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Finds On The Fly: May 19, 2011

Oh my goodness! Oh my stars! I can't quite believe I've uncovered so many fabulous finds in such a short period of time!

My first find, I must admit, is not really to my taste. Nevertheless, I am presenting it in the event that one of my readers may be mad for it.

This lipstick red leather jacket is from Guess and features such fabulous and authentic details as aged brass zippers on the side pocket and the sleeves. The jacket is a classic and, provided one stays a size small, should see you well through the next several decades. This jacket can be found on Etsy and is being offered by CozyStudio for $150.00.

My objection to the item above? Just as there is a single acceptable source for equestrian togs (Hermes); so also is there a single source of acceptable motorcycle wear: Harley - Davidson. Other than that, it's a great jacket!

I should mention that Etsy also has a pair of lipstick red Guess boots in stock, should you wish to acquire the set.

The next item, I simply adore!

This to-die-for marabou bag is a Valentino original. Featuring rhinestones at the top, a fabulous twisted brass chain, and a turquoise scarab stone for closure, the bag is lined in a luscious tangerine silk with the Valentino label. As the Valentino name has been retired, this item, along with any Valentino product, is highly collectible and should increase in value. The purse, excluding fringe, measures 9" x 6" and the strap is 16" long. If you show up wearing this bag, not only will you be the only one wearing this bag, everyone else will remember that you had this bag.

Also from 1stDibs, is this fabulous tropical Betsy Johnson dress from the 1980's:

This body hugging, spaghetti strapped dress has a low scooped back and is only for the perfect of figure.

This lovely dress is offered by Posh Vintage for the bargain price of $225.00. Posh Vintage has a killer selection and you're cheating yourself if you don't peruse their inventory.

The only thing that Betsy Johnson dress lacks is the right necklace to wear with it. Naturally, I couldn't turn down this opportunity to look at jewelry.

This shimmering, iridescent "glass garden" necklace by Sweet Romance is available for only $39.00.

This vintage 1950s sundress by Alfred Shaheen with the Hawaiian flavor is just beautifully constructed. The sides of the bodice are pleated to show off that hour-glass silhouette, and the three bands across the neckline will enhance even the most modest of bustlines. Found at Etsy, this lovely summer dress is being offered by CTMercatile for $275.00.

I'd wear this with a simple pearl choker or failing that an organza ribbon choker with a silk floral pin.

Also at Etsy, is this fabulous and timeless 80's Jacket from Scott McClintock:

With it's scalloped collar and generous beading with sequins this jacket is just the thing to turn that outfit up a notch. The jacket is made of a luxurious silk (or silk and rayon - no label) velvet, and closes at the waist with an invisible hook and eye closure. Available from LadyVioletteDeCourcy for only $85.00.

This vendor has a small, but fabulous inventory, and I can't encourage you enough to check it out. They are all fabulous investment prices and you couldn't go wrong with any one of them.

On eBay this week, I found this fabulous "new look" dress from Betty Blair from the late 1940's.

Made of silk taffeta and featuring a fantastic mock surplus neckline. The skirt, while not being a full circle, is more than sufficient to accommodate a crinoline. I think it would be a shame to wear this lovely dress without that fullness only a crinoline can bring. The dress secures at the waist, and what a treasure! the self belt has not been lost! The short sleeves have an "I Love Lucy" cuff, and I can't say enough about the fabulous sapphire blue color. If you have blue eyes this is your dress! Offered by CatsPajamasVintage at a Buy It Now Price of only $399.00. As for jewelry, it would be a travesty to wear this with anything but a triple strand of pearls. I'd do a pearl bracelet as well.

I've been browsing the summer bags on this season's fashion magazines, and was thrilled to find this oh-so-fashionable purse on Sense of Fashion.

I should mention that this is not a vintage item, but I am so in love with it, that I forgave it for being new. Called the "La Scala"' this fabulous rafia bag has the perfect profile for the season. It's 12 cm high by 31 cm wide (I know, I can't envision centimeters either). The perfect clutch to wear with that fantastic Hawaiian sundress shown above, as both just say, "summer!". Offered by MirandaBazarre for the bargain price of $75.00.

Also on the "just screaming summer" front is this wonderful gauze mini from the 1960's. The seller doesn't say this, so I could be wrong, but this appears to me to be that wonderfully patterned cotton gauze fabric from India that was so popular during this time. Wear it on it's own, or for the more demure among us, pair it with leggings, but whatever you do, get this great dress! Alas, this is an unforgiving size small, so those of us who have out S days behind us will have to pass. The bodice is smock stitched, and should not be stretched beyond 36" at the bust. Found at Etsy, from AutumnsChild for an unbelievable $27.23!

I generally will not feature more than one item from the same seller in one blog, but when reviewing AutumnsChild's inventory, I simply fell in love with this so-Boho crocheted top.

