Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Catch of the Day: March 22, 2011 80s 1950s Styled Prom Dress

If there is a single word that will get me to look at a garment (aside from certain designer's names, of course), that would would have to be bronze.  If a garment is bronze it's almost always lame', charmeuse, sequins, or - when you are very very lucky - taffeta.  This particular bronze dress from eBay is a stunning shark skin taffeta created mostly of a bronze with a delicate black stripe and accented with a solid bronze waist. 

Made in the 1980's, the dress is decidedly of the 1950's "New Look" style created by Christian Dior.

The dress has lovely, slimming puffy sleeves, an apparent sweet heart neckline (hidden by jewelry), a great full skirt which demands a crinoline (heavy on the the starch) and - most notably - a wonderfully executed ruched waist.

Doesn't that ruching make the waist look like Scarlet O'Hara's?  And this is on a size 9!  I also adore the textured effect given by the almost pencil thin black stripes interrupted by the solid fabric.  

The dress is as gorgeous from the back as it is from the front.

The dress was designed for Misty Lane and closes at the back with a nylon zipper (the real dead give away that it is a 80's and not a 50's dress!)  

Alas, this dress does have on tiny little flaw.  A pea sized hole and smudge close to the hem.

I think the answer to this dilemma is obvious.  Take up the dress 3".  There is more than ample length.  Also, you might consider doing nothing.  It is unlikely anyone would notice a flaw so small on a skirt so voluminous.  

The dress is sized 9/10 and is of recent enough vintage for that to be true to size.  However, always read a garments measurements before buying on eBay.  EBay has no dressing rooms,  so what you buy is what you get.

The one thing about the presentation of this dress is the unfortunate use of what the photography at least made to appear very cheap imitations of pearls.  I like the idea of multiple strand necklaces for this very simple neckline,  but for them all to clasp on a single strand precludes any possibility of wearing your hair in an "up" do.  If one does go with pearls, I'd prefer to see multiple single strands, draped as much down the back as the front ala' Coco Chanel.  Or, for my own entertainment, I went shopping for the perfect necklace to go with this dress.  I believe I found it in the "Autumn Haze Torsade" at Sweet Romance Online.  

Isn't that stunning?  And take a look at a close up of this smashing clasp!

The dress is brought to us by Mocha_Chocolate_Vintage for an unbelievably low opening bid of $24.99.  The necklace is available from Sweet Romance Online for $125.00.  This line of jewelry, while not vintage, is vintage inspired, and made as true to vintage as is possible.  It is used by Hollywood and television as costume pieces, and is collected by everyone from wannabe fans like me to a veritable who's who of America's Stars.

I hope you've enjoyed today's Catch of the Day as much as I've enjoyed writing about it.

Happy Shopping Darlings,

Second Hand Roze

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