It is so hot that places like Nieman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue are asking hundreds for lucite jewelry (some of which you can find acceptably copied for under $10 on eBay), and designers like Dolce and Gabanna are draping their models in it before pushing them down the runway.

I'm lucky. Through the coincidence of writing about my passion for lucite before, I got to know one of America's foremost lucite artists, Judith Hendler. Judith Hendler is to lucite what Lalique was to glass. No one else can begin to do what she does and when they try, they don't do it nearly as well. Through our correspondence I was lucky enough to get a peak at her newest collection, and lucky enough to be able to tell you about it.

But she wasn't always a lucite artist. She started out as a big paper sculpture artist, and at the last minute she needed some jewelry to wear for an opening. She reached into her furniture designer's husband's scrap heap, and created a necklace out of what she found there. From there, as they say, the rest is history.


Bold. Geometrical. Graphic. Colorful. Playful. Gorgeous. There's a piece for every mood and every occasion. She designs her jewelry for a certain woman. A woman with a clear sense of style. A woman with a good sense of proportion and color. A woman with chic.

And perhaps even more exciting is the work she's doing for men:


Simple. Understated. Ornamental without sacrificing masculinity.


Strong. Decisive.

And... the best...


An elegant man cannot have too many cuff-links.

So I am pleased to present her work to you. You may find it at the stores mentioned above, on eBay. on Facebook, and I was also able to find some of her work at Jazzle Dazzle.

Go. Look. Enjoy. Buy.

Happy Shopping!!!!

Second Hand Roze

Friday, April 15, 2011

Finds on The Fly: April 15, 2011

Good morning darlings! And what a morning it is! I have so many goodies for you!

To begin with I have this killer dress from Ruby Lane.

Done in obvious homage to historic Flamenco dresses, the body of this dress is covered by red bugle beads. A rosette decorates the left hemline and sets off the beginning of chiffon flounce.

Most likely a costume from the 1980s, you could make quite the theatrical entrance. The seller describes the dress as well crafted and in pristine condition. Offered by Vanity Fair Vintage for the bargain price of $49.00.

This dress demands a black necklace to set off the neckline. I went to my favorite jewelry source and found this fabulous Bohemian Jet and Enamel Necklace with flounce to match the dress.

Offered by SweetRomanceOnline, this "La Plume Jet Necklace" is available for $79.00.

I have a couple of shoot the moon pieces for today's blog. I can't even imagine being able to afford them, but they are so lovely, I couldn't resist including them.

This incredible diamond, pearl, and platinum necklace/brooch (the Maltese Cross can be worn independently) was shining radiantly on the pages of 1stDibs. I trust it would be redundant for me to enumerate it's charms, as it's right there for you to drool over. Interested in purchase? It's being offered by YAFA for a cool one point five million. Gee, wonder if I could put that on layaway.

I have one other awe inspiring unattainable, but that doesn't mean I spent all my time at 1stDibs (though I could do that, really, I could,) For instance, I found this absolutely divine 1960s black patent croc leather briefcase on SenseoFashion.

Isn't it delicious. I spent years as a vintage wearing legal secretary, and what I would have given to have carried this in that day. You, my darlings, in this day may have it for a mere $75.00. The seller, SalomeVintage, has assured me that the leather is in great condition with no cracking or flaking.

On eBay, I was fortunate enough to browse across this open weave top from the 50s.

I think this top is wonderfully feminine, and I love the way it's tapered in at the waist. The lace is cotton and very lose, so a camisole will be essential.

This lovely top can be yours for a Buy It Now price of $35.00. It is being offered my Studio.m.

And speaking of camisoles, also on eBayis this lovely (and tiny!) pink lace corset from the 1980s.

With adjustable back closures, this lovely and strikingly gorgeous camisole/corset is made of pink satin for "Darling" fashions. It features boning and embroidery throughout the bodice. This is being offered by ScopioVintage for a Buy It Now price of $39.99.

And my other Shoot the Moon piece?

