Monday, November 8, 2010

November 7 through November 13, 2010

Hello kittens! What a lovely and fashionable week it's been! I have so much to tell you about I am just bursting at my little ole seams! Where, oh where shall we start?

Oh kittens, this stunning gown has already been sold, but I couldn't help myself from sharing with you this example of one of the most important fashion innovations of the 20th century. What you say? Oh yes! This is a fine example THE Little Black Dress by none other than the queen, Madame Chanel. In May 1926, Chanel introduced the garment that changed forever the way women dress. The Little Black Dress caused an immediate uproar in the fashion world. Prior to this, black had been worn only by servants, the clergy, and those in mourning. With a single stroke of her pen, or rather stitch of her hand, Coco Chanel changed it all!  Universally flattering, the simplicity and economy of the LBD appealed to women during the depression era,  and the dress itself was greatly democratic. With a simple string of pearls and the right heels, a middle class woman could suddenly be as well dressed as a Vanderbilt. Wallace Simpson is reported to have said, "When the little black dress is right, there is nothing else to wear in it’s place.” 

This example from 1930 includes many of the aspects that still make the Chanel label distinctive. From the the bias cut with refined detailing to the knife pleat cuffs with fabric covered buttons. This dress self ties in the back and features hook and eye closures. The proprietress was unable to detect a single flaw in this silk crepe dress after all these years. I'm glad the garment has found a home, but frankly I feel a wee bit cheated to not know the price. How does one place a value on an icon?

I found this sassy fringed white mini-dress on Etsy from MetroRetroVintage of New York. Made of a medium weight poly knit fabric and fully lined, this little number is all dressed up with oodles of fringe that dance with movement. This body-hugging mini features a deep "V" neckline and a metal back zipper. All fringe is fully intact and the dress is in beautiful condition. Sized medium, the measurements are as follows:  36" 28" 36" and 32" from shoulder to hemline. Available for $79.95.

This is the second garment I've listed with the "Mardi Gras of New York" label. Kittens, do any of you know anything about them? Even the Vintage Fashion Guild would like more information.

Though more 1950's in style, this delicious strapless satin evening gown actually heralds from the 1960's. The full nature of the skirt makes me want desperately to slip a crinoline under there, but by 1960, crinolines were decidedly out. Still, if this were my dress I would wear the crinoline. The bodice features layers of fabric across the bust and then narrows dramatically to a tiny waist of 26" which appears even smaller from the fine cut of the dress. The gown has stays for the bust, a back zipper, and two sturdy loops for hanging the dress on a hanger. The seller describes the dress as gold, and perhaps the photograph is not true to the actual coloring of the dress, but it appears more of a bronze tone to me. I think this would look smashing with a chocolate brown shrug, or perhaps a fur stole (faux of course!). The bust measures 34", the waist 26" and the hips are free; the seller estimates this as a modern size 4. The dress is in immaculate condition, but sadly the seller made no mention of label, so we don't know who made this divine creation. Found at Vintage Vanities for a stunning $65.00! What a charming brides maids dress this could be for the bride on a budget.

As a possible wrap for the dress shown above, I suggest this fine faux fur cape from Etsy. The fashion world has been all abuzz about the re-emergence of the cape as the go-to item for this season, and not only would this cape go beautifully with the dress above, it would be a very fashion forward addition to your wardrobe. Lined in silk and featuring a front brass buttons and chain, this cape was created by Regina Glenara with fabric by Glenoit. From the 1950's, this cape is in excellent vintage condition. Offered by Flourclothing for $64.00. Seller offers startlingly reasonable shipping prices for what must be a heavy garment.

I am completely in love with this vintage 60's velveteen jacket/coat from ArtFire. Made by Marguerite Rubel of San Francisco, it has everything I look for in a vintage garment. It is completely true to the era from which it was made, and at the same time still makes a statement today. With a navy (not black!) background, the paisleys and birds appear in a profusion of turquoise, aqua, green, purple, yellow, deepest red and softest coral. The jacket features angled pockets, a notched collar, and amazingly, still has it's self belt. I like it with the original belt, but wouldn't it be fabulous in a red patent leather belt, or perhaps an aqua sash? The jacket is approximately a modern size 8 and is fully lined in silk. Brought to us by Paganodesignwork's Studio the coat sells for $185.00.

Hot off the presses, Warhol from the Sonnabend Collection. Published by Rizolli by John and Brenda Richardson, the book includes reproductions of exhibit catalogues originally published by gallery Ilena Sonnabend. In her introduction to the book, Brenda Richardson calls Andy Warhol and Lleana Sonnabend “among the most inscrutable and charismatic personalities of their time.” This landmark books explores the relationship between the artist and his dealer-then-collector who changed art history. “The most engaging insider tidbit may be the correspondence between the two from the early 1960's, showing Warhol defying his dealer to get exactly the show he wanted.” (1st Dibs review) Available from Amazon or Barnes and Noble for $57.37. It should be noted that Barnes and Noble members would get a discount.

