Sunday, October 24, 2010

October 24 through October 31, 2010

I had been thinking I wasn't very inspired this week,  that I hadn't found that much stuff.  And then I started looking at my file of pics.  Kittens, I found a lot this week.  So let's not doddle and get straight to the goods.

Last found and first shown,  is this fabulous green and black mini from Daisy Fairbanks Vintage.  She calls it a mint green, and maybe the color on my monitor is off,  but it's a deeper green than mint from here.  I just love the randomness of the black lines,  close or not close together,  short or long...  This dress was made by Timely Miss of California and measures 36" 28" 37",  so maybe a size 8?  A steal at $95.00.

Oh so sexy!  This strapless bow dress is a 1950's cocktail dress found at Etsy.  Made by Roberta of California is offered by seller ButchwaxVintage.   A size medium, this body hugging dress is accented with a pewter colored bow and reported to be in excellent condition.  Bargain priced at $125.00.

This 1940's Joan Crawford Jacket comes complete with Joan's signature shoulder pads.  Found at Rusty Zipper the jacket is made of wool faille and sports antiqued silver-toned buttons.  A small white spot is reported,  but even the most close inspection of the affected area failed to reveal the spot to me.  For a tiny woman,  as the bust measurement is 33". Price: $48.00.

Totally cool, but not vintage,  I found these mint Ann Taylor strap sandals at Housing Works in New York.  On Clearance for $20.00,  these may be the fashion find of the 2010 season.  The shoes are a size 6 and have a 3" heel.

From Dress Vintage,  this 1920's beaded chiffon dress is still stunning in it's 90th year.  Missing it's original lining,  it would require just the right slip,  but the dress is more than worth the hunt.  Available for $349,  please be sure to read the seller's description of the garment as, sadly, it is beginning to show it's age.   Also,  while the dress appears a pale yellow to me,  they refer to it as a "pink" dress,  so either my monitor or their camera is quite off.

I'm just mad for this vintage 70's delicate lace blouse from Sense of Fashion.   Seller, WildChildDzigns, reports a small tear in the elbow and a slight smudge at the top right shoulder.  Neither are visible in the photograph.  The blouse is a size large with a bust measurement of 38" and a waist measurement of 30".  $16.00.  You might ask for close up photos of the flaws before taking the plunge, but at $16.00, one can afford to gamble.

I found this lovely 70's Valentino suit at Kitty Girl Fashions.  You'll need to scroll to the fourth suit down on the page to find it.  Made of silk and white accetate,  the suit features black buttons and tapered sleeves.  The pencil skirt has a back kick pleat.  This lovely suit is available for $268.00.  Be sure to click ON the suit's picture,  as more photos are available.

Found on Couture Allure  this stunning cashmere dress and matching leopard wrap was created by George Halley.   The dress has a horizontal seam above the bust and pricess seams.  There are inseam pockets at the hips.  38"  34"  39".  This suit is available for $245.00.

Found on Sense of Fashion from GirlOnAVine, this shawl is burned out velvet with beading and extra-long fringe.  Overall length (including fringe) is 48".   Available for $189.00

This oh-so-special Schiaparelli Harlequin hat was found on eBay from Suzanstuff.  Made of felt and embellished with ribbon,  this hat is currently available for $26.00 after 4 bids.  Schiaparelli creations are highly collectible and you can expect the price to rise considerably before the conclusion of the auction. 

This exquisite hand made murano art glass is my Mid Century Modern Indulgence of the Week.  Found at Etsy from NecktieParty.  The glass is folded on both sides to accentuate the beauty of the hands craftsmanship.  10% of the purchase price will go to The Spayed Club,  an organization which assists homeless animals.  Available at the bargain price of $30.00.  Roze Note:  This item has found a new home where it will be loved and cared for!

This stunning Ceil Chapman is one of two I found this week.  This one was at Sense of Fashion offered by wwwdecadencefashioncouk.  From the 1950's,  a crinoline under this beaded dress would be perfection.  A size 12 or 14,  this dress would make a storybook wedding dress for the right woman.  Created of highest quality satin, the dress is heavily embellished in a gorgeous array of hand applied metallic gold strands, prong-set rhinestones, faux pearls, and trailing organza ribbons.  Available for $1115.00

Chico's has named this the "year of the Jacket".  I can't think of a better jacket to add to your collection than this fabulous I. Magnin black and white tweed Jacket with the belted waist.  Available at the Rusty Zipper,  lined in a cute owl repeat rayon,  the vynl belt is included with the purchase.  Price: $44.00.  Beat that with a stick!

