Monday, September 13, 2010

Special Issue: Shop Housing Works

Wait!  Hold everything!

I was wandering on the web and ran across "Shop Housing Works".  Housing Works is renowned for addressing the needs of people living with AIDS that other organizations deem “too challenging to serve.” By offering a comprehensive array of health, housing, AIDS prevention, legal and case management services, we help our clients to empower themselves and actively manage their HIV.

They provide Case Management, Health Care, and Housing Assistance to those living with HIV and have extended their services to partner with organizations in Haiti and Puerto Rico.

Their offerings are available both as sales and as auctions,  and I should mention that they have a fine selection of men's wear which is not represented here as I have no eye for men's wear whatsoever.

Shall we begin?


This stunning pair of Allermuir Guest Chairs is available for a starting bid of $300.00.  Some mid-century modern home is fairly weeping for these chairs.

This Betsy Johnson Slip Dress is a steal at $50.00 (Buy It Now Price).  It's a size XS or I would have purchased it myself.  I briefly entertained the idea of purchasing it in hopes of shrinking into it, but alas.

Available for a shocking $40.00,  these DKNY Leather Slingbacks are a must buy.  Size 7.5

This two peice Grace Elements Suit reminds me of a late 50's Chanel creation.  Available at the stunning price of $40.00 it is a size 8.

Also an unbelievable buy,  this Kate Spade Bag is only $45.00.

This Pucciesque Halter Dress by Laundry is available at the stunning price of $20.00.  Size 2 (or I would have bought this too!)

This lovely Moschino Embroidered Scarf is available at the Buy It Now price of $45.00.

This Neo-Classical Arm Chair is up for auction and is at a current price of $327.00 with lively bidding.  The woodwork on this chair is simply magnificent and the chair begs only for a bit of fabric to give it new life.

This Neo-Classical Table is also up for auction and is at a current price of $217.50.  I love the weathered top of the table and know that somewhere,  some kitchen - or perhaps some dining room - will simply not be complete without this table.

This Ralph Lauren Sweater (100% cotton)  is right in time for the season and is available for the almost criminal price of $30.00.  Size Medium.

This green Roberto Cavalli Dress did not photograph well,  but is a stunning tank dress.  Up for auction,  the current price is $74.50 with lively bidding.  It is a size 6.

I can't believe this Tommy Hilfiger Paisley Jacket hasn't walked away at the bargain price of $15.00.  Size Medium.

So let your fingers do the walking and go, go, go, over to Shop Housing Works for the bargains and to help this worthy cause.
Happy Shopping,

Second Hand Roze

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