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Finds on the Fly: March 17, 2013

I can't thank enough those of you who have come back to my little blog after the long hiatus.  And if you are new to Second Hand News let me welcome you and let you know how truly pleased I am that you've come to have a look about. 
I have some great finds for us this week,  but it seems I spent the bulk of my time at Etsy.  I love Etsy.  It's a supportive community for those that sell there.  I've never gotten anything short of splendid service,  and there are bargains galore for those willing to take the time to look.
The biggest bargain this week is indubitably this fabulous Lili Diamond Dress that I've been daily having to fight myself to keep from buying since the moment I found it (I have far too many dressy dresses for a girl in a small town with no Symphony,  no Opera, and a shortage of fancy restaurants).


There are sales and then there are sales.  At $67.50,  this my dears, is an invitation to larceny.  This fabulous 1950's dress is a feast for the eyes as well as the pocket book.  It's rich full skirt is as fashionable today as it was in 1953,  and is being seen now on a runway near you.   Though the dress appears to have an ivory background, it is really a lovely soft blush pink.  I tried to Photoshop it into the right hue,  but well,  so much for my Photo-Shopping skills.

Made of a delightful pleated taffeta,  it has a full skirt with an attached tulle skirt.  That's right!  You won't have to invest in a crinoline to make it hang correctly.  And it hangs so wonderfully well! 

Lili Diamond was the Vera Wang of her day, and her tailoring skills are evidenced all through this gorgeous gown.  I love the light black print,  which is neither too heavy,  nor so light as to appear grey.  It moves the dress into another dimension,  one I would very much like to enter.  The neckline is a perfect frame for a strand of pearls,  and the flare of the dress is gown will make it a pleasure to watch from behind.

The gown is in excellent condition,  and - can you believe it? - has a 28" waistline,  practically maternity wear for the 50's!  Picture yourself wearing this with a black evening coat,  some black shoes, and just the right black bag.  You'll be a vision,  and you're bound to be the center of attention where-ever you go.  This would make a smashing Prom gown for any young lady with poise to pull it off,  and for grown ups,  it's a lovely party dress,  or the perfect thing for a night at the theatre.

Once again,  if you find this sold when you follow the link,  it may well be that I was simply unable to withstand the temptation.  The dress is offered by BonitaLouise whose offerings one would be a fool not to peruse.
*          *          *
Our next item is almost as much of a bargain.  At $15.00 this fabulous Ruffled Blouse is a surprising steal!  I would expect to see this listed upward of $60.00,  as it remains so fashionable today.
I love this caramel colored brown background, and that the stripes aren't straight stripes,  but rather a wandering sort of drunken path.  Attention all blondes,  this color will look amazing on you.  I know,  I'm blonde, and I have a closet full of things this color.  I think the seller was spot on mixing this with a black pencil skirt.  If you want to dress it down,  it would look fabulous with some skinny jeans,  especially in black denim.
I found this among the splendid offerings of TheElectricHarlot who has a very now, very boho sort of fashion sensibility.

*          *          *
I discovered a new (to me) seller with a very Stevie Nicks sort of Gypsy Chic sense of fashion that's lovely and wonderfully feminine.  Majikhorse has this fabulous late 70's,  early 80's Hippiesque sort of Dress from India of the sort that I remember practically living in at the time.

If you've never worn this type of dress, I can't tell you how comfortable these things are,  the rayon is light and flowing,  and the cut is generous.  These are marvelous for hot summer days,  though this will take you well into the first crisp days of fall.  I love the pattern of this fabric,  and having a sort of thing for elephants,  I was especially pleased to see them marching about the skirt at the hem and mid-skirt. I love the skirt matched with granny boots,  though it would also look stunning with sandals. 
There has been a great resurgence of the popularity of these dresses, and it's very rare to find one for under $100.00.  This is an especially fine example of the genre,  and is for sale at the quite low price of $60.00.
If Stevie Nicks chic is your thing,  you owe it to yourself to look through the rest of her merchandise.  It's all wonderfully gypsyesque and somewhat mystical.
*          *          *
Moving into a more conventional aesthetic,  I found this fabulous Dooney & Bourke Handbag at the unheard of price of $69.00 from SantokiVintage. 
Measuring 11 x 7 x 5,  the bag is a lovely orangish brown pebbled leather which will see you through all seasons and any type of weather.  Dooney & Bourke bags are well known for the quality and highly sought after by collectors.  The seller says this one shows some scuffs and wear,  but look as I might I couldn't find any evidence of this.  No matter,  any which shows will only add to the bags character and help establish it as vintage.  Bags like this are timeless and  - like a good trench coat - go with anything and will take you anywhere.
*          *          *
Another unbelievable bargain I found this week was from the wonderful Maggie at DeniseBrain. 

