Sunday, October 31, 2010

October 30 through November 6, 2010 (Or it was a great week for Nettie Rosenstein)

Oh my goodness kittens!  It's been a busy week!  And there were two milestones for moi, your humble hostess:  1)  I discovered 1st Dibs a site selling all things beautiful, including vintage fashion and costume jewelry (though most of their jewelry is the Real Thing); and 2) I discovered ArtFire, a venue to blog, browse, sell, and buy handmade goods, crafts, fine arts, and vintage goods. Why,  I'm simply in heaven!  And I've been glued to my computer ever since.  So much so kittens,  that your fair hostess is short on sleep!

And to add to that,  for some reason, blogger is just giving me fits.  Fonts keep changing,  their size changes,  their boldness changes... spaces between text and photos shifts.  I've been "unbugging" this issue for hours!

Last week,  I had over 50 things to show, and worried about fitting them all in.  This week,  I stopped counting photos at 70,  but somehow we shall just have to muddle through.  In the immortal words of Tim Gunn,  "Edit, edit, edit."   We haven't a moment to lose,  so away we go....


So Mod, I could just die.  I found this fabulous Gattinoni coat on Ebay and immediately forgave it for not being vintage.  Brand new and unworn,  this delicious coat is 100% virgin wool.  Available at the completely justifiable Buy It Now price of $492.50.  This designer is new to me,  and you can bet I will be watching his work in the future.  Brought to us by lazfashion.  If you prefer your clothing new,  this seller has lots of them,  and I found much of them to be quite chic. 


Another happy discovery this week is Midnight Glamour where I found this adorable and unbearably chic poodle knit sweater.  The sweater has no tags,  so I can offer you no information  about fabric content.  I can tell you that the sweater will fit a size 8-10 easily,  and should be fine on someone smaller, as a certain excess is intended in the garment.  I would not go larger, as a 36" bust leaves about 3 inches in the open sweater.  In mint condition,  this one of a kind find can be yours for only $125.00.

I was lucky enough to exchange some emails with Marilyn of Midnight Glamour and am pleased to report she is charming and one that someone should look forward to doing business with.

My first item from 1st Dibs is one I'm simply unsure of how I am going to live without.  This gorgeous beaver felt hat with egret feather across the 17" brim from the 50's  is simply sublime.  Offered to you by Torso Vintages.  No price information has been published for this magnificent hat,  and one is simply instructed to inquire with  I assume if you're afraid to ask, you can't afford it, so I am resigned to live my life without this magnificent hat, but it shall only be a shadow of the life I could have led with this hat!

From Fifties Elegance, to Sixties Mod,  I found these darling clear lucite cube earrings (clip) on eBay.  Available for an opening bid of $4.99,  these lovelies will only be up for bid until November 1st at 13:50 eBay time.  Brought to us by 77scarlett77.   You know how I feel about lucite.  Don't be shocked if I have to scoop these up myself.

Perhaps my favorite find of the week is this completely charming dog shaped wicker handbag.  The handbag is unlined and the dog features a face as beguiling as that of a real puppy.  Available at 1st Dibs from Modern Handbag for $575.00. 

My favorite find at ArtFire was this carreer gone mod black and white tweed suit from the 60's. Featuring a pencil skirt with a waist of 24", lined in white acetate (so don't you dare try to hand wash it!) and with a side zipper. The fabulous cape-like jacket is also lined and features fabulous big black buttons. The belt loops would indicate that the original belt was somewhat thinner,  but the seller is willing to include the thicker belt she has substituted.  (I find this really impressive customer service in a world where "accessories" are never included).  Brought to us by the charming OneTrickChassis for $65.00. A price so reasonable, I checked twice to be sure I had it right. If this baby fit me, you kittens wouldn't have a chance at it!

