Saturday, September 25, 2010

Week of September 25 to October 1, 2010

I've been a busy girl on the net this week,  and have found some real treasures!  Could hardly wait to share them with you.

Shall we start right away?

This 60's Op Art top is so Mod it knocked my little socks off.  Can be found at eBay for a Buy It Now price of $80.00.  It's nylon,  so you know it will last forever.

From The Pink Poodle this peacock green evening dress is timeless.  It's fully lined,   and can be had for the incredible bagain price of $40.00.  A little steaming and this beauty will be good as new.

Vintage EISENBERG Rhinestone EARRINGS Clip-ons

These Eisenberg earrings can make any evening special.  Found at Etsy for a mere $ 35.00, almost unheard of for genuine Eisenberg's which can sell in the thousands of dollars.


From Monster Vintage this vintage 60's knit top is also in the So-Mod-Can-You-Stand-It? category.  Available for $ 69.99,  alas, this treasure is for the very petite and is an XS.

This fantastic 50's polka dot dress is at Dress Vintage and is - perhaps - slightly over-priced at $495.00.  Okay,  it is overpriced,  but I couldn't help gaping at it anyway.  It has the lines of an early Trigere and is just so "new look".

So Audrey Hepburn!  This brocade jacket dress is available on Ebay for a Buy It Now price of $119.00.  The "wiggle" dresses,  with or without jacket,  have been going upwards of $200.00 when going to actual bid,  so I think this price is more than fair.  In fact,  if this fit me,  I'd snatch it up!

I just love this New Old Stock nipped waist jacket suit from the 50's.  Available at Etsy's for $149.00.

Even though I disapprove of fur on principle,  I just fell in love with this vintage Hattie Carnegie suit on Ebay.  The fabric is navy with the trim done in a swell black lamb.  Price: $ 550.00.

From Dorothea's Closet,  this deep navy silk jacquard Evening Dress with the rouched side is so "new look".  A classic "wiggle" dress is ever there was one.  Available for $215.00.


Also from Dorothea's Closet,  I couldn't quite believe this wasn't a Lilli Ann!  With all the attention to line and detail,  this lovely dress is worth every penny of it's $215.00 price tag.

I found this treasure at Plum Vintage.  This classic Napier charm bracelet has faux jade, turquois, and coral as well as gun metal.  It's decidedly asian theme could be just the thing to complete that outfit!  $95.00  (You'll have to scroll down to find it on the page,  but she has all sorts of eye candy to entertain you on the way!)

Reported to be Vintage 70's,  the hemline says 80's to me,  but this gorgeous chiffon, rose detailed one shoulder gown has limitless possibilities.  At Etsy's for $212.00.

Would you believe this Mod, Mod, Mod, necklace is available for only $22.00?  Given that Nieman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Chanel have all decided Lucite is IN,  this is an incredible bargain. Available at Etsy's.

Another divine "new look" "wiggle" dress with Jacket.  Found this lovely number at Dress Vintage.  Designed by Karen Stark for Harvey Berlin in lightweight wool,  this dress would be classic in any decade.  $395.00.


Though not vintage, this tank top is highly collectible.  One of Hard Rock Cafe's "Tattoo" tops.  Found on eBay for $130.00.

Also on eBay this classic 50's bodice top by Molly Abrahamson is timeless.  Black and white raw silk, lined with white silk,  yours for a Buy It Now price of $69.00.

The very definition of timeless and classic,  this 1990's Gianni Versace suit can be had at Madeleines for $250.00.

I am just mad for this paisley beaded and fringed evening dress.  Available at Etsy's for $65.00.  Get it while it's hot!

Vintage 60's 3 piece faille suit,  this "new look" masterpeice is in pristine condition.  RUN to eBay to view all the photos of this beauty.  Available for a Buy It Now price of $225.00.  The seller is also taking offers.*

This gorgeous Pauline Trigere dress was sold on eBay at it's Buy It Now price before I could show it to you, but I'm including it anyway.  Ms. Trigere designed all the costumes for Moon River and her sense of line and proportion is unmatched.   Couldn't you just die?

I doubt that anyone loves the wasp waist and attention to detail of a classic Lilli Ann suit more than I do,  but Posh Girl has this lovely example for sale at the unheard of price of $799.00.  Even I think that's a bit much.  C'mon Posh Girl.  Do you want to sell or collect?

Reasonably priced at Posh Girl is this vintage 60's signed Vera scarf for $99.00.  It's use of color and proportion are iconic of the era,  and helped to make Vera a name to contend with.

Finally,  I just adore these colorful pop-art inspired sunglasses.  Found on Etsy for a mere $11.00.  Someone scoop these up!  They are too adorable to stay on the shelf.

* A note on "making offers" at eBay,  I've had incredible luck with offering the most outlandish amounts.  I've gotten many items for less than half price.  So don't be shy.  The worst they can say is "No."
And so another week passes us by.  Happy shopping!

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