Sunday, October 17, 2010

October 17 through October 24, 2010

Happily,  the computer is well on it's way to being it's normal old self,  and I once again spent my week scanning the net for this week's vintage finds.  So kittens,  grab yourselves a cup of coffee and settle in.  We have lots to look at.

This Mod Op Art Top comes from one of my favorite charities, Housing Works.  It's label reads Marni,  it is a European size 44, and is available for $45.00.

I am just loving this vintage 60's keyhole mini.  Available at Daisy Fairbanks  for $95.00.  I would think that was over-priced,  but this week, I ran into a remarkably similiar dress that the dealer wanted over a thousand for,  so $95.00 is a steal.  I would estimate the size to be a current size 6-8,  though read the measurements at the store.

Less Mod,  but imminently more professionally wearable,  is this delightful cranberry 1960's day dress from the Lucite Box.  The bodice is accented with an elegant trupunto of a floral or bow design and the dress is marked as a "Mendel creation".  I would estimate the size to be a modern 14 - 16. 

For $130,  you could be rocking this faux fur Tiger Jacket found at LA Vintage.  I think it fairly oozes MOD and is reported to be in "purrfect" condition.  The size is reported as Medium Large,  but I never met a jacket too big.

I found this nostalgic mother-of-pearl pill box at Nelda's Vintage Clothing.  Labeled,  "Styled by Schich Mfg. Co. New York".  The box is available for $20.00

It wouldn't be Second Hand News if I didn't have a Lilli Ann for you,  and this week I have two.  This chic camel colored suit is as timeless today as it was when Lilli Ann first put her tender touch to it.  I adore the lines of the peplum and the folding of the jacket.  Worth every penny of it's $345 pricetag, I estimate this suit to be a size 6, but as always, read the measurements and compare them to a garment which fits you well.  Oh!  This treasure was found at Vintageous.

Also timeless, is this 1950's suit I found at Proper Vintage.  Thoroughly lines and reported to be in "like new" condition,  this suit is available for $85.00.  I would estimate it's size as an 8.

I'm a sucker for gloves,  and I just melted at this darling pair!  Found at Blue Velvet Vintage for $22.99.  Alas,  the seller lists no size information.

Though it's marked as Reserved,  a little bird told me this deal fell through.  Found at Dorothea's Closet,  this Pedro Rodriguez suit sent me into fits of ecstasy.  Dorothea is proportedly going to be asking $345.00 for this darling,  and a fair price it is!  Please be sure to click the link for "more pictures".  Alas.  I have no size information.

This week led to my discovery of Sense of Fashion.  Along the lines of eBay and Etsy,  Sense of Fashion is a forum where many can sell their vintage or simply used goods.  I'll be listing several finds today.

This vintage 60's velvet and fringe handbag was my first treasure from Sense of Fashion.   I can just see this on a flower child in the Haight!  It is available for only $39.99, so kitten pounce quickly.  This baby will move.

While not vintage,  this timeless Claude Montana suit is one of the many gently used Couture Finds at Archived Vintage.  More a "gently used" shop than a true vintage store,  this place is perfect for the current Fashion Diva on a budget.

Also not vintage,  but of a definite vintage flavor (can anyone say Emillio Pucci?) is this gem from Sense of Fashion.   The dress is a UK size 4 and is available for $150.00.

Found at Urban Mimi, This oh-so-mod Mary Quant mini is a steal at $20.00.  One of the true founders of the Carnaby Street Look,  Mary Quant's dresses have been known to sell in the thousands of dollars.  I'm tempted to buy this one as a simple financial investment!  I would estimate the size of this dress to be a 12 or 14.

This wiggle dress from Lord and Taylor was found on Ebay.  Sporting matching bow details at the neck and waist, sadly the seller tells us little about the dress.  I would estimate the size to be an 8 or 10,  as the waist measures 28" easily  and stretches to 30".  The dress is available for a Buy It Now price of $29.95 - a price so low for a wiggle dress of this vintage,  I'd consider it a good gamble given the vacuum of information about fabric or condition.

A classic of Stevie Nicks Chic,  this lace dress was found at LA Vintage.  Made by Jessica McClintock for Gunne Sax,  this dress has their renouned small waists,  and would fit a size 6 or 4 (waist measurements are 26").  The dress is available for $69.00.

These To-Die-For Giorgio Armani shoes are also from Housing Works.  Need I even mention that Housing Works clothing is new?  For tiny feet,  these shoes are sized 5.5 and are priced at $40.00 on clearance.  Oh how I wish it were possible to shrink your feet!

