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December 9, 2010

Hello Kittens!  Yes,  I'm still on vacation (aren't you just so jealous you could die?) and I'm still running behind on the blog.  I'm sorry kittens.  But I think when you take a look at the treasures I've found for you, you'll forgive me.

And kittens!  It is a Very Most Important Week!  Leslie Hindman Auctions is having their annual Couture and Accessories Auction.  I'm a little worried about whether or not that last link will work.  I'm logged in and have an account.  If you don't have an account, it's easy to get, just fill out the form, and register.  Then do a search for "couture and accessories" 

They have Very Nice People who will answer your questions if you are a bit uneasy about any of the procedures. If, like me, your auction experience has been limited to eBay, you need to know a couple of things. First, this is a live auction. You can submit your bid in advance (like eBay), and if it's the winning bid, it will go for the current bid price, which may or may not be the full price of your bid. can call in, and place bids during the auction and keep raising your price until you've reached your limit, overspent, or lost all sense of reason and mortgaged your future to buy that vintage gown! So look at the auction items in advance. Set limits about how much you will spend,  and stick to those limits! Don't lose your head in the heat of the moment, kittens! And remember, all sales are "as is", and there is no turning back. 

Second, they must charge Illinois sales tax, and depending on where you live, they may have to charge sales tax for your state too. 

Third, they do not ship. They can send you a list of suggested shippers who will take care of this for you. This is easy to obtain. Just ask, and they'll email you one right away. But be aware this is an additional expense. Those of you who live in Chicago can pick up your winnings, or if you know someone in Chicago, you can authorize them to pick up your booty for you.

Finally, and this is the big one, they charge a hammer price/buyer's premium. What?!? Yeah, I know that's what I thought. So I called and the Nice Lady explained it to me. Say you bid and win on something with a final price of $100.00. Add to that 22.00 (or 22%) for your hammer price. If the winning price was over $200,001.00, the bid price goes down to 20% of the winning bid. If the winning bid was over $501,000.00  (yeah right) that percentage goes down to 12%.     

I strongly recommend that you fully read the Buying at the Auction page of their website before you place that first bid.

Having said all that, kittens, this is so exciting! There is serious vintage clothing and accessories on sale here. And this is your chance to buy vintage for the price most of your vintage dealers pay (except for the clothes that walk in the door, and well, kittens, unless we hang out a shingle, we'll never get that.)   

You may need to be logged into the Leslie Hindman site for my links to work.  I'm not sure.  My auction experience has heretofore been limited to eBay and the occasional estate sale. If you find you have trouble,  log in.  If you find you still are having trouble, I will make an effort to list the lot number of each of the items I am including in the blog. 

This charming Edwardian Jacket is part of the Leslie Hindman Couture and Accessories Auction (lot 260). Circa 1905. Labeled: James McCreery & Co/New York. With soutache and passamenterie throughout, the ornamentation on this coat is exquisite. Box pleats have been sewn into the back of the jacket and the sleeves. The jacket is fully lined. I just adore the rich ornamentation of the coat, and have all sorts of romantic visions of strolling in Central Park with this on my back. I'm a Texan, and I've never strolled in Central Park in my life,  but this jacket leads me to such flights of fancy. The auction is expected to close between $300.00 and $500.00.

This wonderfully mod purple dress was designed by Bob Bugnand. Made of wool knit with a simply fabulous floral design at the right hemline, this dress is also part of Leslie Hindman Couture and Accessories Auction (Lot 62). Described as being in “overall good condition” I can offer few other details about the garment. The most important information I do have is that the bust measurement is only 32", so while the rest of this garment is free and flowing, it is decidedly for a small woman. The auction is expected to close at $100 - $200, a good price for such an iconic 60's mini.

Barely vintage, as it was made in 1991, this Hermes handbag is charmingly crafted of white leather and canvas. part of the Leslie Hindman Auction of  Couture and Accessories (lot 516) this handbag features a gold tone closure and rings for the handle. I would be very surprised to find there were not gold toned feet at the bottom of the bag as well. It measures 9 x 6 inches and is stamped “Hermes”.  I’m afraid very little other information is offered about the handbag.  Were I planning to purchase it, I would contact the auction house, request a photograph of the back and the bottom of the bag, and a general condition report for the lining.  Still, an Hermes is an Hermes, and one can count on it’s quality and sense of chic. The auction is expected to bring between $400.00 and $600.00.