My love for leopard is showing in the selection of this vintage 60's cordoroy shirt.  Found at Etsy from seller voguevintage.  I'd estimate the shirt's size at about 8,  with a bust measurement of 38" and a waist measurement of 28".  The blouse has been repaired under the, I believe right?, arm.  I would never have noticed had the seller not taken a picture of the repair.  How often do you look at someone's underarm?  Also,  if this is the year of the jacket,  wear this shirt unbuttoned over a knit top.  Avaiable at the vintastic price of $24.99.

This Mod and Oh-So-Sixties Yannis Tseklenis mini dress is wonderfully psychodelic.  Offered at eBay by seller, electricskinny.  Be sure to check out some of the seller's other stock.  This dress is approximately a size 10 with a bust measurement of 38",  a waist of 34", and for the hips, another 38".  Available for a Buy It Now price of $150,  though the seller is accepting offers.  Please see my other diatribes on making offers.  You have nothing to lose and you may walk away with a treasure cheaper than you ever dreamed.  I've been shocked at some of the offers that have been accepted.

I was thrilled to find this book on Ebay.  As a connoisseur of both Mid Century Modern Design and Vintage Fashion,  I can't think of a book I'd rather get my hand's on.  Sold by the British seller, souvenir century,  the opening bid is for five British pounds.

I found these killer Walter Steiger polka dot shoes on Etsy from Renray71.  Be sure to check seller's other offerings.   She has some other fabulous shoes and some great vintage jewelry and knick-knacks.   Since the place I always tear up shoes is the back,  I asked for and received a photo of the back of these shoes.  They are in excellent condition.  The shoes are sized 7.5 and are available for $50.00.  Seller is charming and a pleasure to deal with.

And to wear with those styling polka dot shoes?  This fabulous Mad Men Era (50's) Party Dress with the polka-dot detail.  Found at eBay from seller,  jumbelaya - a consistent source of fabulous vintage clothing.  This dress's label reads Mr. Mort and appears to be a fine wool / rayon blend.  The dress features a black metal zipper,  and has the following measurements:  38",  28", 40".  This dress is for the true bombshell and would do Joan Holloway proud.  Price after 4 bids is $51.00,  there is a Buy It Now price of $194.99.   The dress is marked as a size M.

Don't like the dress with the polka dot detail?  Pair those shoes with this Totally atomic "new look" dress from the 50's.  Also found at eBay  from seller Jumblelaya.  The dress is made of barkcloth (or something terrible like barkcloth) and has a zipper up the back so you can wiggle into it.  Seller estimates size from Medium to Large,  but has complete measurements posted on eBay.  The current price is $34.99,  a steal!

I found this totally Jackie jacket dress at Vintage Trends.  Made of Linen and fully lined,  this dress is in mint condition and is so timeless.  Listed as a size medium,  the measurements for this dress are 36" 32" 40",  which I think puts it into medium large.  The price for this dress is a completely justified $95.00. 

This suit is actually black lace with an overlay of pink threads.  I suspect the actual suit is much darker and the photographs have been over exposed to show the details, as so often happens with black garments.  I found this lovely 40's suit at Monster Vintage and immediately fell in love with it's fabulous ruffles and attention to detail.  Monster Vintage offers eight photographs so you can thoroughly view the suit (something I always appreciate).  Please be sure to see photo number 7 as it shows you the detail of the fabric and you see how the pink threads interact with the black.  The bust of the jacket measures 36" and the skirt has a 26" waist,  so I would call this at a size 6.  Available for $289.99

I found these completely-to-die-for Schiaparelli eyeglass (or sunglass) frames at Etsy.  Offered by jforney000.  Sadly,  I could not get this page to load right, no matter what I did,  so I can't tell you too much about what the seller says about the frames.  They are available for $350.00.

I must have been in a pink mood this week to have picked both this and that Jackie jacket dress!  Found at Nelda's Vintage,  this 60's knit top was made by Kenneth Knits.  I just love it's bow detail! This is new old stock and still bears the original sales tags.  I'm afraid it's gotten a bit thin with age,  and I would be certain to wear a camisole under it.  The bust measures 36" and the waist 32",  so lets call that a size 10?  Maybe a 12 with a small chest (though I'm sure it would stretch)?  It is available for $28.00

This 50's ecru lace dress would be completely appropriate for a second wedding,  or for any formal occasion.  Found at Sense of Fashion offered by Redheadvintage.  The dress has an empire waist,  is fully lined except for the sleeves, and has a back zipper.  Seller makes no comment about condition and reports the dress to be a size 2 -4.  Price: $65.00. 