This killer early modernist loving-cup from 1907 is also available for your coveting pleasure at 1stDibs. A creation of Nathan and Hayes, this English cup has superb provenance and is known to have been given as a Christmas gift in 1925. Currently offered by DouglasRosin for $2,200.00. Personally, I think it would make a killer investment.

And now darlings, I must quit procrastinating and face the IRS.

Happy Shopping!

Second Hand Roze

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Finds On The Fly: April 13, 2011

The first find today is so fabulous, so incredible, and - dare I say it - so rare that I'm rushing this issue out before this sweet baby is sold! What could be so urgent?

Shall I allow you a few minutes to just stare at it?

Only a complete anodized colored aluminum Tea Set. Every once in a while I'll see a set, or partial set, of tumblers. Maybe even with the set of coasters. But never, not in all my eBay scanning, estate sale climbing, net crawling days, have I ever run across a complete set with sugar and creamer (if creamer it is, you decide). I found this treasure on Etsy. Offered by tightsweaterloretta for $100.00, and worth every dime. Someone's mid-century modern kitchen is just dying for this! Get it while it's hot darlings. This won't last long.

This next item from SenseoFashion was originally meant to be a swimming suit coverup in the 1960s. I think it would be a killer top over leggings.

The top has a black background and features flowers of blue, yellow orange, and a touch of purple. It's made of polyester and has something of a metallic sheen to it, which makes it so today. The garment has both short sleeves and a halter sort of tie. I don't really understand the redundancy, but if it were mine, I'd just cut off the halter ties.

The top would fit a modern size 6. This is offered by tilicoultry for $45.00.

I am just in love with this 5" brass enlightened Buddha I found thumbing through Etsy. You can truly see Nirvana in the Buddhas expression. This wonderful reminder of mindfulness is being offered by fabulousmess, a veritable treasure trove of brass figurines, Hollywood regency finds, and Art Moderne pieces that I simply drool over. The Buddha may be yours for $30.00.

This to-die-for jacket has recently celebrated it's 100th birthday, as it comes from around 1910. Found on eBay I just adore the cut of it, from it's slightly poorer shoulders, to it's turned back cuffs, to it's flared waist. Though its hard to tell from the photographs, it's actually made from a pin striped "men's wear" type fabric. While i don't have any objections to the coat on a man, I think it would look smashing on a woman. Dare I say one with black lipstick and entirely too much eyeliner? It's trimmed in velvet and ribbons and lined throughout. Alas, the lining has been touched by the ravages of time, but the seller assures us it is all repairable, and it is, after all, a lining. The dimensions suggest that it could fit up to a size 10. I always like my coats just a wee bit oversized, so I'd suggest it for a size 8, your choice. Just remember, this is eBay and all sales are final.

The coat could be yours for the Buy It Now price of $225.00, or the best offer. Please see back issues of Second Hand News for pointers on making an offer.

And that my darling chickadees is that for today.

Until them Happy Shopping!

Second Hand Roze

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Finds On The Fly: April 7, 2011

Our first eBay find today is this stunning crushed velvet dress brought to us by Culture-Vulture-Vintage. The only thing regrettable about this lovely dress is that it's a size XS.

This wonderful, almost slouchy dress comes from the 1920's. Part of what I love about the dress is that it's so relaxed, so comfortable being itself, that it avoids the tailored, buttoned up "thoroughly modern Millie" look that so many dresses of this era have.

This dressmaker had confidence in her skills and confidence in the design of the dress which allowed her to not overly make the dress.

The dress is beautifully smocked at the hips, has an ever-so-slight poof at the sleeves and the sleeves are ever so slightly a more "brick" color than the rest of the garment.

As is typical for garments of this era, the dress secures by a series of snaps under the arm. This is not a frock one should attempt to get into or out of while alone.

I think the dress just invites Chaneled (worn midway down the back and chest) beads or pearls. Good fake pearls need not be expensive, they just need to be knotted between each bead, and if the strand is not long to fit comfortably over one's head, they should fitted with a closure befitting a strand of pearls. Think rhinestones here, and laid out in a suitably art deco design. If fitted with such a closure, the strand should appear to be an important piece of jewelry.