Not vintage, but simply divine are these lovely Valentino silk pumps found at 1st Dibs. The shoes are a European size 37, which translate to a US size 6.5. (Why, oh why? Are all the really smashing shoes for women with tiny feet?) They feature delicate black silk rosettes at each toe and have been kept in pristine condition. Offered by Post Script of New York for $350.00

And to wear with the fabulous Valentino shoes? This to-die-for 1980's Little Black Dress from Vicky Teal of Paris from her couture collection found on Sense of Fashion. This is not "boutique" or "ready to wear". This is couture. The photo below shoes the magnificent work which went into this dress.

A profusion of silk satin gathers together in the sweetheart neckline which features a black satin rosette.  Featuring boning for bust support and back zipper, the dress is lined in soft silk with as much attention to the interior of the dress as to the exterior. This dress is cut for a busty woman, rather than a woman with a wide torso and would be perfect for a 34C, and the measurements are as follows: 36" 28.5" 37". From the top of the bodice to the hemline is a scant 28.5" and this dress is definitely not for the wallflower. One simply must have the right necklace to wear with a dress like this. May I be so bold as to suggest a baroque pearl creation by Miriam Haskell as the coup de grace? The dress is a midnight black. Photographs have been slightly over-exposed to allow viewing of detail. Offered by wwwdecadencefashioncouk for $458.00.

Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant has been quoted as saying that the secret to creating genuine vintage looks is vintage foundation garments. This 1950's opened bottomed girdle will hold all that bootie in and still give you wiggle without jiggle. The girdle features four metal and rubber garter hooks (and I can't begin to tell you how important the metal is. The plastic they offer today is impossible to secure well and can drive you mad trying to close). Made of acetate, rayon and rubber, the girdle has a very smooth feel and the design makes it easy to put on. Now kittens, rubber does not go in the dryer. Ever. One hand washes these garments in the sink with a little Woolite and hangs them to dry. Do not wring or otherwise twist the garment.  Allow it to drip and dry in it's own time. If you simply must rush it, place it between two towels and roll the towels. Gently. This is all the "wringing" that's allowed. Otherwise it will lose it shape. Do not bleach this. Bleach and rubber hate each other! The bleach will make the rubber brittle and it will begin to split. So don't do it` Just don't. This girdle fits like a size small or very small with a 19" - 28" waist, 34" hips, and is 15" from top to bottom. This girdle is offered at ArtFire by OneTrickChassis for the oh-so-reasonable price of $28.00. If you haven't shopped much for vintage foundation garments, you wouldn't believe how high a price they can command, so finds like this should be seized! Sadly, this girdle has a slight stained line from having been folded for a long period of time. This is an undergarment and you shouldn't give this a second thought. The important thing is what this can do for the line of your body under your clothes. This is not Victoria's Secret lingerie. This is a utility garment.

I am just mad for this asymmetrical 40's Art Deco suit from Sydney’s Vintage Clothing. The suit is a deep midnight black, but several of the photographs have been lightened to provide you with detail. The asymmetrical top has been mirrored by the asymmetrical hemlines of both the skirt and the jacket as shown below:

The single breasted jacket buttons on the diagonal with fabric covered buttons which come to a double edged point on the left side of the garment (left for the person wearing the garment). Here we find the garment's single flaw: the previous owner was in the habit of wearing a broach at this point, and the pin holes from the brooch have left their mark:

There is really only one way of coping with this, and that is to wear a brooch of your own. The jacket would naked without one anyway, so it is of little consequence.

The neckline is a smashing combination of a "V" neck with a mandarin collar. The jacket was created with such care that the hemline is weighted so it will hang right from all positions. The accompanying wrap skirt is 31.5" long. The suit is created from a rayon/wool blend and is fully lined. The label reads "Designed by Lois Zagri of the Couture House of Zagri, Inc." and there is a secondary label reflecting the shop which originally sold the suit. This treasure was found at Sydney's Vintage Clothing and was originally offered at a price of $379.99. It is currently on sale for an incredible $190.00. Kittens, suits of this quality do not come along at $190.00. If this fits you, I implore you there is not a second to spare. The time to buy this suit is right now! You will be thanking me for decades.

In the mid 1970's Panasonic released a series of musical electronic devices which were the epitome of Mod Mid Century Design. Among them was an 8 track tape player that looked like a TNT detonation device, a cubistic cassette player, and this Toot a Loop Radio. All were available in several mod, pop-art colors, the most popular of which by far was red. I had all three of them (and alas! Where are they now?) This Toot a Loop Radio is in great condition aside from some very minor scratches around the ventilation slots, and some scratches on the clear plastic dial (AM, I believe). This shop offers several of these devices; including three of these Toot a Loop Radios (one in white and one in blue each not shown) and a set of three Dynamite 8 track tape players in different colors. All are offered at Etsy by PittsburgClockShop at varying prices according to the condition of the device and how many devices are offered for sale in one swoop. The shown radio takes a 9V battery and still is in great working condition.  Available for purchase for $74.99.

