Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Finds On The Fly: April 13, 2011

The first find today is so fabulous, so incredible, and - dare I say it - so rare that I'm rushing this issue out before this sweet baby is sold! What could be so urgent?

Shall I allow you a few minutes to just stare at it?

Only a complete anodized colored aluminum Tea Set. Every once in a while I'll see a set, or partial set, of tumblers. Maybe even with the set of coasters. But never, not in all my eBay scanning, estate sale climbing, net crawling days, have I ever run across a complete set with sugar and creamer (if creamer it is, you decide). I found this treasure on Etsy. Offered by tightsweaterloretta for $100.00, and worth every dime. Someone's mid-century modern kitchen is just dying for this! Get it while it's hot darlings. This won't last long.

This next item from SenseoFashion was originally meant to be a swimming suit coverup in the 1960s. I think it would be a killer top over leggings.

The top has a black background and features flowers of blue, yellow orange, and a touch of purple. It's made of polyester and has something of a metallic sheen to it, which makes it so today. The garment has both short sleeves and a halter sort of tie. I don't really understand the redundancy, but if it were mine, I'd just cut off the halter ties.

The top would fit a modern size 6. This is offered by tilicoultry for $45.00.

I am just in love with this 5" brass enlightened Buddha I found thumbing through Etsy. You can truly see Nirvana in the Buddhas expression. This wonderful reminder of mindfulness is being offered by fabulousmess, a veritable treasure trove of brass figurines, Hollywood regency finds, and Art Moderne pieces that I simply drool over. The Buddha may be yours for $30.00.

This to-die-for jacket has recently celebrated it's 100th birthday, as it comes from around 1910. Found on eBay I just adore the cut of it, from it's slightly poorer shoulders, to it's turned back cuffs, to it's flared waist. Though its hard to tell from the photographs, it's actually made from a pin striped "men's wear" type fabric. While i don't have any objections to the coat on a man, I think it would look smashing on a woman. Dare I say one with black lipstick and entirely too much eyeliner? It's trimmed in velvet and ribbons and lined throughout. Alas, the lining has been touched by the ravages of time, but the seller assures us it is all repairable, and it is, after all, a lining. The dimensions suggest that it could fit up to a size 10. I always like my coats just a wee bit oversized, so I'd suggest it for a size 8, your choice. Just remember, this is eBay and all sales are final.

The coat could be yours for the Buy It Now price of $225.00, or the best offer. Please see back issues of Second Hand News for pointers on making an offer.

And that my darling chickadees is that for today.

Until them Happy Shopping!

Second Hand Roze

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  1. Good Morning! I just googled myself (tightsweaterloretta) today Nov 8, 2011 and found your blog about my 50s metalware and my little faille hat with rhinestones that you talked about back in April & May. Thank you for mentioning them. I will put a link to your blog on my website!!!
    BTW, I still have both, I can't believe that metalware hasn't sold!!! Vicky