This absolutely to-die-for Embroidered Linen Coat is from the 1960's,  though it hardly shows its age.  I'm from the 60's myself,  and would that I had held up so well!   The coat is lined in a cream colored taffeta and though the jacket itself is linen,  the embroidered decoration is cotton.   It's only flaws are a few reddish spots near the hem in the lining,  yes,  that's in the lining! The coat itself is immaculate. 
I just adore this coat, as I do so many of DeniseBrain's items,  but this is really something special.  I'm told that Whoopie Goldberg collects vintage coats and I wish I knew how to contact her so I could tell her about this one!  It is rather a small coat, and Maggie has listed extensive measurements at the website for you to consider.  The coat lists at an unbelievable $39.00.  This is another item that you may find gone because I was unable to overcome the temptation to buy it.
*          *          *
My final item from Etsy is a swell Black Hat with Veil.
I own a hat almost just like this,  except the body of this hat is fur,  whereas the body of my hat is felt.  The best part - naturally - is the bird cage veil.  I think a veil makes a woman look sophisticated and mysterious,  and in need of a really long black cigarette holder.  It's sort of a Jessica Rabbit kind of chic.  This hat is from the 1950's and lacks a maker's label.
The hat is offered by BasyaBerkmanVintage for $24.00.
*          *          *
I stopped by Posh Girl Vintage and simply fell in love with this 1950's Bubble Dress with the mint blue sash.

Made by Jay Herbert of California this is another dress that's so fashion forward that it's hard to believe it's vintage.  Made of a lovely cotton bamboo and floral print,  and cinched at the waist with a satin sash in the seasons must have color:  Tiffany Blue.  The dress is pleated so to play up the already tiny (24"-25") waist,  and wearing it will probably require that you either be tiny or willing to wear that 50's necessity:  the girdle.  It has enough black in it to go easily with a black jacket, hat or shoes,  though if I were wearing it,  I would try to find some shoes that match that sash, as it really is this seasons go-to color.  Like the Lili Diamond dress above,   this comes with it's own tulle underskirt to provide the fullness of the skirt that you'll desire.  What a bonus! 
The dress has been lovingly hand-washed in organic soap,  and someone lovingly pressed in all those gorgeous pleats.  Offered at a completely justifiable $399.00,  this is a dress that will be wearable for the rest of your life,  or at least as long as you can keep your figure.
*          *          *
From the vintage collection at Shop Ruche,  I found this lovely "leading lady" 50's Wiggle Dress.

I love the black and white print, and I simply adore the cowl neckline.  This 100% cotton dress is in a classic tea length silhouette that is universally flattering.  The white sash comes with a lovely rhinestone decoration,  reminiscent of an Eisenberg Original,  dresses which were collected for their jewelry as well as their fashion.  The dress is partially lined and in wonderful vintage condition.  Yours for $123.99,  a bargain to say the least.
*          *          *
We're now going to go from the bargains to the dreams,  as I browsed 1st Dibs,  and naturally fell in love with everything in sight.  My first find was a gorgeous green Summer Dress in the "style and quality of Paul Poiret".

The dress is dated at the early 20th century.  The height of the front hem and the train in the back lead me to believe this is about circa 1909 - 1913.  And isn't it a dream?  Fashioned of an iridescent green silk with lace at the bodice and extensive embroidery and floral decoration. The wrap front side closure creates a tapered hobbled hem with a voluminous side silhouette.  
Offered by Torso Vintage at a price disclosed upon inquiry. 
*          *          *
Anyone who's followed this blog, or is even a casual reader knows of my passion for modernist jewelry,  and this amazing Trifari Necklace is all that and more.
Made of polished chrome and featuring a dangling Lucite ball,  this space age necklace could not make more of a statement.  Certain to get the attention of everyone in the room,  it may even bring people into the room!  The Trifari name is well known to anyone interested in costume jewelry, and they are well known for offering the finest quality of fashion jewelry to be had.  Offered by Modern Handbag for $675.00.
*          *          *
My next find was a Moschino Fingerprint Skirt which is both classy and whimsical in a manner only Moschino could pull off.
I just love the painted on markings along the hems and pockets,  and they added a special touch on the back with a handprint of all things!  It's so rare to find clothing with a sense of humor,  it reminds me of some of Elsa Schiaparelli's designs.
The suit features a shawl collar and a skirt length that should hit just above the knee.  Offered by CMadeleine's for $1260.00.
*          *          *
 My final item is fabulously and  - alas - fabulously expensive,  as one might expect a Hermes to be.  Defining chic since they went into business Hermes is the idiot's guide to dressing well.  If I were to advise a woman who knew nothing about clothing and needed to dress well,  I would tell her to stick with Hermes and Dior and she would do fine.  This particular bit of Hermes chic is a sublimely violet JIGE Clutch:
Isn't it magnificent.  The clutch measures 8 x 5 and is reported to be in mint condition.  Presented for purchase by Jane Finds for $8,999.00, and yes,  I'm sure the decimal point is in the right place.
*          *          *
My final item for this weeks blog is my one and only find from eBay.  It's not that there aren't lots of swell things up for bid on eBay,  it's merely that I spent so much time at Etsy that I didn't get to play at eBay very much.  You know how it is,  you wake up,  you get dressed,  go to work,  come home,  look at the Lili Diamond dress,  talk yourself out of it one more time,  and then... well... things just sort of develop from there. 
Anyway,  being a sucker for ribbons,  I found these fantastic Lace Up Ribbon Shoes up for bid. 
From Barneys of New York,  these size seven shoes feature velvet ribbons to lace up and are just barely old enough to be justifiably "vintage".  They are, however, based on a style that gained popularlity in the 1920's,  so their soul is completely vintage.  The heels are 3 1/4" high and the shoes are in "fantastic condition".  Offered for an opening bid of $ 16.99 by Radish619shea.  Someone may dance off with these shoes for a song!'
And that, kiddos,  is a wrap for this weeks sales.  As always I wish you good shopping and good times.
Until next week,
Second Hand Roze

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