This fabulous large Chanel black leather and chain belt were found in the catalog of the Leslie Hindman Auction (lot 450).  Featuring black calfskin (?) leather and a gold tone buckle and chain.  The seller notes that the leather has some wear in the places where the gold tone buckle usually sits.  I know very little else about the belt.  I don’t even know if the word “large” refers to the thickness of the belt (which appears to be, oh maybe, 3") or the length of the belt.  The auction is expected to close at about $100.00 to $200.00. 

Shall we talk about this Miriam Haskell creation or just stare at it for a while and drool? Oh kittens! From the Di Santacroce Collection of Palm Beach, Florida this stunning Miriam Haskell Floral Fur Clip and Chained Brooch are the stuff that collectors dreams are made of.  This example from the Leslie Hindman Auction Featuring a long gold toned chain with a gold tone leaf clip at one end and the fretwork of a flower brooch at the other.

This set is an exquisite example of Ms. Haskell’s mastery of the use of faux pearls and rhinestones to create a work of art that is so very much more than the sum of it’s concomitant parts. Ms. Haskell’s work is prized by collectors not only for the quality of it’s parts but the artistry with which it is executed. This piece is expected to bring between $100.00 and $200.00 at auction - a veritable steal for a Haskell original of this qualify.

This gorgeous Thea Porter Art Deco Caftan will be up for auction at the Leslie Hindman’s Auctions Couture and Accessories Auction (Lot 37). Made of all over-lurex decorated with sequins and featuring a decidedly art deco beading detail along the center. Sadly, their site does not offer a “zoom” feature. I would really love to get a close up of the beadwork. This sumptuous garment is estimated to sell for $1,000.00 to $2,000.00

Taxco is a small town of 50,000 founded by Hernán Cortés in 1529 because of the abundance of silver in the area.  It is an ancient town with small winding streets through a sea of Spanish red tile roofs. 

An American, William Spratling, moved to Taxco in the 1920's, began designing and producing silver jewelry and exporting it to the United States for sale. Spratling’s designs were based primarily on pre-Columbian and traditional motifs. “To many, his work served as an expression of Mexican nationalism, and gave Mexican artisans the freedom to create designs in non-European forms” (Wikipedia) The influence of pre-Columbian ornamentation is obvious in this lovely silver an amethyst collar.  The plates of silver hang down from the collar almost like a breast plate, and the seven amethyst drops seem almost to provide an aura of protection for the wearer.  I am obviously enchanted with this necklace, which is part of the Leslie Hindman Auction of Couture and Accessories (Lot 668).   The necklace is expected to fetch a price of between $300.00. and $500.00.

I just adore this Oscar de la Rente Coat, though I can tell you next to nothing about it’s provenance. It’s part of the Leslie Hindman Couture and Accessories Auction (lot 149). The coat has a fabulous hourglass shape to it - something so often lacking in coats. I believe this would fit up to a size 14, but measure a coat that fits you well and compare those with the measurements at the auction site. The auction is anticipated to bring between $100 and $200. Do be reminded that if you have specific questions about a garment up for auction, you may email Leslie Hindman’s and they will do their best to help you.

With my passion for Trifari coupled with my passion for lucite, there was next to no way that least one of the Jelly Belly pieces of the Leslie Hindman Auction  (lot 603) wouldn’t  make it to the blog.  This collection is called Jelly Belly’s because the center pieces of lucite look so much like Jelly. (It is worth mentioning that Elsa Schiaparelli was experimenting with the same look with glass baroque pearls in the 1930's, Three decades before the famed “Jelly Bellies” made their first appearance.)  This charming lizard brooch is expected to bring between $150.00 and $200.00.  This would be in keeping with the usual eBay closing price of such pieces unless a bidding war breaks out between two very determined bidders.  Then, well, then, the sky is the limit. 