Found on Etsy this oh-so-mod sleeveless top designed by Mika Piirainen of Finland for Marimekko.  Made of 100% cotton sailcloth this top has bust darts and closes with a back zipper.  I'm afraid the tiny mannequin may have given this a frowsy appearance,  but believe me, on someone who actually fits this shirt, it will rock.  Meant to be worn untucked,  this top has slits on each side of the hem. 38" at the bust and waist,  this should fit a size 10. Brought to us by goodeye this sells for an incredible $55.00.   Seller has a matching jacket which she is selling separately as they are not the same size

I found this gorgeous party dress on eBay from Mill Street Vintage.  The dress is made of pewter organza over a lillac acetate,  which gives the organza an irridescent quality. The oversized lace which forms the one shoulder is exquisite and has been lavishly photographed by the vender. The bust is boned and features layers of the acetate fabric. The seller notes, "A few small spots on lace and skirt.  Bit of fraying at zipper and waist seam in back."  There are close up photographs of these flaws,  and to the extent they are discernable, they are equally easily fixable. The current price for the dress after 18 bids is $162.50, with bidding to continue through November 2nd.

Just published and available at Amazon this book on style icon Pucci was written by Vanessa Friedman, editted by Armondo Chitolina,  and contributed to by Alessandra Arezzi Boza.  $117.00 (42% off list price of $200.00).  Book is lavishly illustrated.

Found at Sense of Fashion this slouchy 80's black beaded jacket is rife with possibilities.  Pair it with that Little Black Dress,  or throw it on over a pair of jeans,  where-ever it goes, it's bound to make a statement.  Made of 100% silk and lined with polyester.  Created for "Silky Nights" it is for a smaller woman.  The bust is only 34" with the jacket closed,  but you could easily choose to leave it open.  In great vintage condition,  it is available for $45.00 from heightofvintage.


Found at 1st Dibs these hand tooled oh-so-platformed shoes are so today, I can hardly believe they're vintage.  These 60's vintage ankle strapped shoes are brought to you buy Torso Vintage  They are sized 8m, and goodness me! But they've been sold since I found them!  Sorry kittens.  You snooze, you loose! It all just goes to show you that the time to buy a vintage item is when you find it.  I could show you a veritable handful of photos that haunt me as my regrets...

This colorful and lovely Picasso print scarf was found on ArtFire.  Made of 100% acetate,  the scarf measures 32.5" X 34".  Available for $30.00. Like so many of my ArtFire finds,  this is offered by NeldasVintageClothing.  Often when I find a great vintage item,  I see what else the seller has to offer.  Strangely,  this is not the case with Nelda's.  I just kept stumbling on stuff that was hers. 


Madly Mod and Modly Mad,  I just love this LOUD pop-art micro-mini from LA Vintage.  To find it,  have them pull up only the dresses from the 60's, as LA Vintage does not assign each garment it's own page.  Fitted to the body and Very Short,  this dress is not for a wall flower!  Made of a cotton / polyester blend, the garment is silky to the touch and a bit shiny.  Size XS and $64.00.


I don't like caftans,  and yet I'm listing 3 in this week's blog.  The one shown above is a Marimekko and was found on eBay.  It's a vintage 60's bell sleeve Danish creation made in the "Tatsu" pattern.  The garment closes with a back zipper and a double "hook" and "eye", though one of the "eyes" is missing. Usually, for a caftan, one size fits all, but this one has a bust of only 36".  Busty girls, this isn't for you! Very retro chic,  the opening bid for this kaftan is $29.99 with 4 days left of bidding. Offered by ladykristov.

This vintage 40's Ceil Chapman cocktail dress is the Little Black Dress to end all Little Black Dresses.  Featuring ruching detail all over,  there are layers of fabric at the neckline and a zipper in the back so one can wiggle into this body-hugging dress.  The dress measures 36" 29" 36".  It can also be worn off the shoulders as shown below:

This dress is available for viewing by appointment in Beverly Hills and is priced at $2,295.00.  It is offered for sale by The Paperbag Princess


This Mid Century Modern Lamp from the 70's is 33" high and could work as either a table lamp or a floor lamp.  I find it to be just incredibly mod.  Made of Chrome and glass,  the lamp is free of rust or other ravages of time. It features a 3-way switch which is a bit temperamental and might benefit from re-wiring (no big deal, really).  Available at the Buy It Now price of $69.99 from Cadwell's Collectibles.