So much like the first dress listed,  it just goes to prove how totally Mod random black lines can be!  I found this fantastic 60's mini at eBay from seller 2tryhardEverything the seller has written about this dress has disappeared from eBay,  so all I can tell you is that the dress is an Adelle Martin and a size S.  Current price, after 6 bids is $5.50.  There are 6 days of bidding to go.

2tryhard consistently has a fine selection of vintage clothing.  They start their auctions off at $0.99 and let fate decide the rest.  I can't stress enough my admiration for this seller (or these sellers,  don't know if it's a group or a person).  Like the Rusty Zipper,  they are one of the few sellers you can count on as a source of quality, reasonably priced, vintage clothing.

For those of you who like your vintage a little more current,  I found this "80's" Coldwater Creek Jacket at the trusty old Rusty Zipper.  They say it's an 80's Jacket,  but I remember seeing something amazingly similar to this jacket around 2003.  Regardless of it's vintage,  it is,  I think,  a stunning jacket.  There are ferw things I like in a garment as much as color on color embroidery.  The jacket is a linen / rayon blend with a polyester lining.   It will accomodate a 37" bust and is priced at $22.00.

From the fairly new, to the very old.  This 30's cut-on-the-bias dress is simply stunning.  I found this on eBay offered by Annie*Boomer.  Made of the finest peach satin charmeuse,  this dress has draped neck and a very low back.  The matching jacket features a shawl collar and tiny little buttons.  Made for a slightly larger woman (say, maybe a size 12 or 14),  the gown measures 38" 32" 45".  In remarkably good condition for a gown of it's age,  there are places in the front of the gown where the smoothness of the charmeuse has been marred.  The gown is available for a Buy It Now price of $169.99. 

This totally pschodelic compact was found at Nelda's Vintage.  In a definite grade "b" condition (there are scratches to the back of the compact),  this compact is available for $25.00

This Very 60's Circle Belt was found on Etsy from OpheliaVintage .  Totally Mod and just the right thing for so many outfits,  this belt is available for $17.64.

With just the faintest hint of the Disco Era to come,  I would date this belt as early 70's.  This belt is available on eBay from Beltsandbling.  The belt is 37" long and will fit waists or hips from 28.5" to 35". Excellent vintage condition.   Current price is $9.99 with 3 days of bidding left (no bids to date).  I wrote this seller to ask if the gold had begun to rub off anywhere and have assurances from them that it has not.

Listed as a "flapper" gown,  I am sure the designer did not intend that.  Any competent designed knows how to fashion a flapper gown and this ain't it.  I think this totally fabulous pewter fringe gown is exactly what the designer intended - an entity unto itself.  Found on eBay from magpiecouture,  the seller claims this gown was made between 1965 and 1976.  I am sure it is closer to 76,  as this gown was made for dancing.   The model wearing the gown is a size 2-4.  The gown seems a bit loose on her and might accomodate a size 6.  I do not recommend it for a size 2.  The gown is charmeus with six tiers of fringe.  It is a Melvin James Original,  and has "a couple of minor spots."  There are no close up photos of these spots,  so we don't really know how minor is minor.  The gown is available for a Buy It Now price of $124.99.

Also found on eBay is this killer fringed micro mini.  Offered by tamars-treasures, this dress has lovely embroidered detailing on the bodice which I'm not sure is visible from this photograph.  Marked as a size 6 from Sandra Darren,  one would do well to remember vintage sizes differ from modern sizes,  and check the measurements.  I'm not sure I would be brave enough to wear this as a mini,  but it would be fabulous paired with some leggings.  100% polyester,  the fringe has weathered time remarkably well.  The dress is available for a current bid of $9.77 with 2 days left of bidding.

This Mod 60's mini dress is available at Sense of Fashion from EccentricVintage.  I feel guilty for not liking the dress more than I do,  and I've finally figured out why.  It doesn't hang right.  Maybe a good steaming would straighten it out,  but this garment is stretched.  Described as a size 8,  the seller suggests you take up the hem to make it more of a period peice.  Price:  $35.00

I found these fabulous plastic op-art earrings at eBay from Marilyn-in-Monroe.  They are so-still-cool, I would think they weren't really vintage,  except that they are screwbacks.   Each earring is 2 1/2" long.  Available for a very reasonable But It Now price of $32.99. 

This dress is not vintage,  but it's lines are so "new look" early 60's,  Jackie could have worn it.  Found on clearance at Housing Works - my favorite charity thrift store - this dress is a David Meister creation.  Made of acetate, cotton, and acrylic,  the dress is a size 10.  It ties in the back to give you that hour glass look no matter what your figure.  The dress is available for an incredible $35.00. 

