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Finds on the Fly: June 24, 2011

Oh goodness! I have such a great deal bookmarked, so many fine garments, that I am afraid to begin. Once begun, I shall be able to do nothing but write for days. It is written in the Tao te Ching that the journey of ten thousand miles begins with a single step, so let us that first step.

Shall we begin with this wonderful bohemian, gypsy, hippie skirt which I was fortunate enough ton find on Etsy. The skirt is described as, "made of very soft, light, sweet and colorful of Thai dye cotton. This piece is high in comfort and style."

This lovely purple shade should wear well over time, fading only slightly, and even then to a lovely shade of lilac. It simply cries out for the right price of Amethyst or Czech glass.

This is the type of garment I find most agreeable For the long hot days of summer. The loose cotton allows for the circulation of air and ease of walking. The long, many tiered skirt is one which shall never go out of fashion. This lovely skirt is being offered by FantasyClothes for a bargain $39.00.

I think this skirt would look just lovely with this 1928 Art Deco Revival Necklace currently on eBay. Not only is the etched lilac glass perfect for the skirt, the Art Deco style is timeless and would not force any limitation of wardrobe. The pendant is 1 3/4" long and includes the shown 18" gold-toned chain. Offered by MyRicky for the Buy It Now Price of $24.95.

I was fortunate enough to find this modolicious Norman Hartnell dress on eBay. It's a very period piece, very collectible, and invites the comment, "It's vintage!"

The Kelly green top is accented by the black mock turtle neck, and the stylish use of the black cord belt threaded through the metallic rings sewn into the garment. The sleeves are full length and not cut to show off any bracelet(s). I think the most appropriate piece of jewelry would be a 60's style large, low-hanging pendant.

The dress is offered for auction by McWhinnie48 for the Buy It Now Price of $63.52 Australian Dollars.

This beautiful faux emerald cross would be perfect on a long chain (at least 32") worn with the dress shown above. this cross is part of a very limited edition of similar pieces done by an artisan in Florida. It is shipped with a 20" brass chain, but this is much too short if you wish to be true to the period of the dress, and also of this type of "Carnaby Street" cross. Offered on Etsy by VictoriaCrochet for $27.50.

Though it appears a stark white in this photo, it is actually more a light cream color. Being of 1950's vintage, this suit features many of the hallmarks of the era, including the pencil skirt and the cinched waist accomplished by beautifully executed full length princess seams.

The suit is made of a winter weight wool, and features cloth covered buttons on the jacket. The truly interesting feature of the suit is, of course, the shawl collar which ties across the front. Looking from the front, much like a sweater tied by it's sleeves around one's shoulder. From behind, it looks like this:

Ah! Few things in life are as reliable as the fine lines and good cut of a Lilli Ann Suit. This fine specimen may be purchased for the very reasonable price of $245.00. It's not unusual for a Lilli Ann on eBay to close north of $400 when put up for auction.

This lovely black gabardine dress is from the 1940's and was found for sale from Nelda's Vintage.

The bodice has a notched collar, and buttons run down the front of the dress to about hip length. The cinched waist is accomplished through a series of darts and princess seams on each side. Labeled a "Junior Sophisticates Original", the dress would be a modern size 6 and is in "Grade A" condition. It's available for purchase for $145.00. (All prices are in US dollars unless stated otherwise). I think it would look stunning with a five or six strand string of pearls.

I chose this five strand string of faux pearls from eBay because they have lovely luster and - more importantly - because they have adjustable length allowing one to wear them with many outfits. Offered at the Buy It Now Price of $34.99 by Apollos0824.

I'm simply mad for this 1950's red velvet halter swing dress. Found at SenseoFashion, this lovely, and tiny dress features an elongated waistline and a skirt full enough to wear a crinoline under it (I think the dress would be greatly improved by this addition.)

The dress is certainly not for the faint of heart, as any woman wearing it will be the center of attention. The neckline fairly begs for a four or five strand set of pearls, and below you'll find the perfect bracelet to accommodate such an outfit.

Offered for sale by perennial favorite Tilicoultry for $280.00.

This stunning pearl and rhinestone bracelet would be simply perfection if combined with a multiple-strand pearl necklace and worn with the dress above. This bracelet displays remarkable workmanship and is as fine as costume jewelry gets. Offered by LulusSplendor of Etsy for $120.00.

And for your tootsies with that magnificent red dress? I found these killer Garolina strappy sandals most likely from the 1970's.

The stiletto heels are perfectly in style. The shoes were made in Italy of all leather and are a size 7N. They are in excellent condition,though they show some wear on the bottom. Offered on Etsy by WhiteFluffyClouds for $44.00.

This gorgeous vintage lace and crochet top is available at from favorite seller VintageOppulence. This shop has so much lovely merchandise that I had to restrain myself from listing their stock en mass.

