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January 5th to January 15, 2011

Hello Kittens, and every wish to each of you for a wonderful new year!

We have so many lovely things to see!  I'm fairly bursting at the seams to tell you all about them!

This striking 1980's Victor Costa Evening Gown is sumptuously richly done in feathers and velvet.  It’s hourglass shape is appropriate to any fashion decade and gives the dress a sort of timeless quality, while the profusion of feathers is reminiscent of the 20's to me in its excess and optomism. 

Found at Etsy, this amazing gown has a low “V” back and a wrap skirt.  The feathers at the sleeves are cormorant (a sort of largish, diving sea bird), the dress is otherwise velvet and is fully lined.  Size 6-8.  Offered by SybilStyle for $275.00.  

This 1960's cream full quill ostrich bag found on eBay was a “status” bag before there were status bags. Immaculately designed by Nettie Rosenstein, the purse is elegant without being ostentatious, is sumptuous without being decadent, is refined without being pretentious. Always in the best of taste, Nettie Rosenstein bags were perhaps the first power handbags. This delightful purse is barrel shaped with delicately rolled handles. Brass knobs affix the handles to the bag and brass “feet” are on the bottom. The interior is a luxurious caramel colored leather, and the exterior is a lovely shade of vanilla. Measuring a petite 9 ½ inches long by 4 ½ inches wide, this little bag is a piece of fashion history.  Offered by Pacruss the purse is available for the Buy-It-Now price of $637.00, though the seller is entertaining offers. 

The above tie is fantastic not only for it's design, but for it's use of color.  It's both black and blue, and thus can be used with suits of both colors.  I love a good paisley, and this silk paisley tie certainly delivers.  Found on eBay,  the tie is made by Land's End and is offered by e_deals_everyday.  They have rather an extensive collection of ties, so if this one doesn't particularly ring your bell, they may stock another which will. This tie is priced at the Buy-It-Now price of $14.95.

The vintage reproduction wallpaper samples shown above were found at a lovely wallpaper site which I believe to be in Germany but about which I am not certain.  Certainly it is in the European Commonwealth. has a wide selection of wallpapers,  but my predilection for the art moderne naturally lead me to these two "Eames Era" samples.  Each wallpaper is part of the “black and white” collection and is made in Germany. I won’t even pretend to understand the pricing, as the prices are quoted in Euro’s, are exclusive of VAT (and I know not what VAT is) and are for an unspecified amount. I can say that the lower, rounder wallpaper is more expensive than the squared wallpaper above it. They also have a lovely selection of murals, which are becoming quite fashionable again after reaching their height of popularity in the 1970's.  I've been delighted to see them used by such designers as Antonio Ballatore use photo murals to such splendid effect.

This remarkable Fleur-de-Lis Brooch resplendent in Austrian Crystal was done by Kenneth J Lane in the 1970's. Found at First Dibs, this elegant brooch is so timeless that I had to rely upon the dealer for provenance, as there is no way I could even begin to assign a decade to such a classic item. Approximately two and one half inches tall and two inches wide, the brooch is literally covered in Austrian crystals and would be the perfect accompaniment to almost any formal outfit. The white metal is unknown, but I suspect rhodium. Each stone is almost perfect, though I detected the slightest beginnings of what may be darkening of a stone in the bottom right curve. This may well be a photographic anomaly or the simple nature of that crystal. This brooch may well be the perfect gift for the woman who has everything, or even for that impossible to buy for Mother-in-law. (I know, I know! Now I tell you!) Offered by Post Script, the pin is available for a very reasonable $375.00. 

This splendid and rare Salvador Dali scarf was found at Dorothea's Closet in the accessories department.  Oh! But she has such lovely items!  I am simply beside myself! The scarf is of post-war vintage and depicts the life cycle of silk, and oh!  It's sold!  Well,  I'm leaving it in here on the grounds of being simply too lovely to exclude. My congratulations to whomever had the good luck to add such a prize to their collection.  