The Buy It Now price for this charming frock is $125.00, though the vendor is also accepting offers.

Also found on eBay, are these incredibly cool Roe platform sandals.

I love them so much that I immediately forgave them for not being vintage, and these have that greatest of all non-vintage attributes: choice of size! Available from sizes 5.5 through size 9 for a Buy It Now price of $38.63 for the next 19 hours, so run to eBay and grab these fabulous shoes. These are a wonderful braided T-strap sandal with a fabulous profile.

Aren't these amazing? And they're not real wood! They are made of all man made material, so you don't have to worry about killing a rain forest for your feet! Brought to us by Nikkis_kicks_24_7.

Finally today, I found (also on eBay) this absolutely luscious black cocktail dress from the 1950s.

Please know that the dress us a solid, inky, midnight black and the middle photograph has been artificially lightened in order for you to see the details of the garment.

This wonderful large cocktail dress was designed by Dorothy O'Hara with a killer asymmetrical ruching towards the bow at the right waist. The dress is 100% rayon with raglan sleeves and a lined bodice. It secures with a back metal zipper and two eye hooks at the top.

Offered by BombshellFrocks for a current bid of $34.99.

Darlings, I've been awake shopping for you all night, so I'll bid you adieu!

Until we speak again, Happy Shopping!

Second Hand Roze

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Finds On The Fly

Since I changed from long blog posts to short, daily blog posts, I quit posting reading selections. With so many fabulous books on Fashion and Fashion Designers, this is a real tragedy. One I plan to remedy today. Today's book is ParisianChic: a Style Guide by Inness de la Fressange.

This fabulous guide to style is available at Amazon Com for a sale price of $16.10. While no one can fully capture the Frenchwoman's secrets to chic, this book at least points us in the right direction.

My next killer find is a 9.5 on the Mod Scale. I wish they sold tons of these, I'd buy the for shower curtains, room dividers...I might even hang them in windows. But alas, there is (to my knowledge) only the single 97" X 100" curtain I found on Etsy.

A Paco Rabine Mid-Century Modern Masterpiece, this work of art has had me contemplating for days where I might get some of these stainless steel squares, and the amount of time it would take to connect them by jump rings. Offered by Fabulousmess for $ 9,500.00. Be sure to look at their other stuff, Fabulousmess is a veritable treasure trove of Hollywood Regency and Mid-Century Modern.

I usually try to avoid listing more than one item from a vendor at eBay, Etsy or SoF, but between my love for Mid-Century Modern and my passion for all things lucite, well, I couldn't pass these tables by.

Created of a halved drum made of Lucite, these tables are one of the few things I've ever seen Mod enough to go with the curtain above. They really should have been displayed on white shag carpeting! Also listed at Etsy from Fabulousmess. These swank tables could be yours for $1,250.00.

I simply fell in love with both the pattern or the silhouette of this Jean Louise Scherrer from SenseofFashion.

Made of 100% silk in the 80's, it has the cut of a dress worn by a woman who may have been a wee bit, hum, "fast" in the 1930's. The dress hangs like it was cut on the bias, and the flounce at the hemline all but demands stockings with seams down the back.

This dress, like any strapless dress, demands just the right necklace. I entertained myself by searching for just the perfect necklace online. I think I scored too, and at a reasonable price as well.

This string of graduated faceted Bohemian Jet with matching earrings would add just the right amount of color to the face without drawing the eye away from the dress. (Note to African American readers, I would not suggest this necklace for you, but would suggest instead that you go with a simple string of pearls). I found the necklace and earring set at SweetRomance, where the set sells for a mere $25.00 on sale from $34.00.

Finally today is something no woman's wardrobe should be without: a wide red belt.

Found on eBay, the belt is 1 3/4" wide, and has two raised ridges running the length of the belt. Made of crocodile embossed leather, imagine what you can do with this belt. Cinch in the waist of that boyfriend sweater. Belt in an oversized t-shirt... This belt is offered by BeltsAndBling and is available for an opening bid of $19.99.

And on that note my darlings, I shall bid you good night.

Happy Shopping!

Second Hand Roze

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