This 60's bold print maxi dress is on eBay from seller Flipper1960.  Believed to be silk,  the dress is handmade and has no tags,  but is around a size 10.  It has an empire waiste with a cumberbund,  and features a kitchy rhinestone trim.  The dress has a Buy It Now price of $69.99,  but the seller is entertaining offers,  so shoot the moon!

I'm breaking my own rules and including a real fur item for this Lilli Ann Fox Fur Collared Suit.  Found on eBay.  The seller is T2fac4h.  The suit is a size 8 and has all the attention to line and detail that makes Lilli Ann suits so collectible.  I'm happy to report the fox fur can be removed, leaving a jewel neck collar on the jacket.  The suit is available for a Buy It Now price of $289.99.  A little further down,  I will be listing a Lilli Ann suit that is not in wearable condition and still sells for more than $289.99,  so I hope you see what a bargain that price really is.

I think this 1950's Bonwit Teller Copper Satin Party Dress is just too gorgeous!  Found on eBay from the vintagevortex this dress has been lavishly photographed for your inspection.  The bust measures 38" and the waist measures 27" on this lovely dress.  The seller reports that a small repair has been made to one of the underarms.  I was barely able to distinguish this repair even under close up photography.  The dress is currently priced at $41.99 with 3 days left of bidding.  I am not familiar with this vendor,  but intend to keep a sharp eye on their listings for a while.  This is quality vintage.

Also from Bonwit Teller is this smashing pillbox hat featuring a clipped ostrich feather.  Found on eBay from janiesofmiami.  The hat is edged in navy grossgrain ribbon and like the item before it, has been lavishly photographed for your inspection.  The hat is available for a Buy It Now price of $40.00.

My second Ceil Chapman find this week,  you'll be pleased to know that this one is priced below a thousand dollars.   This gorgeous dress features an empire waiste and a rouched bodice.   Found on eBay from millstreetvintage this silk dress has an acetate lined bodice and some sort of stiff lining on the skirt.  Sadly there are some fabric splits in the bodice and some very tiny marks towards the neckline (which I was unable to dinstringuish in the close up photos).  The dress fits like a modern size small.  Under heavy bidding,  the current price is $249.50 with 28 hours of bidding to go.

A complete departure from her usually tailored style,  this Mod Mod Mod jacket dress is actually a Lilli Ann.  I found this on eBay offered by seller 745sainthelens.  Made of polyester (one hopes terribly it's not doubleknit!) the dress is approximately a size 14.  Seller reports the item to be in good condition and is selling it for a Buy It Now price of $199.00 though they are entertaining offers.

This vintage 60's maxi's dress is so Mod it pops off the screen.  Found on eBay offered by ogothemagnificent this dress has a thigh high slit on the left side.  Featuring a built in bra,  this dress is 100% nylon.  The dress has a back zipper with a hook and eye closure at the top.  The seller describes the dress as "pucciesque",  a word I use often myself,  but frankly,  this dress reminds me more of the work of Peter Max than of Emillio Pucci.  The dress is on a manequin sized 2-4 and fits perfectly.  The dress was made in Hong Kong under the label of Catalina.  Available for a Buy It Now price of $125.00, the seller is also accepting offers.  Finally,  the seller has rather stringent stipulations about to whom he will sell,  so if you have any questions after reading the fine print,  I would write the seller prior to bidding.

This 60's era floral day dress is being offered by eBay favorites, 2tryhard.  I just love it's use of color (which is actually so now) and the excellent fitted quality of the dress.  Made of 100% linen,  the dress is unlined and features a back zipper.  Measurements for the dress are 34" 30" 36",   so I would estimate the dress at a size 4-6 to accomodate the bust measurements.  Linen is not forgiving,  and please don't assume you can squeeze your bosom in there.  You'll more than likely tear the dress given it's age.  With only 18 hours left of bidding,  the dress is curently priced at a stunning $3.04.

BustownModern, whom I adore,  lists this at eBay as a 70's mini dress.  With all due respect to bustownmodern,  I don't see any buttons there.  I think this is a jacket, and it certainly could be worn today as one.  Even their model was too modest to wear this thing without a camisole beneath it.  Anyway Jacket is how I'm listing it, and I think it's a swell one with a nice smattering of Mod.  With 4 days of bidding left,  the current price is $17.00  The jacket features an elastic waist and a bustline of 40".

Also from BustownModern are these flawless, but tiny leopard shoes also on eBay.  Size 5.5 these shoes show hardly any wear at all.  The heels are covered in the same leopard fabric as the rest of the shoes,  and the toes have that unmistakably 60's roundness about them.  Priced for Buy It Now at $95.00.  They are entertaining offers.

