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Finds On The Fly: June 5, 2011

Oh my goodness, darlings! I've been on vacation, so I haven't blogged, but I've found so many wonderful things for us that I'm almost intimidated to begin! Oh my! We have so much to talk about!

Let's start with this amazing and rare Eisenberg dress from the 1940's.

The totally modern lines of this dress are almost deceptive. In fact, I thought I had misfiled the picture because I thought it wasn't a vintage item. The dress is made of an iridescent aubergine silk fabric with a bit of shine to it. The loose bodice is adorned with a large fabric bow on the left shoulder, true to the period.

The dress then cinches at the waist and the skirt features a large swag of fabric that continues well into the back of the dress.

This is a trick still being used by couturiers today and is why I thought this was a modern dress. This dress, like most 40's dresses, closes at the side with a metal zipper that has been painted to match the fabric. There is a faint extra sheen from an iron in this area which seems to be the dresses single flaw. The dress even still has it's original belt, a real rarity for a garment of this vintage.

The dress is a modern size 6/8 and is available from Shrimpton Couture for $525.00, a veritable steal for a vintage Eisenberg in this condition.

I just love this next item. The fantastic bangle bracelet shown above is salvaged from the meat packing industry and is made from a cow's horn. It's eco-chic and wonderful! Offered by Gallerieurbana at Etsy for $50.00. The bangle is also offered in a brown horn, as shown below:

This shop's inventory is full of fabulous and green jewelry. I urge you to look at all their offerings and save them to your favorites.

The stunning Edwardian lawn dress shown below would make such a charming wedding dress that it's enough to make a girl want to get married!

The dress features an exaggerated lapel that is almost like having a second layer to the bodice. It's richly and beautifully embroidered and the very essence of femininity. It splits to reveal a single layer "V" that is more sheer. This is coupled with a doubled, deeply embroidered waist panel that emphasizes the hour glass figure of the woman wearing it.

The construction of this bodice is such that one need not wear a full slip underneath the gown, just a half slip (skirt slip) would suffice. (The skirt is very sheer, though no less adorned with embroidery).

The back, sadly, needs to have the hooks and eyes replaced (no big deal) and features a repair to a hole in the original fabric (big, big, deal).

Below is a second view of the repair on the back or the skirt.

I think this dress is so gorgeous that it's worth it to completely replace the panels of fabric above that strip of lace. Or - in the alternative - one could simply wear an elaborate veil which hangs down the back and covers the repair. I'm uncertain if the repair to the skirt is to the front or back, but the presence of hooks and eyes lead me to believe it's on the back.

If it's important to you that your wedding dress be perfect, this is not the dress for you. But, if like me, you are truly charmed by the dress, then this flaw is really of little consequence and what matters is it's vintage charm.

Offered on eBay by avivb for the Buy It Now price of $695 or best offered. I hope the right bride finds this dress. It would be such a shame for it to go to waste!

This lovely silver-toned Crown Trifari necklace is at Etsy. The seller describes it as Art Deco, but it's Art Deco-ness escapes me, I find it rather modern. The silver metal (which I expect is rhodium) finish alternates between a shiny finish and a matte finish. The necklace has been well cared for, is clean, and has no missing stones. Offered by
Nigella818 for $32.00.

I am completely enchanted with this faux pearl and glass beaded handbag from the 1930's. Now this is some art deco! The metallic glass beads have taken on a lovely patina, as has the frame of the purse.

The frame and snake chain are silver plate, and the snap closure of the purse features lovely Austrian crystals.

I had envisioned some young lady working for weeks beading this purse in preparation for a prom or another special occasion, but no! Inside on the padded pale pink rayon interior is a label which reads "made in Hong Kong". So much for my romantic fantasies! This lovely purse is at Ruby Lane and is offered by Uniquities Unlimited for $245.00. The dealer reports the condition of the handbag to be excellent.

I had a fit of art moderne ecstasy when I found this next item!

This amazing spun aluminum light fixture in the classic artichoke design was found on eBay strutting it's stuff. It's a single bulb fixture and ships with 6 ft of aircraft cable for hanging. I think it's just modolicious! Offered by royalpacificlighting for a Buy It Now price of $339.00.

This company has a wide array of lighting from the very traditional to the cutting edge, all at very reasonable prices.

This stunning Donna Karan evening gown from the 1980's was found on 1stDibs. I simply adore it's cut, it's line, and the gorgeous fabric it's made of. In fact, I can't think of anything about it I'm not just head over heels over. It's almost one shoulder design is so striking and was very fashion forward for the 80's. The diaphanous magenta silk chiffon is bias cut and covered in beautifully appliance silk flowers and unique square shaped sequins.

