Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Catch of the Day: March 16, 2011 Vintage Boho Cocoon Jacket

I'm rather in love with today's Catch.  After thumbing fruitlessly through the pages of eBay searching for inspiration, I was - at last - rewarded with this gem:

Created in lovely shades of gossamer green, blue, purple, black and a hint of gold, this lovely Cocoon Dolman Jacket is just the right weight to keep you warm against the chill of an early spring night, and just the right look to keep you hot no matter what the weather.

Seen from the back, the sheerness of the fabric is accentuated by the model's bare shoulders, and the just-right-slant-of-light reveals the gold hidden among the black threads.  I adore the drape of the fabric, and the cut is such that this jacket could grace the shoulders of any sized woman.

The perfect spring accessory for any woman aged 18 through 95, this scrumptious wrap is being offered by Funkin Junkies, whose stock includes the funktabulous to the trendtastic.  The current bid (after 5 bids) is at an unbelievable $13.50.  There is still time to get your bid in on this fabulous garment, and you know that this is precisely the sort of once in a blue moon garment that leads to regrets if left behind.  Scheduled to close on Wednesday at 4:03 PM eBay Standard Time (That's Pacific Time to the uninitiated),  get your bids in early or prepare to snipe, but don't let this ship pass you by.

Happy Shopping my darlings,

Second Hand Roze

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