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Finds on the Fly: June 11, 2011

Oh my Darlings, I've done it again! I've gone and fallen in love with so many lovely things, that I'm scared I'll never get up from my iPad again. And if any of you have a few dollars burning a hole in your pocket, I'll free you of that burden by the end of this post.

To start at the beginning, I found this incredible plus size wiggle dress from the late 1950's.

It is a pleasure to find a "Joan Holloway" dress that would actually fit the actress. (Please see the dimensions at the seller's website.) It's almost axiomatic that most really lovelynvintage clothing is a size 4 or 6. I always get so excited when I find an exception!

My favorite thing about this dress is the atomic fabric at the neckline and lining the pockets.

Is that fabulous or what? This wonderful pencil dress has two teeny tiny flaws: 1) it's lost itsvorigional belt, which isn't nearly the tragedy in a black dress as it would be in, say, a lavender dress; and 2) the seller reports there is a fabric rub on the pocket, but try as I might I simply cannot see it.

The real challenge of this dress will be finding it! It's the twenty-fourth (yes, 24th!) dress down on the page I've linked you to. Dorothea arranges her stock by decade, and puts everything from that decade on one page, instead of giving each garment it's own page. It's a pretty smart marketing strategy too, as I can guarantee you that you will fall in love at least five times as you make your way down the page to this dress.

This fantastic dress is available from Dorothea's Closet for $225.00.

The next dress takes us from a fifties pencil dress to an elaborate embroidered and beaded Titanic era gown.

This dress reminds me so much of the costumes of the film "Titanic" that I can almost not believe that James Cameron didn't scoop it up for use in the film! The dress is made of an emerald green silk, covered with a lovely beaded net black over dress. The neckline and the edge of the sleeves are covered with a rich gold lace that adds a regal touch to the dress.

The result is a dress fit for royalty! The dress is currently up for auction at eBay offered by 1860-1960. With three full days left of bidding, the price currently sits at $310.00. Expect this price to climb.

I was lucky enough to stumble upon this 1970's Christian Dior necklace while doing something entirely unrelated. It's as lovely as it is rare, and is quite long.

Discovered at Shrimptonlom,p" Couture, the necklace is listed at $475 US. I would be tempted to wear it ala Chanel, where as much of the necklace hangs down in the back as it does in the front.

I simply fell in love with this embroidered crepe dress from the 1930's. The dress is sewn so that the seams overlap and the bias cut of the fabric knocks you out on firstbglance. This is not to mention the exquisitely embroidered sash and frilly sleeves.

Aren't those little flowers amazing? This curve hugging dress is unlined and has nary a zipper to be found. You just pull it over your head and it clings to your body. The dress is a size 3/4, and is offered on 1stDibs by Posh Vintage for $825.00.

Going back a decade, is this incredible elaborately embroidered dress from the 1920's:

I think this dress is such a work of tart that I'd be torn between wearing it and framing it and hanging it on the wall. The lovely peach silk of this dress is fairly covered in a profusion of gold metallic embroidery. The delicate under-dress is attached to the dress by the leaves in the neckline. The bustline on this dress, the most limiting measurement, is 34", so I would estimate the size of the dress at 3/4 (what did I tell you?). This dress is offered by 1860-1960, and With three days left of bidding, the price stands at $305.

If you read my blog, like ever, then you can imagine how happy the next find made me!

I just adore lucite and this is the first time I've ever see a cuff of this length. ...Well, wouldn't you know it, the darn thing sold between my discovering it and bringing news of it to you. So, I shall tell you of it's cousin, a twisted lucite bangle featuring a silver heart charm.

This is actually cooler than the lucite cuff I started out with. I must warn you though, lucite is selling like hotcakes, and as you can see waiting three days to make your purchase could obviously be too long. This kickin' bracelet is on sale at Etsy, offered by mycinta for $38.00, a bargain.

I found this preowned, but not vintage, Katherine Hamnett mini dress on eBay.

I just love the sparkling peach stretchy fabric and the flowered sequins along the edges of the dress.

It's body hugging style is obviousy for the anatomically perfect, but if you fit into that category, this is a dress that can take you places. This lovely dress is a size S and is being offered by Celebrity-Owned for the Buy It Now price of $149.00.

This simple yet elegant design is instanty recognizable as a Leonard. The dress features a signature type obi belt. This pure silk dress with it's pure lines is as timeless now as it was when it came out of the coutuier house.

The dress is offered for auction by loulou. With almost three days left for bidding, the price stands at $91.89, but the reserve has not yet been met.

The next item is only vintage in sprit. This fabulous brushed faux suede jacket's asymetretical cut is so reminiscent of the 1980's that I had to check twice to be sure it's new. But it is, NWT.

The military buttons at the neckline and shoulders are so fabulous and they match the button at the waist.

Offered for action by lemooreboutique  for an opening bid of $24.99. The Auction closes in 2 more days.

And on the note, I think I shall wish you all Happy Shopping!

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