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Finds on the Fly: July 27, 2012

Part of the reason I included those rockin' Pucci pants in the last blog entry was that psychedelic clothes are so back in.  You can ride this wave without busting your wallet if your willing to do a little shopping around and don't always demand designer labels.  "Pucciesque" is a term you'll hear a lot from second hand dealers,  but be sure to take a discerning eye to that "Pucciesque" dress before you hit the buy button.  There's Pucciesque and there's Pucciesque.

One of my favorite "Pucciesque" finds right now is this fabulous 80's dress from Etsy.

Unlike so many clothing that claims the Pucci moniker,  this dress fabric really is reminiscent of a pattern Emillio Pucci might actually use, and it's nicely cut.  I love the blue, sea foam-green, aqua, beige,  and white coloring, and especially love the dot motif that used through out the dress.  

The dress is made of 100% silk jersey, and has a side zipper for a good fit.  Sized medium and in "excellent gently pre-owned condition."  This dress offered at Etsy by ahgard2 "Wildheart" and is priced at $79.00.  

*          *           *

Moving on from the Pucci label,  I found this killer psychedelic top /skirt which is true to no one but itself on Etsy.  If I were busty enough to wear this type of top,  I'd nab this up in a New York Minute.

I just can't tell you how much I love this top.  I find it to be very flirty and very, very, now while still maintaining that nostalgic quality essential in a psychedelic top.   Like the dress before it,  it makes excellent use of the dot motif,  repeating it in new and inventive ways throughout the garment.

The garment has been handmade of a fluttery jersey fabric and has extensive measurements on it's page at Etsy.  It also can convert to a what must be a wonderful skirt.  An absolute steal at $48.00 this top/skirt is being offered by Paroliro.

*          *           *

Another fashion trend that's returned after many a season is color blocking.  I just love color blocking!   And it's so easy to do!

I found the following color blocking dress from the 80's on Etsy:

Breaking from the usual color-blocking norm of using horizontal dividing lines,  this dress cuts it's nicely down the middle.  Not only is this striking and unusual,  it's secretly very slimming!  I love the deep red with the orange -  two colors which are both very au currant. 

The inner tag reads "SHOX Clothing" and the dress is described as M/L.  If your smaller,  some well placed side seams could bring in the dress,  but if your sewing skills aren't all that,  protect your investment by taking it to someone skilled in alterations!  The dress is in great vintage condition with the caveat that there is a black smudge on the inside of the dress.  C'mon girls,  no one's going to see your dress lining (unless you know them really, really well), so what's a black mark in the dark?

Offered by Ounascloset for a thrifty $48.00.

*          *           *

For a curvaceous color blocking knockout,  this sexy maxi-dress is available on Ebay.

Can you say, "Va va va voom"? Wow! Wallflowers need not apply!  This dress is bound to make any woman the center of attention. Thank God for Spanx!

This dress is actually new, and is offered in a variety of sizes at a paltry $29.99,  making it the biggest bargain I've found in a while! 

Available from Vivicastle.

*          *           *

My final color-blocking find is a swinging almost crazy quilt of color collage dress from Etsy.

Isn't that a fun little dress?  I just love the heart sewn on at the hemline,  as well as the criss-crossed angles of the color blocking.  And what a great palate!

This little dress is offered by OurLittleDaisy and is made of meryl, a fabric I've never heard of (information solicited please!).  It's apparently a stretchy little fabric,  but this dress appears to be a size small with a waist of only 27.5.  

This gem can be yours for $63.00.

*          *           *

I just can't close color-blocking without taking about these fabulous, and I mean fab you lous, color blocked shoes from Anthropologie on eBay.

Not only are they color blocked,  the colors are on the psychedelic shoes making them just the cat's meow for this season.  The pair shown are sized 8.5, but I saw them in other sizes, so don't give up without a fight.  Obviously not vintage,  they are available on eBay at a surprising discount.

Offered by anmo585 for an opening bid of $95.00 and a buy-it-now price of only $105.00.

*          *           *

Our final fashion trend today is the renaissance of 1970's vintage or styled crochet hippie wear.  With vintage pieces selling on eBay for often over $100.00 (See BustownModerns selections for truly vintage wear!) 

The first piece was one of three fabulous tops I found at eBay by searching under the parameters "70's Boho Crochet":

If you're young,  have great legs and a lot of Moxy, you could probably get away with wearing this as a dress. Just don't bend over! If you drop something Bend Your Knees, not your waist!!!  My instinct is to tell you to wear this with a nude colored set of undies and a cami, but the girls are rockin' these wearing black under them. My compromise is black stretch pants and a black cami, but lots of girls are just wearing black lace bras.  Warning! On this piece,  the arm holes are rather deep,  so whatever you've got covering the girls, be sure you're okay with it being seen, because it will be.

Beautifully constructed of a cotton string that doesn't have that fuzzy grandma' knitted this feel,  these are available from Tambukiki for $23.99.  One size fits all.

*          *           *

The following is my second pick from the search quoted above.

So delicate and feminine, you'll be sure to rake in the compliments decked out in this lovely top. Featuring a variety of crochet stickes,  cap sleeves,  and a double flounce at the bottom,  this top will go as well with jeans as it will that flowing skirt!

Offered by ebestpick_24 for only $20.78.

*          *           *

And my final "70's Boho Crochet" pick of the day is also offered by ebestpick_24: 

Also wonderfully feminine and just dripping with that "hippie" vibe,  this top also features a mesh inlay along with the cotton crochet.  This may be my favorite top of all,  and they've certainly been popular with over 29 sold.  

This little bit of wearable nostalgia can be yours for $23.50.

I cannot tell a lie.  I treated myself to all three tops, and I couldn't be happier with my purchases.

I hope I've made some of todays retro fashion trends a little easier to find and to afford.  Happy shopping to all of you, and thank you for stopping by!

Second Hand Roze

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