The amazing gown shown above was worn by Claudette Colbert to the 1952 Oscars.  The gown is slate blue tule with ivy diamante, and features ruching at the waist and a crossed bodice.  

Is that magnificent, or what?  Sadly, there is some tearing of the tule,  but the gown and it's provenance are certainly worthy of cherishing and restoration.  Found at The Frock, this gown is available for $800.00,  a more than reasonable price for such a stunning gown with such a pedigree.

This abstract set of paintings entitled “Mod # 4" and “Mod # 5" are up for auction at my favorite charitable thrift store: Housing Works in New York City. These simply fabulous paintings are 24" square each and are in mint condition. Oil on canvas, these paintings are signed, but the signatures are illegible, so the artist remains unknown. They are dated July 2004, and speak to me of paths, perhaps roads taken or not taken. I will not however deny the possibility that they may be renderings of the artist's imaginings of a strand of DNA. The current bid is $75.00 and bidding will continue until January the 13th.  If you live in or will be visiting the New York area, the paintings are on display at the Chelsea location of Housing Works Thrift Shops.

Described as an 80's "Punk" dress - I was a punk in the 80's and wouldn't be caught dead at that time in anything this couture. This suede dress may be found at 2rtistic Vintage. Made of a soft suede enhanced with metal studs throughout the sleeves, this dress was done by Firenze in Santa Barbara. Featuring a classic hourglass cut, the dress is very figure flattering, even to those whose figures truly need to be flattered. The dress is a size 2/4 and is in excellent vintage condition.  Not for the wallflower!  This dress will turn some heads.  It is available for $80.00. 

Offered by eBay favorites BustownModern  these incredible over the knee boots from the 80's are old “new stock” and a sort of pop art revival style, with Magazine logos printed helter skelter all over the boots.  Created in the 1980's by Andrea Pfister, the boots are soft calf-skin suede and have barely a heel at all, at about 1/4".  Size 7.5.  Current bid is $110.51 with bidding to close on January 6.  I think these things are the cat's darn pajamas.

This fabulous “Mod Meets Disco” Dress was found on Etsy. It is a one of a kind restored vintage dress, and it’s shape has been changed slightly to fit modern sensibilities. Made of a cotton/wool blend, the dress has been embroidered with gold and white metallic threads. The skirt ties in the back and pleats in the front. The 70's brooch shown at the neckline is part of the dress and will be included with the sale.

I would call the size of this dress at a 4/6 leaning towards 4, but as always you are encouraged to read the dimensions and compare them to a garment that fits you well.  Made and offered by ResoredVintageSusanaMercedes for $399.99.  I think it's wonderfully mod, but I must admit I find it a wee bit over-priced. Of course, I'm in no position to appreciate the amount of work that went into the restoration of the dress, so what do I know?

Also available at Housing Works is this smashing men's coat by Giogio Armani. Made of a grey and black window pane plaid in 100% wool, this coat is a 44 long and was made under Armani's "Mani" Label in Italy. The coat features 2 front pockets and is in mint condition.  Available for the amazing price of $50.00, if you live in New York, run - don't walk - to Housing Works and pick this baby up. Should you order it on the net, be prepared to pay for Fed Ex delivery - the only shipping option available.

No, it's not vintage. But this pinch bracelet from Sense of Fashion was too cool to not include in the blog. I just love the spider-webby/lace feel of the bracelet.  Perfect for that LBD, this bracelet is built up nylon layer by nylon layer in some sort of lazer process I won't even pretend to understand.  Also there are some mathematical principles at play here that I won't pretend to understand either. Suffice to say it's cool.  Available in both black and white,  the bracelet is offered by Alibi from Nolita (anyone who knows where is Nolita is encouraged to write me) for $80.00.