While not vintage, this Escada Beaded dress is not only gorgeous, it’s sale will help to continue the good work of the fine people at Housing Works. Made of a greyish silk velvet burn-out with intense beading and what appears to be hand-painting or flocking. 

The dress has spaghetti straps as well as a slightly flared hem. The straps are a bit frayed from the beading and wear as shown in the site photographs. The back has a zipper and a pleated bottom, as shown below. 

The garment was made in Germany and is in good slightly worn condition. It is available for $135.00.

These vintage Nina Ricci Leopard Sunglasses turned up on a casual browse through Nasty Gal. I love the leopard tops and arm detailing, but I suppose my affinity for animal prints is rather obvious by now. In a variation of the classic “cat eye” style, these glasses have graduated amber lenses. The glasses are “new” old stock, and come with a drawstring case in the original box. I don’t know how vintage is “vintage” or how "new" is "new", but in this case I don't particularly care. They sell for $80.00.

Our fashion book for the week if Fashion File by Janie Bryant, the moving force behind the style and costumes of TV's madmen. A certifiable cultural phenomenon, Mad Men has had a profound impact on fashion. From the Marilyn Monroesque wardrobe of “Joan Holloway” to the Grace Kelley look of Betty Draper, Mad Men has women dressing up again, and going to vintage fashion stores in droves. Costume designer Janie Bryant reveals the design process behind each character’s look, and offers suggestions for finding your own style, be it vintage, modern or bohemian.  I found this book on eBay for $ 26.98; on Amazon (Hardcover) for $17.81; and available for kindle download for $12.99; Barnes and Noble (Hardcover) for $ 19.59; and B&N Nook download for $12.99.  (You can download e-books or kindle books to your PC if you want - just go to for e-books and for kindle software downloads).

I found these killer Liz Clairborne eel-skin Mules on ArtFire. Typical to really cool shoes, they are a size 6.5. I adore the tiny hourglass shaped heel. If you’ve never had Eel-skin shoes or an Eel-skin wallet, you don’t know what you’ve been missing. Eel-skin is incredibly soft, smooth and just yummy! Originally made in the 1980s, the toes come to a flat edge, but are still elongated enough to be fashionable. They show almost no wear, and I suspect they were part of some fashionista’s wardrobe who would buy shoes, wear them once, and then relegates them to the back of her closet. (Lucky for us!) Offered by TheFashionPolice for a very reasonable $35.00.

It’s been pointed out to me that I’ve been remiss in not including any men’s clothing, so I shall endeavor to cultivate an interest in what men wear beyond being strongly opposed to facial hair. I found this cool vintage men’s peacoat on ASOS. I have no idea what ASOS stands for, but they carry vintage clothing, so this makes them cool in my book. The coat is double breasted, features anchor button detailing, has twin pockets and a large notch lapel. The back has a center vent to facilitate ease of movement. Available in small, medium and large, these are vintage “reclaimed” garments. Priced at $206.88, on sale for $165.50. The drop in price happened between the time I found them and the time this blog "went to print". It is an actual drop in price, not a rise in price and then a percentage off which leaves the price where it was.

This fabulous 1960's Op Art Mini is available on Ebay. With concentric squares formed by the use of striped fabric, this dress ultra-mod. Made of a textured polyester in white, black and brown. The dress has no labels, so I can offer you no designer information. The dress fits a size medium, but as always, you are urged to look at the measurements at the auction site. The dress is offered by Kingstonavenuevintage for the Buy It Now price of $28.00. An absolute steal for such a 60's iconic mini.

This black nylon and sheer chiffon nightgown is available at 2rtisic Vintage. Cut very low in the decolletage as well as the back,  the nightgown is very sexy.  The darker sheer nylon comes up from the skirt, up the side, over the breasts and over the shoulders. The perfect gown for those "special" nights, sadly, this nightgown is very tiny.  The bustline measures on 32", so I'd say it's a size 2?  Maybe a 0?  Available for $99.99.