This Vintage 40's cream and navy linen dress from Etsy was mod before mod was mod!  I just love it's "piano key" navy insets.  I should note that most of the photographs of this dress were shown with a navy belt,  which fills up the gap of the insets at the waist.  I regret that I do not know if the pictured belt is included with the dress, but there is no disclaimer saying that it's not.  Available from AdelaideHomesewn for $68.00

Absolutely timeless,  these 60's black and white Salvatore Ferragamo pumps were also found at ArtFire.  In stunningly good vintage condition,  these shoes feature kitten heals and rounded toes.  They are size 7.5 in a medium width and have been brought to us by Pentupvintage.  They are available for the bargain price of $35.00.  

Salvatore Ferragamos!  For $35.00!  Why, oh why, does anyone buy new clothing????

Another treasure from 1st Dibs is this vintage 70's extravagently fringed handbag.  I am just mad about it.  Whipstitched deerskin,  this bag is a testament to the durability of good leather.  The bag features glass beads,  a "fold over" closing,  an open back pocket and a 48" strap.  The bag is 9" wide, 9" tall, and 3" deep.  Said to be in pristine condition, this purse sells for $600.00.   Offered by Vintage Fashion Inc.  This seller has such a good eye for Mod, I had to restrain myself from not copying her catalogue en masse.

This bracelet is so wonderfully Mod,  I grieve the poor photography and presentation.  Found on eBay.  Mod, Mod, Mod,  this sliced lucite bangle could make Dick Cheeney look hip.  I must warn you:  the seller claims this is bakelite. Bakelite did not come in clear,  and was not made in the late 1960s. This is NOT bakelite. This is lucite. Though I'm unable to detect it from this bad photograph (and oh, how I wish I could talk to sellers about the importance of merchandising!), the seller does say this bangle shows "light surface wear".  Don't be concerned about this.  Lucite can be polished!  Simply google "Lucite polish" and you're in business.  Offered by Treasuresyouneed for a Buy It Now price of $15.00.

Special Note:  I don't do this.  I just don't trash sellers.  I respect sellers.  But this seller is offering several peices of what appear to be genuine bakelite,  and offers enough merchandise that he/she/they simply should know better than to claim an item is made of a rare and valuable material without doing their homework.  Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.  

Hardly a charming photograph, I know.  However, it's important. Those 50's dresses simply will not hang right without a crinoline! And they often run over $100.00. This is one of two reasonably priced crinolines I found this week, provided it is a crinoline. The seller seems a bit unsure of what they have and writes, "Half slip, small, fluffy many layers...Great to make a dress stand out."  Now that says crinoline to me.  Found at ArtFire from UniqueVintage for only $20.00.  If you are a size small,  run, do not walk, run to ArtFire and pick this baby up!

This is the other affordable crinoline I found, but it's on eBay and the price is climbing.  This crinoline is a size medium (large ladies,  I promise I shall continue to look for a reasonably priced crinoline for you!).  Offered by pereniel eBay favorites 2tryhard, the current price for this is $33.50 after 24 bids.  4 scary days remain of bidding!


I found this lovely Rudi Gernreich Gown at Etsy.  I'm not sure I understand everything about this dress, so I'm going to copy it's title line verbatim:  "Rare Vintage RUDI GERNREICH gown couture metallic knit deco egyptian style dress wedding gown"  Created for Harmon Knitwear,  this dress is made entirely of silver and gold knit threads. The dress is suspended by sexy shoulder straps and is a full length gown.  The model is 5'7" and I would hesitate to recommend this gown to anyone under 5'4" unless you really had some high heels to keep it off the floor.  Offered to us by Xtabay, the seller estimates the size at 7-8, but reminds us that the gown will stretch.  The following caveats are offered by the seller:  There are a couple of loose threads that need to be snipped (gosh, I wouldn't have even mentioned that), and "one of the shoulder straps needs to be tacked on a bit".  Any competent seamstress should be able to fix this up in a jiffy!  Made in the late 60's or early 70's,  this lovely gown is available for $1,199.00,  a completely reasonable price for a dress from this designer. 