This incredible empire waist 70's Maxi dress is made of the softest merino wool and is up for bids on eBay. Featuring skinny sleeves and an incredibly plunging V Neckline that reaches all the way down to there. In incredible vintage condition, it is probable that this dress has never been worn. Be warned! You should read the dimensions on this one. The model is 5'9" and has a 23" waist. (Don’t you hate her?) Offered by Bustown Modern the dress is at a current price of $15.50. Bidding closes in two days and someone may get away with a terrific bargain!

The aging Hippie in me couldn't not include the old suede and leather backpack shown above from Sense of Fashion.  It is showing it's age a bit too well, and is, sadly, in two colors and types of leather. One a sort of rich cognac brown suede; and the other, the flaps, the ties, etc., are done in a more reddish cordovan color leather (which the seller calls a "dark mauve"). I would like it more if it were uniformly cognac suede, were a bit more beat up. But perhaps one should bear in mind that this is the Christmas I was reunited with my college Harley Davidson Jacket and I found it stiff and in need of being run over several times by an automobile, so that's where my heads at. Still, it is bound to be precisely some one's cup of tea, and to that end I place it on my blog. A roomy bag at 12 x 12, in addition to the two shown outside pockets there is a zipper pocket.  Offered for sale by SalomeVintage for $45.00.  

If, like myself, you have recently come into the possession of an IPad -- a stroke of fortune almost too great to be wished -- you too may have suffered the disappointment of thumbing through the oh...singular...choice one is offered by Apple as the case for this treasure. Apple offers us the leather equivalent of the brown paper bag, though I will admit I have found more interesting brown paper bags. This lovely hand-made alternative was found at Etsy and has but a single fault. I think the fabric (which depicts french handwriting) and design (with it's many pleats) is charming, but it seems merely to be a case to carry one's IPad from one place to another, not to hold one's IPad while it is in use. This is unfortunate. Still, if supply says anything about demand, a great number of you are looking for precisely such a case, in which event I shan't hesitate to recommend this one.  Lovingly stitched by Dixieswindow, this IPad case may be yours for the mere pittance of $42.99. such a price to not be even considered when acquiring such a treasure.

Should you, like myself, prefer the sort of case which will hold the much-longed-for-IPad while you work in it, then allow me to recommend the case above which I found at eBay.  This leather case will not only hold your IPad securely while you work,  it will fold up into a sort of tilted desk, as shown below:

What more could an IPerson want?  This lovely case is offered by cecompass,  a merchant of similar contrivances for Ipods, Play Stations, Kindles, and eBooks, as well as other technical goodies and eye candy.  This particular case is available for the But-It-Now price of $12.95.  (Isn't it smashing?  I've ordered one in crocodile, an option I was unable to locate for the blog.)

I had intended to include the modal tank top above in a previous blog, but was waiting for information on Modal as a fabric (should you have missed that, please see the dress length ruffled jacket of December 19th's blog). I was, and continue to be, interested in this as I adore camisoles and find bras to be the vilest of creatures sent to torture us through this mortal coil. Available in several color options, and with matching briefs, these fabulous under things are almost too nice to be under! Offered at Etsy by the lovely fortnightlingerie, I have had the fortune to correspond with this seller (these sellers?) and have found them to be charming, personable, and generally all around delightful. This camisole is available for $38.00 Canadian (roughly $38.85 USD) and a set of them should reside in every woman's lingerie chest. One must also pause to be enchanted that they refer to briefs, bikinis, and what-nots as “knickers”. 

No. It is not mod. Neither is it Art Moderne.  It is a dog, or more precisely a whippet bitch, and no one who has ever truly loved a dog can blame me for not being able to turn this one away from the blog.  Masterfully rendered in bronze,  this 5" x 5.5" statuette is available at Ruby Lane.  It has just begun to acquire it's patina, and shades of green peak out through the metal. The seller almost apologizes for this, but I think it is a thing to be celebrated and revelled in. The dog dances about, and is caught in this moment balanced upon three legs.  Inscribed "Austria" upon her belly, the dog is offered for sale by Amulet Art and Antiques for $750.00.     