I'm almost powerless in the face of a good widow's veil. Attach one to the most ordinary of hat is transformed into something magical and chic. So naturally, I melted into a puddle of hat butter when I found this gem at Ruby Lane. Constructed of concentric circles of black straw, in addition to the veil in front, the hat has black velvet bows in the back. A tiny spray of delicate pink and white flowers appears on the right side of the hat (see detail below).

The bows and flowers are beginning to show their age, but beyond that, the hat is in excellent condition.  Available from Alley Cat Vintage for $38.00.

Okay. So the mannequins' head freaks me out too. In my endeavor to include men’s clothing, I found this fabulous men’s 1960's wool tweed hunting shirt from L. L. Beane on eBay. Featuring a 6 button hole placket and two breast patch pockets with button closures, the shirt has single button closures at the sleeves. I don’t understand the measurements vis a vis sizing of men’s clothing, so I won’t even attempt a guess at the size except to say that the seller refers to the shirt as large. The shirt is in excellent vintage condition, and is available for the Buy It Now price of $28.00 - an unbelievable bargain. Offered for sale by Polishqueen.   

I found these fabulous fifties eyeglass frames on Etsy. The classic cat-eye design is enhanced by the scroll work and rhinestones at the temples. The corners feature three flowers in bud on each side. The buds are formed by rhinestones with gold stems. Additionally, there are four rhinestones inset on each side with gold dots between them. I don’t understand eyeglass sizing, and won’t even attempt to convey any of this information to you. Offered by Eyewear50sEyeglasses for $60.00. 

Isn't this just too mod for words?  These flat "pancake" phones were made by Northern Bell Canada, and never made their way to the hot plains of a Texas. Found on ArtFire, this fabulous phone is buttercup yellow and features a gold tone trim ring around the bottom (look closely at the photo). The phone is surprisingly heavy weighing slightly more than 3 pounds. This style was officially called the “dawn” model, but was more popularly known as the “pancake” phone. Comes with a phone jack and is in working condition, though there is some age related wear. Part of the collection of BeauMonde’s collection, this phone is on sale for $65.00.

While I generally try to steer clear of this sort of thing, this breath taking Edwardian “Titanic Era” white net gown would make a stunning wedding dress. Dating from 1912 (the year the Titanic went down) this gown is made of a white sheer net fabric, with appliqued princess guipere tape lace rosettes, silver crystal beading, blue silk ribbon work rosettes and embroidered trim accents. The gown has a handkerchief hemline, a squared neckline, short sleeves, and a waist band at the natural waist. In remarkable vintage condition, the dress does have faint under-arm stains and some missing beaded fringe (which should be easily replaced by the right seamstress).

What impresses me the most is the lovely light blue rosettes. 

The dress is obviously quite sheer. Were it to be my wedding gown, I would commission a seamstress to make an appropriate slip-dress for it, rather than trying to find a ready-to-wear slip which would never fit the contours of the gown or especially match the handkerchief hemline. Without these important qualities, it would never pass as original to the garment. Offered by 1860 - 1960, at the time of this writing there have been 12 bids and the price stands at $200.00. Highly unusual for eBay, this seller has a “return it in 3 days” policy!

Obviously not vintage, these were just too cool to not share. This incredibly cool string of lighted floral rosebuds is available from ModCloth for $24.99 for a 6 foot strand. I’ve written to inquire if multiple strands can be plugged into each other, like Christmas lights, and Kelly of ModCloth wrote me back to assure me that they could string into an infinite number of lights. I want to wrap the mirror in my bedroom with them. Not only will the mirror double the light, it will add a feminine touch to what is an otherwise blase’ mirror.  It's also crossed my mind to do a criss cross pattern across the ceiling of my bedroom, though this would require a considerable investment. The lights are also available in pink, citrus, purple and teal. 