The second of the three caftans I intend to list this week,  I just simply adore this Mod Mod Mod 101 Dalmations caftan from 1st  Dibs.   Created by the legendary Jean-Charles de Castelbajac of France,  this caftan has no fabric label, but is believed to be silk.  In very good condition,  the caftan is 46 1/2" long and 70" wide.  Available from Archive Vintage for $798.00. 

Kittens,  I just almost fell out of my chair when I found this divine art deo jacket from Hattie Carnegie on eBay.  What's more, the seller reports the jacket to be in excellent vintage condition.  Made, they believe of raw silk (possibly rayon), and lined with some smooth fabric which is probably silk, but also possibly rayon or acetate (my money is on the acetate).  The overwhelming art deco design is enhanced by the lines of the black lapel over the gold fabric. The 3/4 length sleeves are raglan cut and the jacket has front darts.  You could completely rock a pair of jeans with a black lace cami, or give new life to that little black dress. Size Medium. Available from wingscheer, who has such fabulous vintage merchandise I added her to my "favorite sellers" right away!  The jacket is available for the incredibly cheap price of an opening bid of $45.00 with bidding to continue only until November 1st at 17:04 eBay time.  Pouce on this kitten!  Pounce!   
*          *          *

 Kittens,  we need to talk.  I've had to delete 2 garments and their descriptions from the blog this week because I failed to look at the labels when I was selecting items for the blog or to pay close enough attention to the descriptions of these garments.  These were marketted as vintage garments yet their sizing labels gave them away as modern.  Vintage sizing is Very Different from modern sizing,  and if you see a "vintage" garment with modern sizes,  you can know right away it's not vintage.  Also,  I once found a "Vintage 20's" garment whose label said "washable".  Kittens,  there were no washing machines in the 1920's.  No on would put that on their label.  Another dead give away is a garment that's 100% cotton, and has had no fading of the color in "50" years. Cotton fades.  It just does. This mistake was made by a veteran vintage dealer, and she should have known better! ArtFire is rife with vendors claiming to sell vintage goods who have merely used clothes.  So kittens,  I just want to tell you that not everything that claims to be vintage is actually vintage.  Please buy only garments which you truly love, so if they're new you won't be heartbroken, and leave the "investment" buying to the pros.   

*          *          *

Okay,  *sigh* back to the clothes: 


The item shown above is not vintage, and does not claim to be vintage.  It is,  however, vintage styled, and just so darned MOD I couldn't pass it up.  Found on eBay,  this fabulous Diane Von Furstenberg maxi dress features Andy Warhol's daisy design.  New with tags (NWT), the dress is a size medium and is 100% silk. Brought to us by Ali-Babe for the very reasonable Buy It Now price of $279.00.

From the brand new, to the truly very old.  Oh! My!  Where to start?  This gorgeous, divine 1930's gown was found at Antique Dress.  I'm afraid you have to count down 22 dresses from the top of the page to find it.  I tried counting from the bottom, and that was no easier.  The dress is more lavishly photographed here,  but is only described on the previous page.  "(This) lovely bias seagreen and light green deco floral print draping bodice gown with black chiffon skirt insets" amazingly still has it's matching jacket after all these years!  The seller warns that the dress has a bit of wear at the armholes which can easily be mended,  and "light staining on the front light green bodice inset".  Closeup photos of the damage were provided, and try as I might, I could not see the discoloration.  The only restrictive measurement of the gown is the bust, which is 36".  Also, the gown was meant for a taller woman,  so us short women will want to have some appropriate heels to keep it off the floor.  Priced at a completely reasonable $985.00.  Please at least view the photographs,  as a dresses like this are NOT a dime a dozen.