I adore this vintage 60's Mad Men Chic two peice suit from I. Magnin.  Found at Daisy Fairbanks,  it's curve enhancing silhouette is 100% wool (a lighter weight for the top than the skirt).  I'd estimate it's size at 8,   but full measurements are posted at the website.  Price:  $135.00.  A steal for a suit from this label.

These delicate lace handkerchiefs were found at Some Like It Vintage.  It reminds me of my grandmother and of a time when all women carried handerkerchiefs to catch the random sneeze or sudden burst of tears.  The price ($49.00) made me think perhaps they had a whole box,  but I don't doubt they'll find a buyer even at this price.

Anne Klein's Iconic Lion scarf in 100% silk is available at Sense of Fashion for a mere $14.99.  The seller reports a spot in the lower right hand corner.  A close up photo is provided and all I am able to discern is a small spot where the black border is slightly darker than it is around it.  This should not effect wearability at all.

Though the bidding on this lovely necklace is closed (eBay),  this type of french glasswork is so rare I could not stop myself from sharing it with you.  It was priced at $499.99

Also found at Daisy Fairbanks,  this  Dorothy O'Hara crepe dress could hide almost any figure flaw.  I adore it's simple lines and lavish falls at the cowl neck.  A size 8 - 10,  this dress is reported to be in excellent condition and is priced at $325.00.

This polkadot dress was created just at the end of the "new look" period and at the onset of "mod".  Found at Kitty Girl Vintage,  it is a size small-medium and is available for $85.00.  I'm afraid you'll have to scroll to the bottom of the page to find the dress.

Found at Etsy,  these vintage Eisenberge Ice earrings are suitable for a wedding and are available at the unheard-of-for-an-Eisenberge price of $24.00.  The clips still have good pressure and there are no darkened stones.

Another faux fur jacket,  this one is used, but not vintage.  Found at Sense of Fashion for the steal-it-and-run price of $100.00.  The leopard jacket is fully lined and sports a fabulous peplum.  The seller reports the size to be 8-10.

What a find!  This vintage 50's Pauline Trigere was a floor sample and is available for mere pennies for a Trigere ($135.00).  The only sizing information is that the bust will fit a 39.  Found at Couture Allure.

Found at eBay,  I just love this rainbow plastic beaded curtain for a doorway.  EBay has a surprising large collection of these,  and I found everything from eastern religious symbology to the Mona Lisa.  This particular curtain is available at a starting bid of $18.00.

This Vintage 50's dress sports such stunning detail, I can only imagine what it's like in person.  I was thrilled to find it's a size XL to XXL,  and as the seller wrote me "A dress that Joan Holloway would wear that would actually fit the actress!".  Found at Etsy, this dress is priced at a very reasonable $264.00.

Though not to my taste, this cinched waiste 70's blouse may be someone's idea of heaven.  I found this at Sense of Fashion for a mere $20.00.

While I've tried to curtail my taste for Lucite this week,  this carved lucite rose ring from Etsy was impossible to pass by.  Sadly (for me!),  it's been sold.

On the Sales Rack at Kitty Girl Vintage,  this mod, mod, mod,  dress is available for $55.00   The most restrictive measurement is the bust, and it measures 39".

Found 2/3 of the way down on the page,  these Mod earrings are available at Ralph's Five and Dime for $20.00.

Found at The Frock (Veritable Museum of Vintage Clothing) this 1960's Rudy Gernereich's turquois and brown linen dress.  It's most restrictive measurement is that of the bustline,  and that measures 39".  The dress is available for the awe inspiring price of $3100.00.  (Now, don't you want to listen to me and go buy that Mary Quant?)

 Vintage styled but new,  this 40's inspired dress is available at Unique Vintage.  Named "The Queen of Hearts" this charming dress is available from size XS to 3X.  It is priced at $138.00

Found at Daisy Fairbanks,  these vintage 50's tortoise shell sunglasses are available for $39.00.

This stunningly mod Louis Estevez gown was found at Kitty Girl Vintage.  Approximately a size 6-8,  the dress is made of silk blend crepe and is reported to be in "very good, excellent condition".  Price: $225.00.

I promised you two Lilli Ann suits this week,  and here is the second.  Found at Time Warp Vintage,  this lovely winter white suit is a size 4-6 with a 26" waist.  Price: $245.00,  cheap for this label.

I leave you this week with a non-vintage item.  This swell blue and white stripe edged jacket is available on Sense of Fashion for the bargain price of $25.00.  It is a size 6-8 and is machine washable.  I think it's smart and chic, and just the thing for a season that is all about the jackets.

Kittens,  that wraps it up for this week.  I hope you've enjoyed my trolling for treasures,  and as always I wish you...

Happy shopping,

Second Hand Roze