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Finds on the Fly: February 7, 2012

I don't think I can blog without blogging some more about coats.  I love coats so much, and the season for selling them is almost over.  There are some tremendous bargains out there, and some absolutely breath-taking coats.

The first coat I'll talk about today is a reproduction "Justacorps" (french for body fitting) men's coat from the early 18th Century. 

I don't normally blog reproductions, but lets face it,  there's not a lot out there from the 1700's, and what there is, is hardly in wearable condition.  I love the raspberry color of this coat which is formed by a thick napped fabric believed to be loden. I love it's cut, the way it flares out at the waist and the over-sized cuffs of the sleeves. The coat is lined along the edges with a thick black braid, and comes with an over-abundance of black covered buttons, of which only every other button is functional. The Vintage Fashion Guild was consulted in the construction of the coat, a thing which I find to be markedly in it's favour. 

There is some slight wear to the buttons, but otherwise the coat is in near mint condition.
Note to international buyers:  due to the weight of the garment, shipping will be a considerable financial consideration.  Contact the seller for an estimate before you take the plunge.  Available at Etsy from SoulManVintage for $295.00.

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The next coat is also from Etsy, though is much more feminine of nature.  This stunning Red-Velvet Swing Coat is simply gorgeous.  Found with no buttons,  two wonderful black glass buttons were added (to match the lining), and a beauty was born! 

I just adore the tie collar, as well as the black lining and that wonderful swing silhouette! Coats like this are timeless.  As lovely and eye-catching today as it was 60 years ago!  


In addition to that lovely shawl collar, the coat has two angled side pockets and a flawless black lining.  Alas, there is no label, so the manufacturer is a mystery.  The sleeves have nice wide cuffs that add to the sense of luxury and sumptuousness of this lovely coat.
Offered by fifisfinds for $189.00.  Among Fififinds is a red velvet swing dress that would be just the thing to wear with this coat.  Do yourself a favor and look through this shop's offerings. 

     ***     ***     ***

Our next coat is a find among finds.  With prices that usually exceed at least $500.00,  I was shocked to find this Schiaparelli Lambs Fur Coat with Mink Collar for only $381.65.

Medium length and sized medium to large, this timeless coat is up for sale for only 3 more days.  The coat is fully lined, though the lining is beginning to shatter.  I strongly recommend replacing it, though if it were I, I would save the panel which has Schiaparelli's signature.  The signature of a genius is not to be tossed out with the trash! Both wrists are slightly frayed, something which can be fixed by an competent seamstress, and there is a slight moth hole which even I could fix in lamb's fur as it's so forgiving.  The problems of this coat are minimal compared to the chic factor of having a lamb's fur coat done by Schiaparelli!  

The coat can be worn with it's collar open, or secured with a button and loop closure towards the top.

While the coat looks lovely and even appropriate with jeans, it will also see you stylishly to the opera.  The cost of the minor repairs are easily offset by the years of wear you can expect from it provided you store it well.

Offered by In_Love_With_Fashion for the Buy-It-Now price of $381.65.  In_Love_With_Fashion has several lovely items right now, including a purple label Ralph Lauren Skirt I'd love to get my own hands on.  Do yourself the favor of perusing her merchandise before you move on.

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Also on eBay, I found an 80's vintage Szato Satin Coat with a charming Oriental Woman appliqued onto the back of the coat.

Done in the classic style of Japanese Ukiyo-e Woodblock Prints, I believe the woman depicted is a geisha, which means art person.  To attain the status of Geisha, a woman must devote her life to the practice and mastery of certain forms of dance, music, as well as the art of tea ceremony and conversation.  A true Geisha will make her guest feel cherished at all times.

From the front, the coat presents as a simple off-white satin coat with a sweater type closure to the wrists and neck.  There may be a slight discoloration on the right shoulder, but my closest inspection was unable to detect it.

I love Art-To-Wear, and certainly find this coat to be a fine example.  While not for the faint of heart, this coat will bring you attention where ever you may chose to wear it.

Offered for sale by fancyvintage for the Buy-It-Now price of $148.95, this sale closes tomorrow!  Run to your keyboard to claim this for your closet.  It is a size medium.

     ***     ***     ***

Timeless and appropriate to almost any occasion (please don't wear it to the opera or a funeral), this  rare Lilli Ann Western Le Suede Fringe Jacket is up for sale on eBay. 

While these jackets were iconic of their era (1960 - 1970), please bear in mind Lilli Ann was a very high end name, and this jacket was made of the finest suede.  The jacket is fully lined, and is very light weight,  almost more a shirt weight than a jacket weight.  

The jacket runs on the slim side but should fit small to medium.  (As always, I implore you to see the specifications published on the sales site.)  

Offered for sale by Iheartdangervintage for the amazingly low price of $135.00,  if you want this pussycat, pounce on it!  It is not likely to grace the pages of eBay long.

       ***     ***     ***

I was also lucky enough to find the following at eBay:  a 100% Cashmere Maxi Coat from Bergdorf Goodman in Chocolate Brown.

Is that yummy or is that yummy?  This decadent rich chocolate brown 100% Cashmere coat i by Bergdorf Goodman on the plaza, and it has been immaculately taken care of.  No wear. No stains. No Tears.  Just 100% Cashmere goodness to wrap yourself in against the winter wind.  

This double breasted beauty sports horn buttons through the waist, and then again at the closure of the neck.  There are pickets on the seems, and a back vent make walking in this beauty a breeze.  One can button the collar all the way up, or lay it down to a notched lapel.  Nice and long against even the most dreadful of weather this coat is a find! And in Mint Condition!

I would estimate the size of the coat at an 8-10, but as always, please check the measurements against a garment which fits you well.  

This splendid coat is being offered for sale by urbananthropologie at the Buy-It-Now Price of $149.00.  Mint 100% Cashmere coats of this quality hardly grow on trees.  Catch this baby quick before she's in the loving arms of someone else!

     ***     ***     ***

Back at Etsy, I was lucky enough to find a gorgeous vintage black beaded wool coat (pre-new look).  

Made by Princess Models of New York, the lines of this coat are to die for! And the beading along the lapel is immaculately done.  Made of wool crepe this coat sports a fitted single button wasp waist and turned back cuffs.  The skirt is cut on the bias and beautifully flared, and narrows to a box pleat in the back.  The coat is fully lined, and beautifully made.  

Someone has truly loved this coat, because it is in excellent condition.   There are three tiny holes which could be easily mended and are so tiny I was unable to make them out in the photos illustrating them.  

Offered by StarletVintage for a mere $325.00.  This store has a truly lovely inventory spanning from the 40's through the 90's, and has lots of red items for the coming holiday.  Pick yourself out a little treat here!  You'll be so glad you did.

     ***     ***     ***

I've saved the best for last.  There.  Hiding in the jungle that is eBay is this gorgeous cape by Valentino.

Would you look at the lines of this garment?  That is one beautiful opera coat.  From the long flowing hemline to the carefully seamed shoulders this opera cape cries couture.  The unlined fabric is a velvet formed of a wool blend that's 53% wool and 47% acrylic.  The cape is formed from a full circle of fabric. The buttons extend only to where the hands would naturally be free of the garment.  The neck measurements are 15 1/2" fully buttoned.

Offered for sale by foxy_couture for the unbelievably low price of $795.00.

And on that note kittens, I'm calling it a night.  How could we possibly top that?

Until we meet again, Happy Shopping!

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  1. For me, the only good thing about winter are the coats!

  2. I LOVE the bold buttons on the first coat, and that geisha girl is beautiful!