Sunday, September 12, 2010

Week of September 12, 2010 to September 19, 2010

Here are this week's finds.

As always, buyer beware! Not everything that says it's vintage is vintage. (This week I found a chemise which claimed to be from the 20's. The seller was silly enough to show a picture of the label which featured the word "Washable". As there were no washing machines in the 1920's, one is given to wonder...) And - as always - how much is that worth? It's worth precisely how much you are willing to pay for it.

This lovely 50's cocktail dress with the exagerated bow ("which makes you look like a present" - Mad Men) is available at eBay for a Buy It Now price of $199.00. The seller is accepting offers.

This very 60's Pop Art dress was found at Fashion Digs, and is a steal at $ 48.00.

This gorgeous gold metallic shawl is available at eBay for a current bid of $152.00, though the reserve has not been met. Dating from the 20's, the embroidery on this garmet has been meticulously preserved, and I was unable to detect even any loose threads. Now why couldn't January Jones have worn this to the Emmys?

Found at 1860 - 1960, this 20's red paisley cocoon coat makes me long for a winter day.  $250.00

This fantastic 50's formal gown was found at Etsy for $178.00.

Though obviously NOT vintage,  these Jimmy Choo shoes were too much of a find to leave out.  Available on eBay for a mere $ 149.00.

This ostrich feather boa is so chic I can almost not stand it.  Available at 1860-1960 for $ 100.00.

This mod plastic go-go belt from the 60's is available at eBay.  Originally seen at $59.99,  the price has been reduced to $39.00.  If you want this,  get over there quick!  I may have to buy this myself!  EBay seems rife with fun belts right now.  If you want,  just do a search for "Lucite Belt" and see what fun things come up!

These to-die-for Pucci Sunglasses were found at Fashion Dig for $165.00.  They have some condition issues:  primarily scratches on the lenses and some wear to one of the ear peices.  I would make them into prescription eyeglasses,  so the lense condition wouldn't be an issue. 

I have a dear friend whose prescription glasses sit in Chanel sunglass frames she found at Goodwill for $3.00.  This is almost too much to bear, but I love her anyway.

Though not vintage, this purple lampwork glass beaded bracelet caught my eye at Etsy.  For a mere $20.00 they could be just the thing to complete that chic purple outfit!

This gorgeous Canton Piano Shawl was found at 1860-1960.  Imagine yourself wrapped in this lovely hand-embroidered silk!  A steal at $350.00.

I found this ruffled green dress at Etsy.  I have to admit,  I hate it as a dress,  but some scissors and a hem, and you could have a very fashion forward ruffled blouse,  and this season is all about the ruffles!  $45.00.

And speaking of ruffles,  eBay has several of these charming ruffled scarves for a mere $16.00.


I found this 60's Damask daydress at Etsy for a mere $88.00.  A steal for the "wiggle" dresses that are flying off 2nd hand shelves in the wake of Mad Men.

This cream colored crochetted draped kimono is available at eBay for a current bid of $16.50.  This timeless garmet is bound to go for more, so get your bids in now.

And finally,

This antique gilt/silver chinese charm bracelet simply took my breath away.  On eBay for a Buy It Now price of $190.00.

Happy Shopping!

Second Hand Roze

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