After bringing you so many Lilli Ann suit’s, I believe this is the first time I’ve featured a Lilli Ann dress.  Found on eBay, this dress features all the fine tailoring and attention to detail that makes a Lilli Ann a Lilli Ann.  The portrait collar is created of a layer of “inky” cotton blend and a layer of fine black satin. A fine line, almost a racing stripe if you will, of satin extends the length of the left sleeve and the left body of the dress.  Each wrist features a loop of the satin fabric in a fine bow-like detail.  The suit is shown with a rhinestone brooch which is not included with the dress, but the “v” of the neckline fairly begs for a dress clip or brooch, and the exposed decolletage demands a necklace which compliments the clip or brooch.  The dress is in immaculate condition and is described as a M-L. The measurements for the dress are 36" 30" 38" with a length of 38".  More particular measurements and details can be found at the website.  Offered by niftygipsyvintage for a Buy It Now price of $449.00, though the dealer is accepting offers

It's been a while since we discussed making offers on eBay, so I shall repeat my spiel. Kittens, do not be shy about making offers for a garment on eBay. It is a priceless opportunity to get a garment at your dream price.  The only thing one wants to be sure to avoid is insulting the seller. This is easily done, simply make an effort to recognize the true value of the item and the seller's taste in offering this item for sale.When offering low, be sure to mention that you recognize the value of the item, but you may wish to state simply that this price is what you are able to pay right now.I only do this if I am offering around 1/2 of the marked price of the item or less.Otherwise, such a disclaimer is not necessary.I've been shocked at how cheaply I've been able to get some items. I have several for which an offer of 1/2 price was accepted. If you are an avid eBay watcher,  you may know that a given item has been listed twice or more, and by this time, the seller may be thinking primarily of getting the item out of their stock unless it is a true collector's piece (such as the $12,000.00 vintage Dior which has been seen on eBay for a couple of months now). This having been said,  if a seller is accepting offers, I would never pay full price for an item without making an offer first.  Be prepared for some back and forth bargaining.  If this begins, try make an offer where the mid point between the seller's offer and your own is a price you can live with paying. Never do this for sport! If you are not sincerely interested in purchasing the item, do not waste a seller's time with games.If, however, you are true in your intention to purchase an item, consider the seller's willingness to accept offers as a God-send.

These rain booties are so fabulous I just can't bring myself to care that they are not vintage. Offered by Liberty27 of Sense of Fashion only two are left of the original stock of 23. I regret I do not know the size of the remaining stock. Completely adorable from every angle, these booties sell for the bargain price of $68.00.  RUN and see if they are in your size. This designer is so talented I can hardly stand it!

As a vintage blogger, whenever I post something new, I sometimes feel an obligation to - in turn - immediately post something very old. This exquisite 1920's gold lame shawl was found at 1st Dibs. Described by the proprietor as "Art Deco to the max", the shawl is of uncertain provenance, being probably French, but possibly American. It is so lovely, I implore you to go to the website if only to get a better look. Behind the larger floral motif is a series of almost spiral designs that remind me of a Klimt painting. Klimt, of course, was German, so that merely thickens the soup. From where ever it sprang,  this is a fine example of Fashion as Wearable Art. The shawl measures 46" x 45" and is made of silk with metallic fibers. In "good" condition with one or two minor spots of tarnish. Offered by Vintageloftnyc for $695.00

This iconic 60' maxi dress from famed designer Rudi Gernreich for Harmon Knits was found on eBay from the personal collection of vintage collector/dealer Slini. Featuring a tight fitted bodice with low back zipper and a long full skirt with exquisite op art detail. Made of wool knit, the garment measures as follows: Bust 32" - 40"; Waist 26"*; Hips Free. Dresses from this designer are highly collectible and so easily recognizable! Buyer warns of light moth damage around the hem. (I’ve written dealer for details about this damage and about the amount of "give" the fabric may have around the waist. Sadly, I've not heard back from her.) Available for the Buy It Now price of $299.00.

Why? Oh Why?  Are all the really cool vintage shoes for women with tiny feet? I found these incredible vintage 40s strappy stiletto shoes on Etsy. Created primarily of suede, these shoes feature glossy leather trim and wonderfully sculpted 3 1/2" hour glass heels. The toes box is of an elongated design with a criss-cross of the thin leather straps. The insoles are gold stamped "Karlee by de Harmon", and inside the heel "Bench Made", "Wool Comp Insole", and "Crystal Last". The shoes are in wonderful vintage condition with no scuffs or marks on the suede. Another find from MetroRetroVintage of New York, these shoes are available for a staggering $24.95. If you have such tiny feet,  pounce! Kitten pounce!

