Thursday, April 7, 2011

Finds On The Fly: April 7, 2011

Our first eBay find today is this stunning crushed velvet dress brought to us by Culture-Vulture-Vintage. The only thing regrettable about this lovely dress is that it's a size XS.

This wonderful, almost slouchy dress comes from the 1920's. Part of what I love about the dress is that it's so relaxed, so comfortable being itself, that it avoids the tailored, buttoned up "thoroughly modern Millie" look that so many dresses of this era have.

This dressmaker had confidence in her skills and confidence in the design of the dress which allowed her to not overly make the dress.

The dress is beautifully smocked at the hips, has an ever-so-slight poof at the sleeves and the sleeves are ever so slightly a more "brick" color than the rest of the garment.

As is typical for garments of this era, the dress secures by a series of snaps under the arm. This is not a frock one should attempt to get into or out of while alone.

I think the dress just invites Chaneled (worn midway down the back and chest) beads or pearls. Good fake pearls need not be expensive, they just need to be knotted between each bead, and if the strand is not long to fit comfortably over one's head, they should fitted with a closure befitting a strand of pearls. Think rhinestones here, and laid out in a suitably art deco design. If fitted with such a closure, the strand should appear to be an important piece of jewelry.

The Buy It Now price for this charming frock is $125.00, though the vendor is also accepting offers.

Also found on eBay, are these incredibly cool Roe platform sandals.

I love them so much that I immediately forgave them for not being vintage, and these have that greatest of all non-vintage attributes: choice of size! Available from sizes 5.5 through size 9 for a Buy It Now price of $38.63 for the next 19 hours, so run to eBay and grab these fabulous shoes. These are a wonderful braided T-strap sandal with a fabulous profile.

Aren't these amazing? And they're not real wood! They are made of all man made material, so you don't have to worry about killing a rain forest for your feet! Brought to us by Nikkis_kicks_24_7.

Finally today, I found (also on eBay) this absolutely luscious black cocktail dress from the 1950s.

Please know that the dress us a solid, inky, midnight black and the middle photograph has been artificially lightened in order for you to see the details of the garment.

This wonderful large cocktail dress was designed by Dorothy O'Hara with a killer asymmetrical ruching towards the bow at the right waist. The dress is 100% rayon with raglan sleeves and a lined bodice. It secures with a back metal zipper and two eye hooks at the top.

Offered by BombshellFrocks for a current bid of $34.99.

Darlings, I've been awake shopping for you all night, so I'll bid you adieu!

Until we speak again, Happy Shopping!

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