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Finds On The Fly: May 14, 2011

Oh my darlings! How long I've been gone! But fear not, I have lots of goodies for us to feast our eyes and thin our wallets upon.

If there's one thing I'm an absolute sucker for, it's a good hat with a veil. Add rhinestones and I'm gone. This lovely creation was discovered while tiptoeing through Etsy. The hat itself is made from faile, and the netting features little dots of chenille. Offered by tightsweaterloretta for $65.00.

And to wear with that killer hat? I found possibly The Perfect Little Black Dress. This lovely 1950s vintage bombshell dress is lovingly made of velvet and features fabulous bows on the shoulders.

(I obviously lightened the photo so you could see the details of the bow.) The V neck is featured in both the front and back. There's a slit in the back to ease both walking and showing off your legs. The dress closes in the back with a zipper and a hook on top. I would estimate the size to be an 8-10, but as always, check the measurements at the website. This lovely dress is available on Ruby Lane from Vanity Fair Vintage for the amazingly low price if $45.00. Get it while it's hot darlings! At that price it won't last long.

That V neckline fairly begs for the right necklace to set it off. I decided to stay away from black jewels to avoid the appearance of mourning, and found this perfect pearl and rhinestone necklace (which I happen to own) that I feel is appropriate for any formal outfit.

This timeless necklace is perfect for so many occasions and hangs beautifully. It's name "The Swan Necklace" and is one of Shelley Coopers creations for Sweet Romance Jewelry. It sells for $59.00. A matching Tiara and Earrings are also available. I should mention that Sweet Romance Jewelry is not vintage, though Ms. Cooper's jewelry is made of vintage elements whenever possible. Ms. Cooper is not only a talented designer in her own right,  she is an expert in vintage jewelry.

Being unable to tear myself away from the idea of this outfit, I naturally found some gloves to go with the hat. The world was so much more civilized when a lady didn't leave the house without a hat and gloves, don't you think?

These gloves are an unusual length, being longer than day gloves and just short of being long enough to be called dinner gloves. They would look lovely with a bracelet should you choose to wear one. There is no label of fabric content, but the seller reports that shenbelieves them to be made of some type of nylon, as the fabric has some stretch to it. They are size seven and are in perfect condition. Available on eBay from Jonnyheroes for a Buy It Now price of $9.99.

I shall now tear myself away from the idea of this outfit, despite the lack of shoes and a bag. Alas. Parting is such sweet sorrow.

This lovely late 1950s red shantung silk wiggle dress simply took my breath away when I ran across it at SenseoFashion.

The dress is beautifully constructed with perfect seaming to show off the hour glass of one's figure (or to create the illusion of an hour glass where none exists). The dress is fully lined in silk or acetate, features a kick pleat in the back, and the matching red belt is fully detachable.

I would estimate this dress to be a size 6, but I implore you to check the measurements of the dress against another which fits you well. I own a shantung silk dress of this vintage, and must warn you that you must be certain the dress is sufficiently sized before attempting to put it on. Silk of this age tears as easily as tissue paper, and is completely unforgiving. You will be pulling this dress over your head and it is imperative that you do not subject it to undo stress by attempting to stretch it or otherwise wrestling with it.  I would even go so far as to suggest you have someone to help you get in and out of the dress, and I don't mean your husband!  His calloused hands would - in all likelyhood - snag the silk!

This lovely lipstick red dress is available at SenseoFashion from TiliCoultry for $185.00.

I must admit I do not care for the necklace the seller chose to display with this dress. I would far rather have seen something with simpler lines, something like this...

This simple, geometric necklace has a presence far greater than it's simple lines would suggest.

Behind the rhinestones, the necklace is a simple chain with a clasp in the back. Since the rhinestones don't continue for the full length of the necklace, I would recommend wearing this with your hair down, though allowing the chain to show is far from a fashion faux pas. Found at Etsy among the offerings of Zephyr Vintage for $45.00, a steal for a vintage piece of this quality. Each stone is present and clear and luminous! Need I even mention that this would make a stunning wedding or prom necklace?  

I've had the pleasure of doing business with Zephyr Vintage and can assure you I was stunned by the quality of my purchase.  Prior to receiving my package,  I thought they were really gifted photographers.  They are gifted photographers,  but the quality of their merchandise is really that good.

Now if I can drag you from the romantic fifties to the time of Mid Century Moderne, behold! This fabulous clock from Wesclock.

With it's mod ball shape, it's killer pink face and the great font used for the numbers, it's so mod I can hardly stand it. Just the thing for someone's mid century moderne bedroom. Available at Hi and Lo Modern (the seventh item from the top of the page) for $80.00.

Also of Mid Century Moderne flavor, is this fabulous side table from Etsy's.

Made of what appears to be maple, or possibly ash, the table features three tiers, tapered legs and inserts which are reported to be tin. I have seen many tables like this, but never before have I seen such a table with this tin detailing.

The table is in beautiful condition, and a second is available if you want a pair (something I consider an imperative). The table is available from Hindsvik of Etsy for $85.00 each. This shop has an incredibly interesting selection if you can get past the maple syrup pails. I encourage you to view their items.  These two tables flanking a bed, or a mid century divan are simply divine and should be the obvious next step in some lucky person's decor.

From the Mod to Goth (or possibly Steam Punk), this luscious pinstriped coat dates from 1910. Despite the puffy sleeves and tapered waist this is actually a men's jacket. It would be the perfect "boyfriend jacket" for today.

(This photo has obviously been over-exposed to show the jackets detail). The jacket is lightly striped and enhanced by velvet and braid trim. The jacket is fully lined, but has two places, a small bit under one of the arms and an inch of a side seam, which need to be restitched. Please note these flaws are in the lining only.  None of them show when the jacket is worn.  The jacket would fit up to a size 12, but as a "boyfriend jacket", it would be fine on a much smaller woman.

Available from eBay from Vintage-Hollywood-Shop for a Buy It Now price of $225.00, though the seller is accepting offers, so shoot the moon.  I would consider anything over $150 to be a serious offer (though I am - in no way - suggesting that the seller would sell at that number).

This stunning pink organza dress simply took my breath away. I adore the fabric covered buttons on the sleeves, the finely executed bodice, the matching belt, and the over-skirt concealing the underskirt with knife pleats. It's quite fortunate the belt has not been lost, so often they are! The seller reports the dress to be in near mint

Available from MillStreetVintage at Etsy for the unheard of price of $175.00, or roughly half what a dress of this vintage and quality would bring on eBay.  Mill Street also has a lovely stock at present, and if you don't look at it all, the loss is yours!

And that, my darlings, is what I've been doing with my spare time since last we spoke.  I'll be keeping my iPad on my lap, and no doubt we shall see each other soon.  Until then,

Happy Shopping!

Second Hand Roze

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