The fabulous rubber rain-boots found above were discovered on eBay.  Aren't they a riot?  I just adore them! Featuring "12 different colors", the boots are new without the box.  They come in several incarnations; including zebra stripe, glen plaid, camouflage, solid black, and country rose print, though obviously my favorites are the riotously colored ones shown.  Available in whole and half sizes 5 - 10, the boots are yours for the incredibly cheap price of $24.99, marked down from $26.99. Brought to us by the fine people at Shoes19.   

I believe the Pucci dress shown above is one of his more recent works, but is it for sale?  Your guess is as good as mine. It is listed on Sense of Fashion but numerous inquiries to it's proprietrex have gone unanswered. I don't even know what size it is, or what it's made of (though I'm guessing silk). The dress just sort appears there on Sense of Fashion without explanation. Anyone able to discern anything about the status of the dress should get to receive some sort of prize, it is all so mysterious.  Offered (?) by Mint Fashion from Israel. 

The seven paper matchbox holders above (all empty) appear to all depict the tamer work of Aubrey Beardsley.  As they are all empty, I assume the flints have been used and thus marred.  They are on sale as a set at Ruby Lane.  Of obvious value and attraction to the serious art nouveau collector, or merely the Aubrey Beardsley collector,  the matchbooks are available from KLM Antiques for $15.00 and are "on sale".  (I know not what they're regular price is.) Close up photographs of each individual box are available at the sales site.

This fabulous and rare Norrell suit with the jeweled buttons (sorry! no closeups!) was found on 1st Dibs.  Alas, we suffer from a dearth of information. All the seller has to say about it is that it’s glamorous. While I agree (and how could one not?), I would love to know little details, like the fabric used to make the suit, how long the skirt is, and what the size is. The suit is available for viewing in New York Monday through Friday from 11:30 AM to 6:00 PM. Weekend viewing is also available by appointment. I assume if one must ask the price one cannot afford it. The suit is in “Very Good” condition and is offered by Rare Vintage, Incorporated. They also have a stunning Pauline Trigere Hot Pink Dress which is not to be missed. 

I just love this men's gold 50's shirt from Nelda's Vintage.  While I would by no means call it a plaid, the weave of the shirt is pleasingly visible and does much to add to the overall appeal of the shirt. Made of an unspecified synthetic fabric, it holds too much wrinkle for me to believe that this is polyester.  Whatever it is, it has some nice body to it.  Labeled, "Alpine",  the shirt's sleeves taper towards the cuff nicely in a way which emphasizes the shoulders, and leads to a more masculine silhouette.  The front side has a tiny pin-prick hole which one would never find without holding the shirt up to the light.  I wouldn't allow this to dissuade me from buying or wearing the shirt in the slightest.  Sized M, the shirt is priced at $49.00.  

These to-die-for FM shoes are from the 1940's and make it to us via Etsy.  These are sex kitten shoes if ever there were sex kitten shoes. Made by Royers Mademoiselle, the seller describes the shoes as being made of very shiny black leather. This certainly describes the back of the shoes, but I'm not sure that the toes aren't velvet or suede or some other non-shiny material. In either event, we both agree that the true star of the shoes are the ruffles and rhinestones on the shoe-clips. The shoes have but one critical fault.  They are sized 6AAA's. Yep, that was 3 A's. The seller actually shoes more, but I frankly don't believe they make shoes more narrow than triple A's. Offered by Vintagereawakened for $45.00.  

It's been a while since I've assaulted my readers with my obsession with lucite jewelry.  These fabulously gaudy, humongous, lucite floral dinner rings on eBay are just too cool. A profusion of lucite "petals" surround a single rhinestone "stamen". Just the thing to wear with your lucite beads and lucite bangles.  Offered by flirtfashion73 for 6.99 British Pounds (or approx. $10.90 USD).

And with that dear kittens, I shall wish you Happy Holidays and every blessing in 2011.

Happy Shopping!

Second Hand Roze

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