This magnificently chic feathered capelet took my breath away at 1st Dibs.  Described as being made of natural coq feathers, I must confess I don't know what that means. Is coq a bird?  Nevermind, it's fabulous! A vintage 60's peice this capelet is lined in black silk satin and embroidered with "MEN".  I suspect M E N was the original owner's initials.  Oh my!  Kittens!  It's been sold in the last few days!  Oh my.  I do hope it's new owner enjoys it!  It was brought to us by Torso Vintage, another seller whose entire stock I would love to photograph and blog.

My first vintage find this week: these fabulous strappy Elsa Schiaparelli 50's sandals on eBay.  As chic today as the day they left the master's hands, the shoes are size 6 and have 3" tapered heels.  There is a slight scratch on one of the stilletto heels. I wouldn't hesitate to fix that with a black magic marker.  There is some visible wear to the bottom of the toes,  but the shoes are really in strikingly good condition.  Available from theclothingchick for the Buy It Now price of $125.00.  Kittens,  can one have one's feet shrank?  For I am an 8.5, and I truly want these shoes. 

I did a search for "Nettie Rosenstein" this week, and was delighted to find this lovely brooch at eBay.  I love the pearl "grapes",  but what really knocked me out was the pave work on the delicate leaves.  Sold by oldcostumejewelry, the seller reports this peice is gold plated, and not merely gold toned.  There is something about my skin that will eat gold plating off a peice of jewelry in a New York Minute.  If you too suffer from this,  stay away from this peice.  We could ruin a stunning example of custome jewelry history.  For the rest of you,  this is a steal.  Available at the Buy It Now price of $75.00,  someone is going to walk away with quite a bargain.

I found this lovely little black dress at My Vintage Wear.  A vintage 50's or 60's wiggle dress,  this lovely dress is made of black velvet and secured at the waist with a pewter colored chiffon sash.  The seller has the back of this lovely sash just hanging there.  It's needs badly to be steamed and tied lovingly into a nice bow.  A modern size 4, the dress has a back metal zipper, and the dress is lined in rayon from the waist down and the lining is longer than the velvet.  I don't think this is intentinal.  I would strongly suggest hemming the lining UP.  The seller reports that the only flaw in the dress is a line about 1/8" long which is lighter than the rest of the gown. They suggest hiding this flaw with the sash. Since no photo is offered of the flaw, I offer another strategy in the event your nice bow does not cover the flaw.  Take a very thin black "flair" marker, and go over the lighter area. You will be amazed at how useful ink can be in covering flaws in black clothing. The measurements of the dress are as follows 36" 25 1/2" 40".  Remember you must be at least an inch smaller to comfortably wear the garment.  Very reasonably priced at $39.95. 

Also found on my "Nettie Rosenstein" search is this lovely dress from eBay.  I wish it were possible for me to show you all the photographs of this vintage 1950's dress so you could se it's incredible detail.  Sporting a slightly dropped waist,  this dress has a sewn in belt with a rhinestone buckle.  All stones in the buckle are clear and sparkly.  The body-hugging boddice is fully seamed to fit like a second skin.  Below the waist,  the dress offers a full circle skirt which one could pair with a crinoline if one were so inclined. The dress is lined (at least from the waist down), and is made of rayon.  It measures 39" at the bust, and 27" at the waist. Brought to us by Party-store,  this magnificent dress is currently bid at $35.00 with bidding to only continue until November 2nd at 18:30 eBay time.  Someone is liable to walk away with a steal!


Oh!  But I do love this vintage 60's dress in celadon green found on ArtFire.  Made entirely of shantung silk by "Mardis Gras",  this dress features a tierred waist with a bow accent.  The back has a metal zipper and a kick pleat. Brought to us by Tialey'sVintage for $68.00.

This will be this week's edition's last forray into my obsession with lucite, I promise. I found this incredibly mod gem of a bracelet on eBay.  Made of wrapped clear lucite tubing,  I think this bracelet is the cat's pajamas.  I'm not entirely sure this is a vintage peice,  as the seller has 5 of them, and that would be unlikely for vintage stock.  Still,  they are listed as "period:  1960-1970".  Perhaps the seller found some old stock?  If they are vintage,  none of the lucite has suffered any yellowing.  The bracelets can be bought from bakelitejohnny for a Buy It Now price of $11.01. 