I found this lovely Chanel two piece Jacket Dress on 1st Dibs. Created in silk twill of olive, pink, purple, and cornflower blue on a white background with top stitching in olive green silk with pink silk piping. The boutique calls this suit “trumpe l’oiel” which literally translates to “fool the eye”, but I don’t know in what way the eye is fooled? Perhaps it is accomplished so well it eludes the viewer? Whatever the meaning of the seller, I must admit it escapes me. Featuring multiple release knife pleats at hip level. The jacket has a pale pink silk lining and the signature weight chain at the hem. Described as being in “very good condition” the dress measures 33" 25" 33", or size 2 or perhaps a 4, but the 4 is stretching it.  Jacket length is 24". Dress length is 43". Price information is not listed. To inquire contact Vintage Luxury by phone at: (914) 963-1694 or by email at

I stumbled onto these stunning lucite earrings from one of those "six degrees" relationships on Facebook. I am lucky enough to know someone who knows the artist, Judith Hedler and from there, I was lucky enough to discover her website and thence her incredible work in lucite jewelry. These stunning earrings are from her website, though I know very little about them. Are they clips? Are they pierced? Can one chose? How much are they? I don’t know any of these things, but my goodness! Kittens, aren’t they fabulous? I found some of her work available for sale in a shop which has since removed her jewelry from their offerings. I must warn you, this is not dime-store lucite jewelry! Oh! I just hate it when my passions get discovered by upscale shops! But Ms. Hendler is so very talented, I certainly wish her prosperity!

I adore this incredibly mod Adele Simpson mini dress found on Etsy. Made of medium weight linen in chartreuse with navy colored sleeves and featuring fabric covered buttons across the bodice. Measurements are 35" 34" 38", so I'd say a size medium with a small chest? Adele Simpson was known for her use of fabrics and for her wearable, practical designs. I wish the seller had included a photograph of the label, I might be able to tell you a bit more. This dress is offered by AdelaideHomesewn for $88.00

Stylish in any century or decade,  this haori kimono is offered for sale from Sense of Fashion. Alas, as this is a vintage kimono, I wouldn't begin to estimate a decade for it. It's not uncommon for vintage kimonos to be over 100 years old, and I simply lack the knowledge to narrow down a date for it. This to-die-for example features an elegant wave motif and is 100% silk with one very small repair to the lining (the lining!) of the kimono. Beyond this, the garment is in pristine condition. Made to be worn open, the bust of this garment measures 46", so this is pretty much a one-size-fits-all, though I should warn you this is shown on a size model (of course). I'm not sure if time or design accounts for the variation in color, but this moves from a lovely coral orange to a deep teal greenish blue. Certain to perk up any outfit, this lovely kimono is offered by GirlOnAVine for $259.00

I found this simply fabulous Lilli Diamond evening dress on Etsy, The stunning cowl neck design has draped tassels which embellish the front of the gown. Made of rayon crepe, this dress features a side zipper and second zipper in the back hidden behind the loose cowl layer. Kittens, this is new old stock, and what a pity we can't purchase it for it's original sale price of $29.99!  A true bomb-shell dress, this garment measures 40" 38" 44".  The front of the dress is shaped with princess seams and darts, and there is no waist seaming for this dress. Can't you just see this on a young Jane Russell? Offered for sale by weezieduzzit for $120.00.

This seller has a rich and varied selection of vintage sewing patterns,  and could be a tremendous resource for those of you who are talented enough to sew. And if you do sew, oh! How I envy your talent and skill!

Isn't this dress simply stunning?  I was lucky enough to find this smashing 1930's dress at 2chic4shabby. This luscious 1930's autumn gown is made of bias cut of a gorgeous art-nouveau butterfly print chiffon. With a dainty collar and a key hole back, this dress features snap closures in the side and wrists and a charming handkerchief hemline. A sewn-in silk chartreuse slip allows a lady to keep all her secrets while wearing this whisper of a chiffon gown. Sadly, age has begun to take a toll on this treasure. There are some spots where the chiffon has begun to grow thin, one very small stain I was able to discern in a close up photograph. Additionally,  the seller reports there is some “shattering” in the slip.  Still, I would consider this a very wearable gown, but one which should always be handled with extreme loving care. Available for purchase for $259.99.

Simply too vintage-chic for words! I found this killer faux fur 50's leopard purse on eBay. Featuring a leather padded handle and a leather frame, this purse is lined in faile and has four brass "feet". The purse measures 12" wide by 6" tall. Though it's in excellent vintage condition, no one would mistake this for a new purse. The handbag has been thoroughly photographed for your inspection. Offered for sale by catspajamavintage for $259.00.

Found at 1st Dibs, this vintage 1960's Emillio Pucci scarf  is 100% silk. The scarf has black and white design against a deep, peacock blue background. Pictured, are two lovely birds in a motif that is somewhat Art Deco in flavor. The scarf measures  36 ½ X 37 ½” and has never been worn. Offered by DoublasRosin,  this Pucci scarf is one of three in his current stock.  Available for $295.00.

These simply fabulous 70's red-sunglasses are available on Etsy. Plastic frames with metal arms, these sunglasses were made in Taiwan. The metal detailing of the arms is just incredible, so funky! The glasses feature gradient shading and may be better for styling than for actually protecting your eyes from sun damage. The seller reports these are in very good condition with a few very light and very small scratches to the lenses. Part of jonquil's collection,  they have been priced at $40.00.