The beige vintage lace on this blouse is fully lined in beige satin and "dressed up" with heavily tea stained crochet. This is one top guaranteed to put you on the top of the Best Dressed List. Available for $50.00 and worth every penny. This is one knock-out blouse. It could dress up the simplest black (or ivory) skirt and make it into a really special outfit.

I love their use of a single medium length string of pearls. I can only say, I concur.

This lovely medium length string of pearls is from the queen of pearls, Coco Chanel. This rare vintage find was unearthed at Archive Vintage, and took my breath away. One simply does not find Chanel Accessories in the secondary market.

I chose to include this illustration because I feel the luster of the pearls show up better and the length of the necklace is more easily imagined. You can acquire these pearls and this bit of fashion history for $1,200.00.

This two-piece 50's sportswear outfit was designed by Lipman Wolfe for Caliente Sportswear. I think it's simply stunning. The moire satin jacket has rhinestone buttons, and - wonder of wonders! - still has it's self belt. It had a shirtwaist collar and bracelet length sleeves. The skirt has a 26" waist and is shown with a crinoline for fullness (not included). This lovely outfit is available at Dressing Vintage for $395.00.

This extravagantly ruffled 1950's prom dress was found at The ruffles are edged in lace, the bodice of the gown is boned and beautifully pleated. The dress closes in back with a metal zipper in the center. This is a very small dress with a 30" bust and a 23" waistline. I would strongly suggest a floor length crinoline to go with this dress and give it that true "princess" silhouette. This is another gown for which I would grab that classic multiple-strand pearl necklace. The bracelet would look lovely too, but really I picture a corsages at the wrist. (Do young men still do this for formal occasions? Bring a lady a corsage?) Offered by SLVintage for $340.00.

This gorgeous vintage 70's blouse from Halston is proof that if you hang onto it long enough, it will come back in style. The ruffled neckline at the top of this silk chiffon blouse couldn't be more today. I might have a taylor take in the sleeves a bit, and I'd tuck it in, in lieu of using the drawstring at the waist. Found at SenseoFashion, this blouse is being offered by TheKaliman for $300.00

This tulle and acetate dress is marked a size 9, but fits like a modern size 2-4. There are a few pinholes in the tulle, and a somewhat larger hole by the hem, but these flaws completely get lost in the fold of the dress and are hardly worth mentioning. The bodice is boned and beautifully constructed with folds of fabric.

By far, my favorite feature of the dress is the long dark pink scarf-like feature pinned to the top of the dress with a floral brooch. This lovely dress is one of the few 50's dresses I find as lovely hanging free as it would be with a crinoline. Priced to sell at $250.00.

I simply adore this charming long bohemian skirt from the 1980's. Found at The Rusty Zipper categorized with the hippie skirts. Made of a butter yellow rayon muslin plisse with blue and pink cabbage roses. The waist is both elasticized and includes a drawstring. The ends of the drawstrings are decorated by brass bells from India at each end of the string.

This skirt would look wonderfully stylish and feminine paired with the Halston blouse shown abovel, or with the lace and crochet blouse featured earlier. I'm not certain, but this skirt looks full enough to pair with a crinoline. This could add an entirely new dimension to the skirt, and essentially give you two skirts in one. Priced at a wonderful $20.00 this skirt is simply a steal. One size fits all.

It's been a great week for 50's cocktail dresses and this one of a kind turquoise dress is certainly no exception. Beautifully hand-sewn of silk chiffon, the dress features a sewn in crinoline but is shown with an additional petticoat (available for purchase). I must admit to liking the extra fullness.

This is another dress that would have me reaching for that five strand string of pearls. Offered by Elegance50's for $225.00.

Just as their name would suggest, Elegace50's has a lovely and varied collection of dresses from the 1950's. When looking for a 50's dress, this should absolutely be your "go to" resource for dresses from this watermark fashion decade.

These amazing and colorful palazzo pants (yes, pants) were made by Dominic for Matty Talmac. The design was the 1966 Coty Award Winner. The pant suit features full length sleeves and a Nehru collar and "more colors than a rainbow.". I think it's completely modoliscious! Available for $325.00 from SwingKatsVintage. No true 60's collector should be without this garment! It's obviously a one-of-a-kind design! And so much a product of the period!

I simply fell in love with the garment shown below:
This amazing hand painted silk chiffon scarf was inspired by the traditional Japanese art of Ukiyo-E, a form of art that depicts then floating world of the Geisha. This particular scarf has been done in my favorite shade of celadon green, and when not wearing it, I would be proud to display it in my bedroom like the work of art it truly is. Made and offered for sale by Takuyo out of Hawaii. Perhaps there is something about being surrounded by that Island beauty that inspires such beautiful art. This scarf is available for $119.00, a steal for an article of clothing of this caliber.

