Thursday, December 23, 2010

December 23, 2010

Hello Kittens,

I hope your holidays are going well.  I ran across a couple of things that I just had to tell you about...

I’ve been so pleased to see the return of the leggings, and this tie dyed pair may be the most fun of any I’ve seen. I love the way you can just throw them on, and I love how comfortable they are! Available on Etsy. Made by the seller, these low rise leggings are size 2-4 (argh!)  Offered (and made) by VamosThreads for $35.00. The seller has a delightful selection of other leggings. 

Lilly Dache is really known for her hats. Nonetheless, is this a stunning brooch, or is this a stunning brooch? Found on Ruby Lane  This striking rhinestone brooch is almost a variation of the pineapple motif with a wildly exaggerated leaf design.  Or perhaps you see something Celestial in it?  My boyfriend just walked by and said, "Cool.  The Milky Way!"  Whatever you see in it, I'm certain you see beauty.  Offered by Antique Showroom for $195.00.  There are no missing or darkened stones. From what I can see this brooch is in mint condition.

These mad-men era (1960's) cream colored ostrich shoes made for Saks Fifth Avenue are in remarkably good condition.  Found on eBay,  there is some minor scuffing at the base of the heel, but I'm not convinced that this is anything that 409 sprayed on a paper towel won't remove.  These are 100% hand sewn in Italy (and they don't make 'em like that anymore!) and are size 7.5. Offered by Fashion 401K (isn't that clever?) for the Buy-It-Now price on the shoes is $29.99 - a steal! This merchant has tons of really fabulous merchandise.  I could spend an entire morning just admiring her tie collection,  and on top of that she has a fabulous Paloma Picasso purse from the 1980's.

This Halston Bow Neck Blouse just screams the 1970's. It was the Women’s Movement in a shirt and up for sale on Sense of Fashion. Made for the legions of women who were entering the workforce in droves, these shirts were a woman’s answer to the tie. I think you could update the look and feel of the shirt by simply tying a Windsor knot instead of a big bow. (Don’t know how to tie a Windsor Knot? There are instructions on line!) The seller says the shirt is mauve. I’m so glad she said so, because it really looks like a café au lait to me. (Okay, so I'm still tempted to write her and say, "There's really a pinkish tone to this shirt? You're sure?")  Offered by deyatarnofornakedboutique for $96.00.

Hardy Aimes made this lovely Art Moderne abstract tie in silk.  I was lucky enough to find it in eBay, and gentlemen, I am all about this tie.  I'm even considering buying it for me.  Rendered in shades of gold. burgundy, blue, grey, green and white,  this tie is almost too cool to just be a tie.  Lined in a red silk jacquard, the tie is offered by e_deals_everyday for a Buy-It-Now price of $18.95.  The seller also has a lovely selection of Dr.Seuss ties, which are just good for the soul.

Straight from Rob and Laura Petrie's Livingroom, this fabulous Art Modern Sofa was found at First Dibs. Upholstered in a wonderful (and pristine) grey tweedy fabric with just a hint of brown, all in a walnut frame. This walnut frame is all that's visible from the back of the sofa (sorry, their photograph was unforgivably bad). The tufting on this couch is accomplished by leather ties, rather than the traditional button, and one suspects that the upholstery is not original. This sofa is the stuff that 1950's dreams were made of. I'm tempted to sell all my other furniture and just buy this. If I had this, what else could I possibly need? Offered by 1st Dibs merchant ModeModern for $3,500.00. I'm betting this little baby is going to find a home remarkably fast. The seller has a remarkable collection of goods including an incredible painting of Marlene Dietrich and Josephine Baker.

Oh!  It's so hard to present photographs of white on white.  I do so hope you can see this. This fabulous "Dandelion" Art Moderne Light Fixture was found on eBay and just knocked me out!  What a work of art!  Perhaps this view will work better.

Doesn't it look like someone took an entire package of hole reinforcers and put them on wires?  I just think it's madly mod.  Made of aluminum and available in your choice of chrome or white,  this fabulous light fixture is offered by Great Shoppers, sellers who are fairly new to eBay.  Let's help them to feel welcome, don't you think?  They have a wonderful selection of primarily art moderne light fixtures.  This particular one is available for $149.00 - a price I consider an unbelievable bargain.

That wraps up this "night owls" version of Second Hand News.  I couldn't sleep, and just decided to see how much of a blog I could put out in a couple of hours.

God bless you all Kittens.  Happy shopping!

Second Hand Roze

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