Friday, April 15, 2011

Finds on The Fly: April 15, 2011

Good morning darlings! And what a morning it is! I have so many goodies for you!

To begin with I have this killer dress from Ruby Lane.

Done in obvious homage to historic Flamenco dresses, the body of this dress is covered by red bugle beads. A rosette decorates the left hemline and sets off the beginning of chiffon flounce.

Most likely a costume from the 1980s, you could make quite the theatrical entrance. The seller describes the dress as well crafted and in pristine condition. Offered by Vanity Fair Vintage for the bargain price of $49.00.

This dress demands a black necklace to set off the neckline. I went to my favorite jewelry source and found this fabulous Bohemian Jet and Enamel Necklace with flounce to match the dress.

Offered by SweetRomanceOnline, this "La Plume Jet Necklace" is available for $79.00.

I have a couple of shoot the moon pieces for today's blog. I can't even imagine being able to afford them, but they are so lovely, I couldn't resist including them.

This incredible diamond, pearl, and platinum necklace/brooch (the Maltese Cross can be worn independently) was shining radiantly on the pages of 1stDibs. I trust it would be redundant for me to enumerate it's charms, as it's right there for you to drool over. Interested in purchase? It's being offered by YAFA for a cool one point five million. Gee, wonder if I could put that on layaway.

I have one other awe inspiring unattainable, but that doesn't mean I spent all my time at 1stDibs (though I could do that, really, I could,) For instance, I found this absolutely divine 1960s black patent croc leather briefcase on SenseoFashion.

Isn't it delicious. I spent years as a vintage wearing legal secretary, and what I would have given to have carried this in that day. You, my darlings, in this day may have it for a mere $75.00. The seller, SalomeVintage, has assured me that the leather is in great condition with no cracking or flaking.

On eBay, I was fortunate enough to browse across this open weave top from the 50s.

I think this top is wonderfully feminine, and I love the way it's tapered in at the waist. The lace is cotton and very lose, so a camisole will be essential.

This lovely top can be yours for a Buy It Now price of $35.00. It is being offered my Studio.m.

And speaking of camisoles, also on eBayis this lovely (and tiny!) pink lace corset from the 1980s.

With adjustable back closures, this lovely and strikingly gorgeous camisole/corset is made of pink satin for "Darling" fashions. It features boning and embroidery throughout the bodice. This is being offered by ScopioVintage for a Buy It Now price of $39.99.

And my other Shoot the Moon piece?

This killer early modernist loving-cup from 1907 is also available for your coveting pleasure at 1stDibs. A creation of Nathan and Hayes, this English cup has superb provenance and is known to have been given as a Christmas gift in 1925. Currently offered by DouglasRosin for $2,200.00. Personally, I think it would make a killer investment.

And now darlings, I must quit procrastinating and face the IRS.

Happy Shopping!

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