I found this adorable beaded cardigan on eBay. While the idea of “beaded cardigans” makes me think 1950's, this was mass produced by Mary Lewis for Sears Roebuck & Co. The sweater is covered in a profusion of gold beads in a spiral design that is part of a larger, floral motif. Made of 85% lamb’s wool; 5% angora rabbit hair; and 10% nylon, that touch of nylon has allowed the black background to remain a nice inky black with no fading. Made in Hong Kong while it was still a British Colony, the cardigan secures with 7 black hooks down the front of the garment. The tag reads “size 40", but is this a French size 40? An Italian size 40? And how much have those sizes changed since the 1960's? Anyone seriously inclined towards purchasing this lovely sweater is urged to write the seller for further measurement information. Offered for sale by arizonaconsignmart for an opening bid of $24.95.  This is a new listing, and I cannot predict the selling price.

This amazing 1950's pencil skirt suit is so much more gorgeous than this photo conveys.  I beg you to follow the link to Blue Velvet  and look at all the photographs. One of the few suits I've ever seen that I would venture to say is as finely tailored as a Lilli Ann. The lines and cut of this suit are just stunning. Made of either silk or a silk blend, most probably a silk/rayon blend, the fabric has a distinctive "nubby" feel to it.

The jacket is secured with four fabric covered buttons. A distinctive feminine "bow" motif is carried out through the back of the jacket, the neckline of the fastened jacket, and the neckline of the dress (without the jacket). The bottom edges of the jacket lapels extend out beyond the lapel in an elegant touch I've never seen on any other garment. The jacket has 3/4 length sleeves and a variation of a shawl neckline. A very figure hugging suit,  both the dress and the matching jacket nip in at the waist through a series of darts.

The dress features the iconic shelf seam at the bustline which originates at the waistline and is carried upward through a darts. The use of seaming and darts on this garment would create an hourglass figure on any woman,  and enhance the hourglass figure of a woman who already possessed such gifts. The dress with the jacket is the very epitome of professional dressing.  Take off the jacket, and you have a perfect cocktail dress!  Neither the jacket nor the dress is lined,  and both are in mint condition.

The garment measures 37" 28" 40".  From shoulder to waist is 16", and from waist to hemline is 30". The seller offers a wonderful chart to help you understand how the measurements of a garment must align to the measurements of your body. For myself,  I shall simply remind you that you must be smaller than the garment in order to fit inside.  At least an inch smaller is best for comfort,  an inch and a half is optimum.

This gem is available for the very conservative price of $225.00.  This is a timeless suit in cut and color and will give you years, if not decades of enjoyment.

It was simply love at first sight when I found this dare I say it? perfect? pashima scarf on Sense of Fashion. While not vintage, this lovely shawl is 70% pashima wool and 30% silk. Done in a paisley motif of pink, chocolate brown, red, and ivory, there are 3 hand knotted tassels at each end.  The shawl measures 28" wide by 72" long. Offered by GirlieGirlzshoppe for $29.99.

So vintage-chic, and yet so now.  I was thrilled to find these velvet pumps with the bow detail on the toes at Ruby Lane.  Created for Miss Leslie for Rosenthal’s. The toe box has been elongated to almost, but not quite  a point and each oh-so-chic toe is decorated with a lovely grosgrain ribbon bow. In mint condition, the seller is uncertain if these shoes have ever been worn.  Naturally, they are for teensy feet, and are a size 5.5.  The dainty hourglass heels are 2 3/4" high.  Sold by Casa de Vintage for the stunningly cheap price of $30.00, and even with that price the seller is willing to entertain offers.

Why, oh why have I been cursed with such large feet kittens?  I am a good person.  I deserve small feet!

Though not vintage, this signed Emillio Pucci dress is up for bids on eBay where - no doubt - it will get the attention it deserves. The dress is made of a signature Pucci dream-like vignette of black, blue, aqua, purple, grey and cream. The dress features a plunging “V” neck, ruching of the bustline, and a fitted empire waist band. A very low back made it necessary to move the zipper to the side of the dress. The dress has 3/4 length sleeves and the hemline hits about knee length. The dress is in “Excellent Clean Fresh Barely Worn Condition,” something I find tremendously refreshing in a time when so many sellers are willing to leave the dry cleaning to you (and we’re “sure those spots will come out...”) The dress is in near new condition with the exception of a couple of very minor and difficult to find “tiny spots” (Alas, no photographs of said “tiny spots” are offered. I would ask for some before entering into an agreement to purchase the dress.) The dress is a size 44. I am unsure if this is a French or Italian 44, but as their conversion chart does not extend to French 44's, I’m going with the assumption this is an Italian sizing. This converts to a US size of 8. Offered by DecadesTwo, a used couture consignment boutique, rather than a vintage dealer. Their offerings are so chic they could almost, but not quite, cure me of my vintage addiction. The price for this dress has been set at $425.00.