This lovely vintage crocheted jacket or over-dress was found on Sense of Fashion. Like the merchant, I am currently having a love affair with all things crocheted, and I was delighted to find this gem. No actual date is given, but it is my belief the garment is from the 1970's, or perhaps the late 60's.  Hand-made touches fell out of favor by the eighties, and it is only recently that we have rediscovered the charm of crochet. There is an open weave pattern all over, with a smaller pattern executed on the sleeves. Extensive and obsessive use of the zoom feature leads me to believe this is made of cotton twine, and not that fuzzy yarn so often used in crochet or knitting.  I infinitely prefer this material. (I tend to associate the fuzzy stuff with booties.) There are two small buttons for closure at the bust, but the garment would look just as good open. This could look smashing with a simple white slip dress for a wedding, but I would hate to give you the impression that this is a wedding garment. It is far more versatile than that. It would look smashing over a long black tank dress, or, well, let’s not even get me started. Sized XS, this is offered by GirlOnAVine for $198.00.  

You may have noticed that GirlOnAVine's stock makes an almost weekly appearance in my blog.  I do not know her, and am under no obligation to her. I do however find that she has a strong sense of chic or at least that her sense of chic is remarkably like my own, and I am consistently impressed with her offerings.

These striking grey limited edition strappy shoes by Emanuel Ungaro were found at Madeleine’s, a place Vogue has called “Miami’s best kept secret”. I must admit, I don’t know how vintage is vintage, and I suspect not too terribly much, as these shoes are rather today.  Created of open toes and six interweaved ankle straps of grey leather with hints of brown suede on a half inch platform. The most unique feature of these shoes are the fabricated tree-bark 5.5" heels.

The shoes are limited editions, and were made in Italy.  Each bears the label “Emanuel Ungaro, Paris.” The shoes are European size 38, which my sources tell me are the equivalent of an American size 7.5.  Showing little to no wear, the shoes are reported to be in “near mint” condition, and are on sale for $1,000.00.

I’m afraid this lovely Hattie Carnegie jacket dress is not shown to it’s best advantage by this mannequin as shown on eBay. The exaggerated rise of the left shoulder throws the entire garment askew, and one loses all sense of proportion and line for the actual ensemble. Fortunately, I have enough experience viewing Hattie Carnegie’s couture creations to see past this poor presentation. I hope you do as well. If not, simply imagine that the sideways stretch to this garment as going away. I promise Hattie Carnegie did not design a side-ways dress. The sleeveless dress is fully lined, and features a pronounced waist seam and a rather long metal zipper in the back.  

The jacket has 3/4 length sleeves, and a lovely rosette at the snap closure just below the bust.  As this is the smallest part of any woman, it will show your figure to it’s greatest advantage, and should you have a bit of a tummy, it you’ll find the cut of the jacket does wonders to camouflage it. The three quarters length sleeves leave room to show off your bracelets. I would estimate the size to be a modern 14 - 16, but as always, you are encouraged to view the measurements at the actual auction site. The ensemble is in magnificent condition, free of holes, rips, or stains. If you’ve never handled vintage silk, you should know that it is very delicate, and tears as easily as tissue paper, so be certain the garment will fit you before attempting to get into it. To do otherwise is to almost guarantee a tear. Offered by Hollywood*Classic*Vintage for the Buy-It-Now price of $125.00, an absolute bargain for a vintage Carnegie in this condition.  If it disappears, well, you'll know I succumbed to temptation and purchased it myself.

This four strand Schiaparelli necklace is made of Czech faceted crystal beads gathered together in the center by a stunningly large blue stone with smaller (but still quite large) blue rhinestones on both the bottom and the top of the larger stone. Found on Ruby Lane, this necklace is in flawless vintage condition with the exception of one tiny fleabite to the center stone (which - try as I might - I was unable to detect) and some scratches on the back of the clasp where the Schiaparelli mark is. 

I believe the silver toned metal used in the creation of this show-stopping necklace to be rhodium. The necklace has been beautifully photographed and presented. Offered by Chic Antiques by Pamela Wiggins for $295.00.  Though the seller makes no mention of age, I am almost certain this necklace is of pre-war vintage.  

The beauty of the 1970's Pucci sunglasses is hardly enhanced by the cartoonish mannequin on which they are displayed.  Nonetheless, this is one of the problems of doing business with eBay  where most of the sellers have little, if any, experience in retailing. In 1970, frames of this size were considered quite mod, and the pendulum is swinging in that direction again. I've received nothing but compliments on my largish 1960's frames, and even had a woman chase me down in Walgreen's to see where I had found such "fabulous" frames.  I've included this second photograph, which - though it will not help you envision what the frames will look like on - will at least detox you from the pursed lipstick and blue eye-shadow of the mannequin used to demonstrate the frames.  