I did make one additional Nettie Rosenstein find this week:  This perfectly MINT 1950's ostrich purse which still has it's matching change purse and mirror.  Found on 1st Dibs where the seller wrote, "Ms. Rosenstein's bag designs were limited editions before the phrase "limited edition" was used for designer handbags." Made in Florence, Italy, this bag is suprisingly roomy for so compact a bag. The purse is constructed of deep, rich full quill ostrich skin with feet and clasp (and frame) of polished brass.  Offered by Mix Gallery of New York for $1400.00.  This seller offers many fine vintage handbags,  and I was so impressed with his/her/their offerings that I simply wouldn't spend over a thousand dollars on a bagg without checking here first!


I can't think of a better example of boudoir chic than this fine pink satin charmeuse nightgown and bedjacket with blacklace detail from Midnight Glamour. Made for Fantasy Lingerie this gown and bedjacket are made of nylon in a lovely shade of pink.  The gown has a low back with criss-cross strapping and a keyhole detail.  The bedjacket is edged in black lace which matches the black lace found on the bodice of the gown. Allow me to rhapsodize for a moment about bed jackets.  During the winter,  if you, like myself, like to sleep in a room that is a wee bit chilly,  a bedjacket will allow you to sit up in bed and read without freezing your uncovered arms.  Then,  reading done,  you simply discard the bedjacket,  and curl up for a nice winter's sleep. Heaven!  Marked as a size small,  the gown is stretchable at the bust to 41", though is 36" unstetched.  The waist is 36" and the proprietress has tried on the bed jacket, so we know it will fit a size 10. The nightgown and bedjack are available for $149.00. I'm going to repeat the seller's admonition that vintage lingerie should never be put in the dryer, as it will likely be ruined.  Hand wash with woolite, and hang to dry. Do not twist or otherwise wring!  This set is in excellent condition and laundering in this manner will keep it this way. 

I had intended to put this lovely 1950's beaded sweater in the blog a few weeks ago, but the auction closed so soon after the publication of that blog it was imprudent.  Luckily, it did not sell and is being listed again.  Found, obviously, on eBay.  A beaded sweater was a staple of any 50's girl's wardrobe,  yet these lovely sweaters are becoming increasingly difficult to find as collectors snatch them up.  This sweater is lavishly beaded across the front and extending to the back in a manner that completely compliments the sweater's pearlized buttons.  You can wear this to dress up a pair of jeans, or completely rock that black pencil skirt.  Seller, Viva6002, is unsure of the fabric content and states that it may be a wool blend. The sweater measures 36" from shoulder to shoulder, and is 21" from top to bottom.  Other measurements can be seen on eBay.

Found at My Vintage Wear,  I was thrilled to find this vintage 60's black cocktail dress.  As one of my seller's said on last week's blog,  "It is a pleasure to find a dress that not only would Joan Holloway wear, but that would fit the actress who plays her."  For a full bodied woman, this dress is a size 16.  Made of rayon crepe, the bodice has many layers of fabric, and then an additional swag of fabric in an imitatin of a cowl neckline.  The skirt is fairly fitted and features 11 layers of pleated fabric.  One of those layers has a tiny pin hole,  something I wouldn't give a second thought!  The measurements for the dress are as follows:  42" 34"  48".  The dress is 44" long and features a long back zipper.  A steal at $60.00.

It wouldn't be Second Hand News if there weren't a Lilli Ann suit, and this week's Lilli Ann does not disappoint.  Found at Etsy,  at first I thought this was a later Lilli Ann, not designed by the mistress herself,  but the label bears out that this is a Lilli Ann original.  Made of worsted wool and mohair this suit features 16 fabric covered buttons down the unusually long double breasted jacket.  The bustline for the jacket is 34"-36";  the waist of the skirt measures 27" and the hips measure 39". This corresponds to a modern small-medium, with emphasis on medium. Reported to be in excellent condition,  there were certainly no flaws on my inspection of the garment.  I love the deep rose color!  Offered by Melsvanity, this suit is available for $248.00,  a steal for a Lilli Ann! 