From catspajamasvintage on eBay is this gorgeous Lilli Ann suit made in the classic Lilli Ann style.  Look at the tiny buttons running the length of the jacket!  Look at the detail of the collar!  Lilli Ann could sew.  And this Lilli Ann is old stock,  complete with the attached sales tags!  Now for the painful part:  this suit is 100% virgin wool and has been moth eaten in spots,  hence it's reasonable price.  Perfect for display,  but really not wearable.  Were it wearable,  it would fit a size 2.  Price: Buy It Now $399.00, but the seller is accepting offers. 

Please see the other lovely offerings catspajamasvintage has on ebay.  There were far too many for me to list,  including a truly stunning Christian Dior (which I've listed before) at a stunning price,  a Victor Costa 1970's gown,  and a killer Herbert Grossman suit, just to name a few.

This incredibly fabulous Tiger Coat is on Ebay offered by Hollywood*Classic*Vintage.  The coat is faux fur (lest you think some endangered tiger shed it's life for this), and features a self belt. The coat was made by Russell Taylor and is lined in black satin. The most restrictive measurement of the coat is the bust, so it's the only one I'm going to list: 40".    The current price for the coat is $10.99,  but the seller's reserve has not yet been met.

The black velvet, satin and lace 50's cocktail dress is also listed on eBay by Hollywood*Classic*Vintage. Lace lines the gorgeous square neckline and the hemline.  I believe the dress is shown without a crinoline,  or if there is one,  the dress would benefit from a crinoline with a little more volume.  The dress has a zipper in the back and has bust measurements of 38" and waist measurements of 28".  Currently priced at $22.27 the buyers reserve has not been met.  Almost 4 days remain of bidding.


This fawn colored 40's vintage gaberdine suit was also found on eBay  and is from seller jumblelaya.  I love the nipped waist and the patch pockets.  The suit is a "Junior Deb Original" and feature Joan Crawford worthy shoulder pads (one of which they felt it was necessary to mention has a slight spot.  Do you care if your shoulder pads have spots?  It's never occurred to me to care.).  There is a slight, oh-so-tiny spot on the pencil skirt which I can't imagine anyone would notice unless they were inspecting you with a magnifying glass.  The bust of the jacket is 35".  The waist of the skirt is 26" and the hips are 38".  Wear these peices together or rock them as separates,  believe me, they don't make suits of this quality anymore.  Seller has a Buy It Now price of $224.99,  but is also entertaining offers.

This "Hitchcock" suit is on eBay as an offering from jumblelaya.  A classic 50's suit,  this suit uses Chanel's device of adding weights to the lining to make the suit hang properly no matter what.  Created under the label of "Nicholas Unger",  the fabric feels like wool jersey and is fully lined.  I adore everything about this suit,  from it's cut to the selection of buttons.  Why anyone would get a new suit when vintage suits of this quality are available escapes me.  The bust of the jacket is 35".  The waist of the skirt is 28" and the hips are 38".    Remember:  these are the garments measurements.  You must be smaller to fit inside!  The suit is in unfaded jet black pristine condition.  Available for a Buy It Now price of $194.99.

Without a doubt,  the find of this week's shopping is this canary yellow peek-a-boo late 60's ('68 exactly) pant suit.  It is so Mod,  I could just die,  and I'm amazed the guys at The Frock haven't picked it up for their collection.  Found on eBay from seller Marilyn-in-Monroe  who has just purchased a huge estate from a clothes horse who never through anything away.  There are 12 pictures of this available on eBay and I can't encourage you enough to see them all.   Can't you just see a young Goldie Hawn wearing this on Laugh In?  The tags say 100% Rayon,  but the seller reports the fabric has more body to it than 100% rayon usually has.  This is obvious from the way the waist of the suit stays put even though the manequin is  a bit too small.  The pants have a 28" waist and 34" hips.  The bell bottoms (not a measurement I usually provide) are 26" each.  Slightly smaller on top,  the bust measures 32" and about 26" at the middrift.  This exquisite period peice is available for the cheap Buy It Now price of $149.99.  If I had the funds right now,  I would purchase it myself as an investment.  Oh!  I failed to tell you that this masterpeice was made by "Cannery Sqaure of California".

This will mark the first week I haven't featured a Pucci.  Ebay has some,  including some incredibly cheap sandals which I almost included,  but this entry got too long.  Pucci fans, keep hope.  You'll just have to do your own hunting this week. 

I'd like to recommend to you the fabulous 50's finds of Redhousevintage on eBay,  which I regret space and time made it impossible to include in this issue.

With that kittens,  I shall wish you Happy Shopping,

Second Hand Roze