Bordered with a gold scalloped edges, which is in turn bordered with a thin line of red close to the lenses. The glasses are stamped "Emilio Pucci" on one ear piece and "France" on the other. Offered by zuzuvintage for the Buy-It-Now price of $150.00, though the seller is taking offers. 

In my endeavor to cultivate some men’s fashion, I found this great Vintage T-shirt from the Russian Navy at the mysterious ASOS. The short sleeves are rolled in the photo shown. It is possible to wear them straight down. I think this shirt is so cool, I may have to get one for me! (after all, I’ve been cross-dressing for years.) The shirt sells for $48.27, but is on sale for the holidays for $37.93. Available in small and large only. I wish I had some information on fabric content, but none is offered. My bet would be that this is cotton, but is may be a blend.  

I'm just in love with this vintage stacked lucite lamp I found on Etsy. The seller notes that the lamp was signed by it's maker, (she actually used the word "buy", but I live in a glass house for this matter and will cast no stones),  but fails to say just who that is.  Believed to have been made in the 1970's, the lamp would add a mid century moderne touch to any room you chose to place it in. I must mention that I strongly disagree with the seller about placing this lamp on a bathroom vanity. I know someone who died from a tragedy involving a lamp in a bathroom, and I believe that no lamp should ever be placed in a bathroom.  If your ceiling or wall light fixtures are inadequate, please contact an electrician.  Do not risk your life by placing extra lighting in the room. In excellent vintage condition, there are no chips, scratches, or signs of age on this lamp. The lamp is 10" to the height of the lucite body, 13" to the top of the bulb holder.  The square base measures 5.5 inches wide and long.  As the cord must be replaced prior to the sale, the seller gives you the choice of brown, black, muted (matte) gold, or silver/clear. Sadly, we are too late to take advantage of the seller's holiday sale (though you might convo them to ask), the lamp is priced at $200.00,  a good price for a true vintage Mid Century Moderne piece of furniture.

Since first discovering his wonderful hats, I now look for Jack McConnell’s work where-ever I go. This fabulous black feathered example is currently on eBay.  The seller offers almost no information about the hat, except to say that it is a pillbox hat which has been somewhat flattened in storage. I’m sure any qualified haberdasher or milliner would be able to steam this hat back into shape. The hat is covered in jet black feathers of an unknown origin. Offered by erikslaws for the Buy It Now price of $104.99. The seller is also entertaining offers. 

I tend to think of Halston as a boring designer who occasionally does some thing surprising and chic. Found at 1st Dibs, this would be one of those some things. I have no idea how old it is. It may have come from the Halston 2010 spring collection for all I know. Yet I just adore it. I love the lace which makes up the body of the jacket in front.  Try as I might to peak around the fur, I am unable to tell if there are darts for the breast or the waist line. 

In the back of the jacket, the lace is replaced by wool.

The lush fur at the collar and the sleeves is fox. This yummy garment can be worn over a dress, or as a separate over a camisole or blouse.  This garment is being offered by P.S (Post Script).  Price information is not published, but may be obtained by inquiring at

So often our vintage finds come to us missing their matching sashes. My mother used to have a boutique which stocked wide, luxurious wonderful ribbon which I would use to replace these missing sashes. This week, I decided to look to see what might be available on line, and I was so pleased with what I found! Search using “Wide Ribbon” as your search words, and you’ll find great matches at eBay, ArtFire, and at Etsy, but by far, the best ribbons I found were at Etsy.  The ribbon shown may not be what you need, but I am using it as an example of some of the really fine, sumptuous ribbon out there that is available to us. I found the ribbon on ArtFire to be more on the “cute” side, the ribbon eBay to be very hit and miss, and Etsy to have a great selection of real high-end luxury ribbon. No. It’s not cheap, but when you consider that it makes a vintage garment wearable, it is worth every penny.  And some of you may find all kinds of artistic uses for such ribbon.  This particular ribbon is offered by Ttrimgoddess who just has an amazing collection of fabulous ribbon. The price for 3 yards of this luxurious 1 5/8" ribbon is $8.20.