Once owned by the New York socialite Jeanette Brewer, for those who care about such things.  This lovely hat was created for Rose Kass on Lexington Avenue in New York. Made of a fuzzy black fabric with a slight shine to the threads, this hat is soft and form fitting to the head. More of a cloche except for the Bow Detail which dominates the left side of the hat. This would be a perfect hat for a woman undergoing chemotherapy and determined to do so with panache. The hat measures 22" inside the grosgrain headband and sells for $65.00.  Please see the many photographs of this great hat available at Couture Allure.

My obsession with Lucite is showing. I simply couldn’t not share with you these fabulous floral lucite rings. Found on eBay the rings have an adjustable band and feature a 2" (two inches!) flower. I think they’re so mod I could die. I love the delicate petals with the faintest hint of gold and the rhinestone which is the center of the flower. The seller describes the color in the item description as clear, but then goes on to describe them later as hot pink. I do not see hot pink in the photographs, and I would seek clarification before I entered into a contract to purchase. (I’ve written to the dealer and will report next week. NOTE: the dealer got back to me right away. The reference to "pink" was an oversight and has been corrected.  These rings are clear with a faint hint of gold). The ring comes in several colors; some translucent - which I love; and some opaque - which I don’t like so much. The dealer currently has two rings of this color in stock and each are priced in Great Britain Pounds which equal an American price of approximately $11.33. The rings are offered for sale by flirtfashion73.

This seller also has several silk flowers for sale. I can tell you from experience that using these as a "buckle" for a black sash "belt" elicits "oohs" and "ahhs"  from upscale co-workers and many inquiries into where you found such a fabulous belt.  Smile mysteriously and say, "You know,  I can't quite remember where I found this..."

I found this on Etsy, and kittens, I must admit I am not sure exactly what it is I am showing off to you. At first, I thought it was a smashing 30's Haskell Satoir, but I see it is sold by the foot, so apparently Miriam Haskell had some leftover parts of a necklace or bracelet which she was designing and this sale is the end result. All I can tell you for certain is that it is divine. Featuring iconic Haskell baroque pearls, the chain also features lovely rubies (they call them rubies, I am not verifying their authenticity! Frankly, I was expecting garnets.) rondells, and disco balls (round beads inset with rhinestones). With four feet available at $24.00 per foot, one could create a stunning necklace with a minimum of jewelry making experience. Offered by mmefedanesbrocante.

I can't believe I'm including this dress in my vintage blog, but there it is. From Newport News of all places,  this dress is so 1960's in style that I simply couldn't leave it out. Take up the hemline about 5 inches and you have a 60's cocktail dress. Right down (or should I say up?) to the fabulous white collar with the exaggerated bow. While you are taking up the hem, you might want to add a few darts, or perhaps some princess seaming, but once you give some shape to it, viola!  A 60's sheath dress!  Available in sizes 4 through 18 for the sale price of $20.99.

I’m not sure how “vintage” is “vintage” for these Chanel Black Sling-back leather pumps I found on eBay. Too chic for words, if it weren’t for the tinsiest bit of wear on the heel of these fabulous shoes, I’d be convinced they’d never been worn. Featuring finely pointed toe boxes and with luscious “peek-a-boo” cutouts and pin-tuck details, all I could think when I found them was Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw saying, "Hello lover..." to a pair of shoes. The CC logo appears in the center of the toe strap, and then a second set of straps appear just above the beginning of the arch to secure the shoes to your heel. Naturally “Chanel” appears on the inside of the shoes as well as the bottoms, along with “made in Italy”. With rubber bottoms to keep you from slipping, the heels of these gently slope up into the architecture of the shoe in something not quite an hourglass shape but more of a gentle transition into a platform. The shoes are marked size 36.5, which translates to a US size 5 according to Google. Available from desire009 for a Buy-It-Now price of $505.00.

Found on Etsy, this mini dress was designed by Stacey Adams. This op-art design mini dress is a design we call “marbling” when done on paper. Perhaps the same terminology applies in fabric? I don’t know. Made of 100% linen the dress is dyed in rich colors of red, maroon, orange tones and black. I would dry clean this dress, not because linen demands it, but because red and black dye are both so volatile, it truly is the only way of retaining the intended color. It is a very simple sheath dress with the only shaping being darts at the bust. This dress was made for a very small busted woman! The measurements of the dress are 32"-34" at the bust, 30" at the waist, and 38" - 39" at the hips. From shoulder to hem is 35" long. The dress is unlined and has a full length side metal zipper. The dress was photographed on a size 11/12 dress form, but with the zipper unclosed at the top, as the dress form could not accommodate the small bust line. Very mod, and would look swinging with that black plastic circle belt I am always after you to buy. With this neckline, I would either skip a necklace or add a very long set of black beads. Sold by GoodEye of Houston, the dress is available for $65.00.