The dress has a very low back to add to it's palpable sex appeal.

This superb evening gown is being offered by The Way We Wore for $1,200.00.

It's not unusual for me to seek out jewelry to wear with the clothing I pick out for this blog. I frankly think it would be a shame to wear any jewelry with this gown. This gown is the jewelry. Anything which would draw your eyes away from the artistry of this dress would be sacrilege.

The Way We Wore has such an extensive and fine selection of vintage garments that it would simply be a shame for you not to treat yourself to viewing it. I promise it will be one of the best window shopping experiences of your life.

Also from the 1980's is this gorgeous bronze crocheted dress from Etsy. I love it's artisan, bohemian appeal, though I must admit that I think pairing it with a black hat and shoes was a mistake.

Designed by Allen Schwartz, the dress features a low-cut modified "V" neckline, a tea length hemline and a body hugging style. I don't think there's anything about this dress that says 1980 and not today, though paradoxically it does say, "vintage" in a charming and vague sort of way. It's label claims it's a large, but the model above is a size two. The knit fabric has a great deal of stretch, so I'm going to limit my size advice to saying that this dress is only for the perfect of figure. It's body-hugging fabric will show quite plainly where ever there may be too much or too little of thebwoman wearing it.

Offered by Basyaberkman for a low $50.00, an absolute steal.

Ms. Berkman also has a lovely selection, including some charming jewelry and the perfect petticoat for the Edwardian Lawn Dress / Wedding Dress shown above.

That bronze dress definitely needs the right necklace to dress it up, as well as the right pair of shoes. Fear not! I'm on the case for both of these fashion emergencies.

For the necklace, I chose this Victorian charm necklace from Sweet Romance Jewelry.

I love the way the many layers and types of chain will dress up the simplicity of the dress. It's available for only $69.00 and should be a great addition to anyone's jewelry wardrobe.

For the shoes, I chose these golden-bronze stripy sandals from Etsy.

Their thin straps and platforms are oh-so-1970's even though both are back in style. The platforms are made of stacked wood and are remarkably scratch free for shoes that are about forty years old.

Don't they make you want to listen to some Abba?

These sexy retro shoes will beautifully set-off the metallic aspects of that dress as well as being appropriate to dress up any number of outfits, even blue jeans. These are being offered for sale by RevampedResale for $29.95.

RevampedResale also stocks this fun vintage sculptural pave rose bracelet.

The pave rose design would go well with the rhinestone features appearing on the Victorian charm necklace shown above. It's fun retro feel (late 80's?) would brighten most any casual outfit, or even a simple party dress like the bronze one shown above. Offered for only $34.95, I think this piece is awfully fun.

I call this magnificent 1950's dress the "Elizabeth Taylor" dress, as she wore one terribly like it in the 1954 movie Elephant Walk. Found in Europe, this gorgeous dress is made of a substantial cream colored rayon faile with a purple lace overlay at the bodice and right hip. Though it's lost it's labels, everything about this dress says high-end couture.

Sadly, the dress has a spot that is hidden among the folds.

The seller has had the dress dry-cleaned so we can assume considerable effort has gone into removing the stain already. From top to bottom, the stain is 3/4" high. I think it's important to remember this stain is hidden among the folds of the dress. While unfortunate, I do not think the stain is ruinous or destroys the value of the dress.

The dress is being offered for sale by Couture Allure for $325.00.

This dress needs something at the neckline, and as it would sadly be impossible to match that shade of purple in gemstones, I decided to focus on the white instead. I found this fabulous navette necklace from Sweet Romance.

The pearls and rhinestones give the necklace such a lovely feel. I also adore it's sculptural quality. The necklace is available for $79.00.

Any regular reader of my blog can imagine how my heart leapt for joy when I found this Lilly Ann suit! The suit is described as yellow, and photographs can certainly be deceiving, but it looks like a cream color to me. Made of silk crepe, this lovely suit is fully lined, and has ruching on the left side of the jacket.

It has full length sleeves, a shawl collar, and a typical 1940's pencil skirt. I wouldn't be surprised to find that those buttons are bakelite (the seller says they are lucite, but it was not being used for nonmilitary purposes during this time). The skirt has a kick pleat in the back, and a great silhouette.

This fabulous suit is being offered for auction by MillStreetVintage who has their usual amazing collection of vintage goods. The suit is about a modern size 8/10.

With a little more than 24 hours left to go on the bidding, the current price on this suit if $417.00. I expect it to close at over $600, but I've been wrong before.

As this last item has only a day's bidding left, I'm going to close so anyone who may be interested in the Lilli Ann will have a chance to bid, and so that I might accomplish something today besides blogging!

Happy shopping my darlings!

Second Hand Roze

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