Ooh! La! La!  This sexy Guy Laroche teddy is so sexy!  I was just thrilled to find this on Etsy, and even more thrilled to find it in a size large!  Made of spandex/nylon with fine delicate lace, this gorgeous teddy comes with handy snaps in the crotch area and the shoulder straps are covered in delicate lovely lace.  Offered by BoudoirBarbie - a new find for me! - for $48.00.  This price is practically a steal for a designer of Laroche’s standing.  This shop has some real finds, so be sure and take a look at all of her offerings!

This lovely Frank Mesandrea striped maxi dress is available on Etsy. Made of a wool blend knit, the dress features a mock turtle neck, and purple and burgundy lines across the waist. I’m not sure the dress is a true maxi. Looking at the dress on the dress form, it looks like it would hit mid calf, not at the ankle. The dress zips up the back and closes at the top with a hook and eye. A small to medium, the dress is offered by SunnyDaysDiggs for a bargain $38.00. 

I am including these non-vintage leopard leggings from Newport News, as ones from the 80's keep popping up at rather inflated prices. I’m all for recycling fashion, but I see no sense in spending more for an old garment when an identical new one is available for less money.  These leggings are available from S-XL for $19.00 (on sale). 

This "Go Go" Necklace is iconic 60's "space age" jewelry.  This necklace nevertheless caught my eye on Etsy. Each black 23mm diamond bead is made of onyx and each white 23mm  diamond bead is made of white quartz. The entire necklace is 21" long. Definitely more "space age" mod than hippie chic,  this necklace was more likely to have been worn by a socialite than a flower child. Offered by Floweravenue for $58.00. The seller has an interesting collection of vintage jewelry and new jewelry created of vintage parts.  I encourage you to give his/her work a look. 

This psychedelic silk jersey mini from the early 1970's is an iconic Pucci dress from eBay.  Made of a wild, almost hallucinogenic palate of yellow, black, white, light blue, teal blue, sky blue, medium blue, lavender, purple, fuchsia, grape, olive green, forest green and lime green.  The pattern changes from zig-zag to loop de loop, and from there to a free form collision of patterns, like ribbons overlapping.  The label is age appropriate and states the dress is a size “8".  Let this serve as an example of why one should never go by vintage sizing.  The dress is silk jersey with considerable stretch, and the seller claims it could fit from a size “0" to a size “6".  I would be inclined to narrow that to a size 2-4, but the seller has provided no measurements, something I wouldn’t dream of exchanging money without. Offered by foxy_couture for a Buy-It-Now price of $895.00, though the seller is accepting offers.

I generally think the term “pant suit” is an oxymoron. Just the same, I am all about this fabulous black women’s tuxedo from Sense of Fashion.  I only find it a pity that it fits the model so poorly.  Very 1980's, the jacket, vest, and pants are all made of wool. A satin stripe goes down the side in true tuxedo tradition. Once could find a million uses for the pieces on their own, but they’re also smashing as an ensemble. I would suggest that a woman with a small bust not attempt to wear the vest as a top without something under it. Size 0. This tuxedo is offered by Dorothea’sCloset for $140.00. Dorothea has some lovely pucci scarves which combined with this tuxedo would be the coup de grace.

This 1960's one shoulder black silk crepe cocktail dress with the oh-so-mod white silk satin insets was found among the newly acquired stock of First Dibs. The dress features two rather long silk straps (ribbons?) of fabric which “peaks out” from the black garment through multiple “windows” along the side in both the front and the back. The two “ribbons” form a lovely bow on the left shoulder.

Sadly, this dress is unmarked, so we don’t know whose creation we are admiring. More’s the pity, as I’d like to find more of this artists work. Offered by Torso Vintage, the price may be obtained by inquiring of I find that I’ve become quite a fan of Torso Vintage.  Their visual sensibilities are quite simpatico with my own, and I’m always tempted to list their catalog en masse. 

And with that, dear kittens,  I wish you Happy Shopping!

Second Hand Roze


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