Adjustable to fit multiple sizes this gorgeous creation can add just that right punch for a simple tank top or t-shirt, or even over a lace cami. Offered at the killer price of only $45.00 Australian Dollars. This is absolutely one seller to watch for those affordable touches to your wardrobe that we all need to give it real style.

This crocheted top would be so lovely with a really retro necklace with a long line...

like this neo-renaissance cross from Sweet Romance for $69.00. (And no, Shelley Cooper does not pay me to pepper my blog with her jewelry. I just love it that much!)

These retro silk plaid shoes are very different from my usual blog fare, but I just simply fell in love with them! From their stiletto heels to the elongated pointed toe, these shoes are perfect for this issues theme of Summer! Made by "Palizio...very New York" (isn't that a hoot?), the shoes are an 8N. I found these on eBay from (obviously) ScorpioVintage for the Buy It Now Price of $79.99. I want to pair them with a crisp tangerine or lemon linen dress for a complete summer look.

This next item is not vintage, but has been created of vintage components.

Totally modern, but with vintage flair, this incredible necklace includes clear lucite ball beads mixed with a variety of multicolored stones and an abundance of gold and bronze chain for fringe. This artist's work (Anita from Shrimpton Couture) has been featured in the German edition of Vogue. Found on 1stDibs for $550.00.

I am just mad for this fabulous blue-green summer halter dress from the 1950's! It is so breezy and summery, and absolutely classic. Created by Kay Whitney, this cotton dress has a simple halter neckline that just slips over the head. The full circle skirt is shown with a crinoline, which is not included. (Roze begs you to get a crinoline!). I found this on SenseOFashion from RedHotVintage for a bargain $99.00. Unheard of in something of this vintage! I'd estimate it to be a size 4-6, but as always, I beg you to check the measurements of the garment against something that fits you well.

This dress fairly begs for a blue green necklace to set off that gorgeous neckline. I first thought fresh water pearls, but went to my favorite source for actually vintage jewelry, ZephyrVintage at Etsy. There I found this jewel, or uhm, rather jewelry:

Aren't they watery and gorgeous? And the clasp of the bracelet has distinctive touches of the Art Deco. These unsigned beauties are from the late 1950's and 1960's, and reminds the seller of Hobe, and reminds me of Lisner. Regardless, we both see high end costume jewelry in these beautifully cut graduated crystals. A bargain at $69.00 for the set, someone should scoop this summery demi-parure! You can see the quality in the perfect cut of the bi-cone (diamond shaped) stones, and the lovely facetting of the round beads. If one were to attempt to recreate these, one would easily spend more than $69.00 in components.

Also not vintage is my pick of the week at Shopping Housing Works, my favorite charitable vintage seller. Housing Works provides housing, medical care and counseling to HIV positive individuals in New York City. This week, while checking out their stock, I was delighted to find this lovely dress by Jenny Yoo.

I just love the exaggerated bow on the back of this merlot colored slip dress. The dress is a size 12, is 100% silk with a polyester lining. It features a back zipper and pleated detailing at the neckline. Priced at a mere $60.00, this is the cheapest Jenny Yoo dress one is likely to find!

Being unable to stop myself from finding jewelry for each find this week, I unearthed this vintage Art Nouveau rhinestone necklace at SenseoFashion:

The seller describes this as Art Deco. Rather than go into a long polemic about the differences between the two styles, suffice to say we have a difference of opinion on the name of the style, but not at all on the value of the find. This necklace would not only brighten up that Jenny Yoo gown, it would also make a spectacular bridal or prom necklace. I studied the photographs carefully and found no dark or missing stones, a happy surprise for a necklace of this vintage. Offered by LaVintageChic for a very reasonable $140.00.

Finally we found this beautifully designed and constructed and horribly photographed Herbert Sondheim original black dress.

I know, I know... Just try to picture this masterpiece (and trust me it is a masterpiece) hanging beautifully on a chic model instead of puddling on this insufficient broom stick. Herbert Sondheim's creations are incredibly collectible and coveted finds in the vintage fashion world. Even on this horrifically inadequate dress form, I can see the mastery of the gathering of the bodice, the fitted waist, the full skirt (which would benefit greatly from a crinoline), and the beautifully articulated portrait neckline. Available at Vintageous, this gorgeous dress has a side metal zipper and features an unusual looped sash which is attached at the front. The dress is in good condition (with one small pick in the sheen of the satin in back). I would estimate it to be a size 6. Vintageous is offering the dress for $215.00, an absolute bargain for a Sondheim.

(To get an idea of what a well displayed Sondheim looks like, google Herbert Sondheim and look at the images).

Would you believe there was considerably more, but I forced myself to edit. The world is just full of good vintage buys for every budget! And I obviously have too much time on my hands!

I Wish You Happy Shopping my Darlings!

Second Hand Roze

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  1. That Betsey Johnson -- totally modern right now and it's 30 years old! Now that's great design.

  2. Hey Style Maniac! I completely agree. A Betsey Johnson dress is usually timeless and a great investment! Thanks so much for stopping by!