Vintage bathing suits are so hard to find! I just about squealed with pleasure when I found this Bettie Gingham bathing suit on Etsy even though this is a reproduction and not an actual vintage piece. size S-M the suit is made of stretch cotton with an elastic waist and adjustable top. Available for $90.00 from AlexandraGrecco.

After so much from the 1950's, I thought I might present something a little more recent like this fabulous minidress from the 1980's. I just love it's body hugging design!

The back has fabulous crisscross-cross straps, and the dress is a steal at $28.00. Offered by Etsy dealer BadBabyVintage. Isn't that name adorable?

The dress below is - without a doubt - my favorite dress of this blog:

Reminiscent of a flapper's dress, this charming dress could be appropriate for so many occasions including a wedding! The deeply tea stained silk chiffon still retains a very faint floral design which has been embossed into the fabric. I love the handkerchief hemline, the silk rose just below the waistnand the sellers use of multiple long necklaces with the gown. Offered by VintageOppulence for $150.00.

I believe the dress shown above is a retro 30's reproduction. I just love it's name: Lt. Emma Lee. Hand crocheted of Egyptian Cotton, this dress is designed to honor the coast guard. Always a sucker for things nautical, this dress just stole my heart. This dress was created by and being sold by AnnieBriggs for $390.00. Because this fabulous dress is hand made, it is available in the full spectrum of sizes from XS to XL. Can you imagine the hours that would go into crocheting a work of this size and intricacy?  Ms. Briggs must never have idle hands!

The little black wiggle dress shown above does not include a photograph which reveals it's hemline, so I'm hesitant to assign a decade to it. The spaghetti strapped top is richly embroidered and features fring I would estimate at 2" long. The seller estimates the current size to be a 6/7, but as always, you are encouraged to check the measurements at the website. available for $35 from LoveSpunVintage. It could be from any time from the 40's to the 80's. The seller assures us it's in fabulous condition.

The slip dress shown above is part of the Alexanrda Grecco Spring/Summer 2011 collection on Etsy. Available in white, nude (shown) and black, this lovely dress is perfect for weathering the summer heat.

This is a new garment and is available in sizes 0 through 8. The bodice features lovely embroidery along with sexy spaghetti straps. Offered by AlexandraGrecco for $450.00.

Perfect for the dress shown above, this charming art nouveau necklace is simply stunning. Featuring antique brass findings and some lovely champagne and cream glass beads. I think it's gorgeous without being over-stated. Offered on Etsy by HemsandBustles for $35.00.

This seller has a splendid and varied selection of hats which would be truly a tragedy to miss while you're surfing in this neighborhood anyway.


I'll give you a moment to just soak in the beauty of this garment. This incredibly lovely strapless dress with lace shawl is an Elizabeth Arden Original from the 1950's. I must confess to finding it stunning. If not for the cultural connotations of the color black, I would dub it the perfect mother in-law dress the perfect Mother-of-the-bride-dress.

The fitted bodice is boned and features a metal zipper. The dress is fully lined. The shawl is of medium weight and feels like cotton. Available at Etsy for $550.00 from reliable favorites RedHouseVintage.

I'm obsessed with crochet these days, and my breath literally caught in my throat when I found Stunning duster on the pages of Girl On A Vines' pages at SenseoFashion. LOL! She starts her description with admitting that she, too, is having a love affair with crochet. What can I say? Our moons must be in the same house or something. The body of the duster is done in a large and loose pattern and can be worn open, buttoned, belted, or anyway your imagination desires. The sleeves are done in a much tighter weave. Not recommended for anyone over size 4. This fabulous duster is available for $198.00, a steal for a hand made garment of this quality.

Girl on a Vine consistently has hip, fabulous clothing. I wouldn't dream of letting a week pass without checking her stock. If you haven't "liked" her on FaceBook, please show your support!

To get my Mid Century Moderne fix, I submit to you this killer birch plywood chair.

This chair with these magnificent lines is on display at Design Within Reach in Houston, Texas. The chair is offered on Etsy by HarBenger2 for $350.00. Ships Flat.

This fabulous spring shirt not only has crocheted, but the dotted Muslin and the appliquéd sleeves make it a classic 70's shirt. It is exactly the kind of shirt I looked for in my long ago youth when searching out clothing for my own wardrobe. It's enough to make me want to put on the Allman Brothers Band! The seller says One Size Fits All, which I don't ever believe, but those of us who don't fit in that one size know who we are. The shirt is 100% cotton, but I would wash it on the gentle cycle to preserve the crochet and appliqué stitching. And please!  Keep it away from the dryer! This shirt is offered on Etsy by HandTaylorByArtka for $79.00.

There now. Did I tell you I had a lot to blog about or what? I must admit that for the first time since I began blogging, I am glad to have a post behind me.

I wish you all Happy Shopping!

Second Hand Roze

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