Thursday, March 17, 2011

Catch of the Day: March 18, 2011 Putting a Tiger in your Tank

I cheated on this one.  Yes. I must confess, that I found this not today, not even yesterday, but late Tuesday evening.  And I knew right away they were entirely too cool to not blog about.  It was destiny.  It was written in the stars,  it was... a lucky turn of a page in eBay.

My goodness! Aren't they magnificent?  Aren't they just the cat's frickin' pajamas?  (Cats do too wear pajamas!) I think they are so cool I can hardly stand it. They have but two flaws.  The first is they are not vintage. I find that forgivable. Ocassionally au currant designers actually come up with art worth looking at. The second flaw is slightly more sticky. They are a size 5.5.  I'm yet to find an effective means of shrinking my feet.  

The leopard covered platforms are well met with the leopard and black back zippers:'

The platform and wedge bootie are made of luxe leopard and black velvet.  They feature round toes, cushioned insoles, rear zippers and rubber soles.  It's really not been so long since my gallbladder surgery and I could put on and take off these shoes with ease.  Many people are giving them , giving them, to the movement limited. Charity need not always be ugly!  Out those ugly orthopedic things back on the shelf where they belong!

Similar (as in almost identical) shoes are currently selling for over $200.00.  These can be yours for an initial bid of $29.65 or a Buy It Now Price of $33.85.  Part of the fabulous offerings of Tambukiki, along with the following which I could simply Not leave out:

Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is how it's done!

Happy shopping to you darlings!  May your bargains be as plentiful as this stores stock!

Second Hand Roze

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