Listed as 60's 80's Sunglasses on eBay, my guts tell me these were 80 retro issue. I’m just wild about their out-of-this-world asymmetrical style. Italian design, these double triangle sunglasses actually offer 100% UV protection (another hint that they are 80's sunglasses and not 60's originals). They measure 6 1/4" across and 2 ½" tall at the highest point. Offered by starstruckvintage, these glasses sell for a more than reasonable $9.99 a piece, and 8 pair are available.

This lovely and oh-so-art-deco Lilli Ann Jacket found on eBay has sadly lost it's matching skirt. Luckily, it's coloring is such that it will be easy to match.  The seller is uncertain of the fabric content,  but I suspect it is silk faile.  Made of a lovely cream, tan and black combination, the jacket will look stunning with any black pencil skirt. Unfortunately,  the jacket has one flaw: it has lost one of it's cuff buttons. I would check the hems to see if there is enough spare fabric to cover another fabric, and if not, I would replace both cuff buttons with an appropriate vintage black (perhaps bakelite?) button. Lilli Ann used the stripe of the fabric to create quite stunning juxtapositions of direction and line in an over all art deco pattern which really must be seen in depth to be appreciated. Naturally, there is the finely nipped waist,  the tailoring and all the attention to detail that one can expect from a Lilli Ann suit. While the only missing button mentioned by the seller is the cuff button,  I can't help but notice that the second button from the bottom of the jacket is not secured.  I am unsure if this is because it was overlooked, or if there was a fit problem with the mannequin, of if there is indeed an additional missing button.  The jacket measures 39" at the bust and 27 1/2" at the waist.  Length from the shoulder to the hem is 22.5" and the sleeves are 23 3/4" inches long.  The seller mentions that the jacket is not pinned to the mannequin but makes no mention of the mannequin's size. Additional measurements are listed at the auction website, and you are encouraged to make a full investigation there if you are interested in the garment.  Offered by Glitz*n*Glam for $179.99.

This totally kitsch 1950's purse was found at Nina and Lola. Just the thing to take to a summer at Martha’s Vineyard, this straw purse shaped like a fish is so light hearted and so very 1950's. In overall very good condition, the turquoise colored cotton lining of this purse is beginning to show some wear. Only for those with a sense of humor and a refusal to take themselves too seriously, this handbag is available for 27.30 British Pounds, or roughly, $44.20. 

From Nelda's came this brown cotton sample cropped blouse. I'm too long waisted for it, or else I would have snatched it up! Truly sexy and hippie chic, the "V" Neckline has ruffles which continue down the front of the blouse. There are metal gromets with ties that allow you to lace it up.  It has bell cuffs on 3/4 length sleeves.  Made by Marianne in India,  it comes with a paper tag which reads "Passport". Bust 34" - 36";  waist 32",  length from shoulder to hem is 17 1/2" and sleeves are 18".  Yours for an amazing $25.00!

Oh-so-Stevie-Nicks-chic!  This asymmetrical 70's 80's black lace gypsy dress was found on eBay offered by IndieCultureVintage. Lavishly photographed for your enjoyment, this maxi-dress was created with full, rich velvet and edged with lovely lace. The dress can be worn with either side facing front-wards: one side with a demure jewel neckline and the other with a low square neckline. Featuring extra long Victorian sleeves and fabric with a lot of stretch this gown will fit women of many sizes. The bust measures from 32" to 36";  The waist measures from 28" to 32"; and this hips will stretch from 36" to 42".  Created of a wool knit by Betsy Johnson. The current price, after 11 bids, is $57.99.  Bidding continues until November 11th at 19:12 eBay time.

From Dolce and Gabanna (such stuff as dreams are made of...) these non-vintage shoes are up for bids on eBay. And finally!  A pair of shoes that will fit me!  These shoes feature gently rounded toe boxes which have bows and dainty “peak-a-boo” holes sewn into the shoe. The lovely hour-glass heels are 3 ½" inches high and are covered with the same suede fabric that covers the rest of the shoes. I am a bit confused in that these shoes are a European size 39, and the conversion chart I found on Google says that means a US size 6, but I have faith in CelebrityOwned’s experience with European shoes. The bottom of the shoes show definite wear, but the suede appears to be in fine condition and I would bid with confidence. However, as always, you should contact the seller with any concerns prior to bidding. Available for a starting bid of $99.00, these shoes were just listed and 6 days and 11 hours of bidding remain before close.

In the 1970's my closet was full of these skirts!  Made in India of a soft, yet delicate cotton, and secured around the waist with a draw string ending in a silver bell. I was delighted to find this and many other examples of these skirts at the Rusty Zipper. They have a large stock of these skirts in many sizes and colors and one can just drown in nostalgia if one so desires. For those of you too young to remember these skirts,  they are made of Indian cotton and often a blend of Rayon. They are meant to be crinkled and one should twist them gently when they come out of the washing machine (where they've been washed on the gentle cycle!, or better yet, wash them by hand) until they are a long almost braid of skirt - hence their name "broomstick" skirts. They feature many popular Indian motif's like elephants, hearts, or paisleys, or just abstract designs. Their only flaw is that they tear easily, but the flow of the fabric will hid any mending that is necessary. Currently,  the Rusty Zipper has three such skirts in stock, but I've never seen them not have these skirts, so if, like me, you want to indulge yourself in nostalgia,  they are there for the picking. Available for a mere $25.00 a piece, they are a hippy-chic essential.

