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Finds on the Fly March 29, 2011

One of the first things that caught my eye today were these killer "Pom Pom" shoes from eBay.

Made by MIA, these shoes are not vintage, they aren't even used, they are new and in their original box. My favorite color - bronze, but they're calling it mushroom. They can call it anything they want, it's still bronze to me. With sweet platforms, peek-a-boo toes and four inch heels, I think these shoes are the sweetest footwear I've run across in a while. Offered by molliedog80 for an opening bid of $9.99. If these weren't a size 9 they'd be on my size 8.5 feet.

The next thing to catch my eye was this absolutely to-die-for 1940's silk satin evening dress also on eBay.

My mother had a very similar gown from being a bride's maid for a cousin, and I've never forgotten the feeling of being swathed in smooth, heavy, glamorous silk and the sumptuous feeling of wearing that lovely dress. The shoulder straps really exist to facilitate hanging the gown on a hanger. Once you've got it on, let those straps disappear into the folds of the shoulder band. Then what's left to admire is the lovely gathering of the fabric along the left seam.

Offered by VintageWear for the Buy It Now price of $200.00.

The gown is the equivalent of a modern size 3, with 33" bust and a 24" waist. The skirt is full and the hips are free. Nevertheless it would be a grave disservice to the historical integrity of the gown to wear it with a crinolines even though it would easily accommodate one.

The gown is a size 3 and is in excellent vintage condition. It secures with a side metal zipper, as is usual for gowns of this period.

For hundreds of years, the rituals of mourning were governed by very strict social norms. In the immediate time period following a loss, a woman could wear only black, listen to somber music and interact only with members of her immediate family. Once this period was completed, the woman could wear black mixed with deep purple and her social circle could expand somewhat.

Following the death of Queen Victoria's beloved Prince Albert, all the rules of mourning changed. The Queen was so bereft at the loss of her consort that in some ways she went into a permanent state of deep mourning. She wore only black for the rest of her life. Though her station and duties required that she continue many social rituals, she replaced some ordinary life rituals with rituals of mourning which were mimicked by women in the British Empire, America, and indeed throughout the world.

During this time of global mourning, it became fashionable to make jewelry, or elaborate braids from the hair of the deceased. It was also customary for the widow to retain some of the flowers which had been displayed with the casket of the deceased. The frame shown below for eBay houses such a remembrance.

This particular photograph does not display the three dimensional nature of the memorial, so I tried to find a photograph which better depicts that aspect of the display.

I'm not sure of this, but the metal "At Rest" sign, may have served as a temporary grave marker for the cemetery until the final monument could be carved, completed, and placed at the gravesite.

The flowers from the gravesite and Funeral home have obviously been arranged with such care by the loved ones left behind.

At the risk of committing sacrilege, I would propose turning this into a memorial of a different type. Perhaps one might wish to display the first shoes, a silver rattle, and the Baptismal gown of a much beloved child. The flowers, an invitation, and perhaps the cork from the first bottle of champagne could memorialize a wedding. But the truth is, there are limitless possibilities for the use of such a lovely antique frame and unusual shadow box.

This fabulous artifact is offered for auction by oneofadozen and is currently priced at $103.50. I expect that price to jump considerably in the last 3 minutes of bidding. It might be quite the thing to watch. I also strongly suggest that anyone with a genuine interest in true antiques take the time to peruse their inventory. You will no doubt find it to be of interest.

And so passes another day on eBay. I hope you found something which gives you pleasure.

Happy Shopping Darlings!

Second Hand Roze

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