The last of the vintage caftans I intend to list this week,  I would hesitate to try to date this beyond the vague 60's - 70's.  Made by famed designer Deanna Littell, the graphics on this caftan are simply too chic to pass up. Made in Paris for Saks Fifth Avenue, this garment is 100% silk. Generally, one size fits all with caftans, and this one includes no sizing label.  The seller says there are one or two "very small spots" on the front which he/she/they are almost certain will come out when dry cleaned. I think the thing to ask yourself is can you live with it if they do NOT come out?  If I were seriously considering purchasing this garment, I would ask for close up photographs of the spots.  The fact that these were not provided leaves me a bit leery.  Offered by Modray,  I just can't stop myself from telling you that this seller also currently has two (2) sets of Corpse Bride plush doll sets (oh my!).  The caftan is available for the Buy It Now price of $225.00.

This divine dress from Pauline (Paulina?) Trigere, designer of all the costumes for Breakfast at Tiffany's was found at 1st Dibs.  Vintage 60's,  this dress is knee length. Created of burned out velvet, this dress features a square neckline,  a body hugging style,  and a back metal zipper.  The dress measures 36" 29" 35", or roughly a size 8-10.  It is offered by The Paper Bag Princess of Beverly Hills and is available for viewing by appointment.  The price is not published,  but contact information is available on the webpages linked.

Found on ArtFire this smashing suit was described by the seller as "peachy brown", but it looks camel to me.  The suit is made of a linen blend fabric,  and the jacket's lapel and sleeves are edged in a striped white, tan, brown, and rust fabric believed to be cotton.  I think the edging gives the suit a very chic look!  The jacket has bust seams and square pockets.  The pencil skirt has seams at the sides in both the front and the back, and features a side zipper closure, and a kick pleat.  The bust of the jacket is 36".  The waist of the skirt is 28" with 36" hips.  Offered by Nelda'sVintageClothing for $40.00.  I can only guess this suit is a 70's suit.  It lacks the shoulders of an 80's suit,  the short hem of a late 60's suit, the tailored lines of an early 60's suit or late 50's suit, and the flaired waist of an earlier 50's suit. 

For the vintage home,  I could ofer no more authentic touch than this set of three mushrooms found at Mod Haus.  Mushrooms (and owls) were all the rage in the late 60's and appeared everywhere!  These hand-blown examples were made in Sweden and are available for $75.00.


The second Rudi Gernreich dress to make it to the blog today,  this just fairly screams Mod! Found at 1st Dibs. The dress is made of black wool jersey knit, and the double belts are original to the garment. The seller says the dress will fit a modern size 6, and the dress is in "pristine" condition. Offered by Vintage Fashion Inc for $1400.00. Listed as both a day dress and a cocktail dress,  this dress is appropriate for any occasion!

Neither vintage nor valuable,  this set of "dot" mirrors from Target is just so Mod I couldn't NOT list it.  I just adore this set of 14 mirrors designed to be put upon your walls.  Below is a photograph of the mirrors up on a wall so you can sort of get a feel for them.

Don't they rock?  I think I'll get two sets.  $19.99 per set.

This vintage late 1950's lipstick red "new look" dress was found on eBay from pereniel favorites 2tryhard.  Made of unlined rayon, this XS dress is reported to be in pristine condition.   The current price, after only 2 days of bidding is $24.16. 14 More days of bidding to go.  You can expect this "wiggle dress" to sell for over $100.00, and it is well worth it. 


I couldn't close the blog without listing some sunglassses,  so here they are: the sunglasses of the week. Designed  by the Master, these Pucci sunglasses are available at 1st Dibs from Douglas Rosin for $875.00   Aren't they to die for?

And that kittens,  despite all the stuff I am leaving out, is a wrap.  I'll see you all next week,  and until then...

Happy Shopping!

Second Hand Rose