I just about fainted when I found this incredibly well preserved Edwardian over dress at Past Perfect.  Picture this, if you will, over a gown of say, maroon, with matching shoes, gloves, and an enormous Edwardian hat with enormous feathers at a jaunty angle. Picture Rose in this gown on the Titanic. The black net is impeccably beaded with black glass (jet glass from Czechoslovakia) and sequins in a Neo-Classical symmetrical motif. The faux collar is richly decorated in a botanical design, which is repeated along the hem and the sleeves. The belt is comprised of solid sequin and bead work, which alone must represent the investment of hours if not days. The tunic closes at the front with three snaps sewn into the belt;  one of the few practical touches I've ever seen in a dress of this era. The bust measures 38"; The high waist measures 30"; and this hips approximately 40". The shoulders are approximately 16" long. The shoulder to waist is 15 1/4". The back waist to hem is 30", and the circumference of the hem is approximately 48". The over-dress is in very good condition with the following exceptions:  there are 14 very small breaks in the net scattered throughout. There is a 1/2" "L" shaped mend on the back of one sleeve. A closeup photograph of a typical break is provided, and - in fact - the garment is lavishly photographed for your perusal.

The closeup of the bodice indicates that there needs to be snipping of the loose threads along the edge, but this is easily accomplished and to be expected after so much time. Any connoisseur of vintage clothing should seize this opportunity to see such a rarity as a garment from this era so well preserved. The beading is fully intact.  There are no stains or odors. This garment is available for an unbelievably low price of $250.00.

I'm afraid I liked the Anne Michelle shoes/slippers pictured above more than the seller does, and there is very little information about them.  Discovered at ArtFire, these aqua beaded shoes are 11" inches heel to toe and 3" wide. These satin shoes have been beaded and sequined and are "perfect for an Arabian nights or Genie costume".  They have kitten heels.  I think they're smashing.  Wonderful to wear as slippers around the house, though if I had the right out-fit I certainly wouldn't be above wearing them out.  Sold by PentUpVintage who appears to see most of her stock in it's costume capacity and not in it's vintage-chic capacity.  This can be a good thing - bet we can find some bargains off of her!  These shoes are available for $15.00

This stunning "floating feather" hat by Jack McConnell reminds me of the earlier works of Elsa Schiaparelli. Found at 1st Dibs Made of Spaniosh coq feathers in the 1960's,  the hat is equal parts chic and shocking.  I simply adore it, and would relish the opportunity to take it out on the town.  For the truly unflappable woman,  this hat is offered by TorsoVintages of San Francisco, a shop that is so chic I should like to list their offerings en masse and blog about each one.  

From Sense of Fashion, this stunning three (3) piece Yves Saint Lauren for Christian Dior set includes a US size 6 Sheath dress; cropped lapel jacket; pillbox hat with attached hat pin all from 1959. Created of a dreamlike floral silk print “The elegantly cut sheath is smooth and simple in form, with slightly upturned waist with gatherings of fabric, and matched by the cropped, bracelet length jacket, which is cut with a wide neckline, lapels, and front single button fastening. The dress fastens at the back with a zipper.

As to be expected with all Dior couture, the linings & interior construction deserve just as much attention as the exterior's design, and this example is no exception. Fully lined in matched blue silk, with interior silk-covered weights, attached at the seams enabling the garment to hang and fit perfectly as intended. Whilst the hat is lined in stiffened horsehair/tulle to maintain it's precise shape” In "very good" condition, tiny pin holes consistent with the age of the fabric are seen in both the dress and the jacket. There is a slight separation of the silk at the shoulder edge, which I believe a skillful seamstress can fix as it has been caught early. The label reads: Christian Dior of Paris, the Spring Collection of 1959 (Translated). This magnificent ensemble is offered by wwwdecadencefashioncouk for $1885.00.

The house of Dior has been the home of grace and elegance for decades. Imagine my shock when I found this picture from the current Dior collection. Kittens, I do not get it. There is nothing of beauty or grace or elegance at all in here. There is only ugliness and - dare I say it? - circus!  Or perhaps I should say Cirque? If you get this, oh kittens, please explain it to me. A bit of my heart broke when I found this photograph, and I don't know quite how to cope with it. How is it that the House of Dior, the last bastion of true beauty, could degenerate to this?

Oh my.  I shall require a wee glass of wine and my fainting couch.  I trust you quite understand that I cannot go on.  I think there is only one thing to do kittens.  We must rise above this.  We must forget.

And on that note,  I wish you my dear kittens -

Happy Shopping!

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