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The White Album: July 20, 2011

Despite the extraction of the red items, my "must blog" list is only slightly diminished. We have so much ground to cover, so many fabulous garments to talk about, that we have not a moment to lose!

I'm bending my own rules for this blog post. I generally believe that wedding attire is too specialized for someone like myself to write about. I have, however, decided just this once to indulge my taste for white lace on the excuse that each garment selected (with the exception of one pair of wedding gloves) could be worn at an affair other than a wedding.

This absolutely exquisite Edwardian duster jacket is constructed of lovingly hand made Irish crochet. It's been amazingly well preserved, and waits at 1stDibs for the right woman and the right outfit. Personally, I want to see it added to someone's wedding gown to take the ensemble from beautiful to unforgettable. This jacket is too rare and gorgeous to be wasted on anything less than a Very Special Occasion.

Look at the quality of that crochet work! At first I thought the hanging acanthus leaves with attached pom-poms were bakelite, but closer inspection reveals that these were created by some magic needlework from the same yarn used on the rest of the garment.

Only rarely do I get so vested in a garment that I care who gets it, but this piece positively demands an owner who cherishes it and who has the necessary background to appreciate the special treasure that this is. Offered by The Way We Wore with a price to be disclosed only upon inquiry to the merchant.

A special occassion always calls for a special piece of jewelry, something unusual, something like..

This bridal necklace is composed of a triple strand of the finest swarovski pearls with swarovski crystal accents forming the vine. Perfect not only for a bride, but a perfect gift for a bridesmaid as well. The pearls are a gleaming white, but ivory pearls are available as well. The necklace is 17" And comes with an extender. Offered by Bridal101 for $119.00. Though vintage inspired, this is not a vintage item.

The lovely tea stained lace dress above is from what is rapidly becoming my favorite shop at Etsy, VintageOppulence. This dropped waist dress with the bow on the left hip is advertised as a wedding dress, but i think it would make a lovely garden party dress as well.

The lace has been tea stained a shade just past cream and just short of beige. A size medium, this dress has lost its label along the way, but it has retained all its charm. It would make a lovely companion for the Irish crocheted coat above. A true bargain at the price of $90.00.

This charming lace cloche hat simply took my breath away! Perfect for a wedding or any special occasion wherein you wish to be the star. Decorated on the right side in 20's fashion with a silk flower, and a second floral design of capiz shells and pearls. This is a vintage inspired hat, not an actual vintage hat, but its the perfect touch for your vintage outfits. I'm a firm believer in mixing decades and following your own personal style. I can see this with the spring collection from Alexander McQeen as well as I can see it with the lovely lace dress and the priceless Irish Crocheted coat above.

I found this lovely cloche at Etsy from Ludascrafts for $144.99.

This 1950's cream colored bubble dress with sequins is tiny, but packs quite a punch, fit for lunch at the white house or a chapel to exchange vows. The bubble hemline is as fashionable today as it was the day it hit the catwalk.

This lovely dress is available at SenseoFashion from YumYumVintage for $165.00.

And to wear with this dress? Take a look at that picture in the upper right of Coco Chanel. Notice anything in that picture? That right. Oodles and oodles of pearls. Of course, you could collect these strings of pearls one at a time over years. or...

That's right! A whole treasury of pearls, all in one fell swoop! These may be worn a strand or two at a time, or all at once ala' Coco. If you really want to imitate the way Chanel wore pearls, allow the longer strands to hang down in back as much as they do in the front. The effect is incredibly chic!

This set includes strands of pearls from 17" to a whopping 70". Included in the mix is a strand of Austrian Crystals, which were the height of chic in the late 1920's. So few of these have survived that they are highly prized today.

These are available at Etsy's from MissAnnieMays for $125.00. If this is a bit more than you wanted to bite off at once, there are smaller collections at smaller prices at Miss Annie's too.

This lace appliqued and beaded silk suit is fit for a country wedding or a formal brunch. Custom tailored of dupion silk, the notch collared short jacket has three quarter sleeves to show off an heirloom bracelet or merely your lovely arms. The blouse is cut with a low scoop neck, a dipped front, and nipped in at the waist. The skirt is cut slim through the knees then flairs out. Beautifully made by LaCostureraShop of Etsy for $1,155.45.

I was thrilled to find this graduated 8 strand pearl bracelet at Etsy. Unadorned pearl bracelets are so hard to come by, and at $25.00 this one is a steal. I love it's simplicity and it's abundance. While there are no fancy rhinestone buckles, there is nothing skimpy about an eight strand bracelet, and the pearls are perfectly graduated across the top. The perfect accompaniment to so many outfits, this bracelet is available from RockyPatch.

Famed purse maker Mary Frances designed this lovely calla lily bag. Adorned with rhinestones and pearls, this vintage inspired bag is available new with original tags on Ebay from RebeccasCollectableFinds for $220.00. The perfect bag to carry with any formal white outfit.

Another great find from the 1950's is this fabulous "illusions" dress from eBay.

This dress displays the very raison dÄ—tre of the crinoline (which is, ironically, not included). The bodice, when properly fit, will nip in at the waist and exagerate the bust. But perhaps the greatest attribute of this fabulous sheer lace dress is that it has never lost it's lovely rhinestone edged sash. Available from Great_Lake_Outfitters for the Buy It Now Price of $198.00.

The neckline of that dress fairly begs for the right embelighment, and in my wandering through Etsy, I found this:

This gorgeous rhinestone wedding parure (earrings not shown) is by Pennino. The ribbons are formed by carefully set baguettes, the floral pieces are done by marquis and princess cut stones, and the drops are one large pear shaped stone flanked by two marquise. This fabulous set is part of the offerings of JewelsVintage for $196.00.

I'm also hopelessly enchanted with these fingerless white french lace gloves:

These lovely fingerless gloves are the perfect thing to wear in lieu of jewelry, or for any formal occassion (though naturally, especially as a bride). I love these type of gloves, and I'm especially fond of this pair. Available on Etsy from MaryandAngelika for $22.00.

And to wrap around you if you should catch a chill in the evening air?

Created of either silk or rayon this lovely shawl is crocheted in a rosette pattern and is lavish in its 15" fringe. The shawl measures 44" long with fringe by 60" minus fringe. The shawl is off-white in color and perfect for any outfit from jeans to a wedding dress.

Available at Etsy from LaMeowVintage for $89.00.

And though the following items are hardly bridal, I think you'll agree that The White Album issue of Second Hand News is the only true place for them.

Also in the white / off-white category, though definitely not bridal is this luscious vintage butter cream dress.

A retro-styled dress from the 1980's, the sash hangs asymetrically, so putting a crinoline under this is a non-starter unless you wish to completely rework the waistband. As it is, however, the dress is lovely and fresh as a spring morning. The color is the lightest yellow and the fabric is described as a satin or a light brocade. To me, the combination of satin and "light brocade" spells a moirre tafetta perhaps? Tagged as a size 9-10, the dress is offered by AdVintageous for $55.00.

I've also completely lost my heart to this nostalgic, one-of-a-kind, assemblage necklace beautifully crafted by RomancingTheBling:

Is that charming, or is that charming? This necklace is so gorgeous I'm not sure which I would look forward to more if I were to own it: wearing it; or hanging it on the wall. The framed vintsge photograph has a touch of the fairy princess to it. Above that is a beautifully rendered rhinestone bow. The frame itself is rhinestone embellished and the silvertoned floral arrangements are host to a rose quartz crystal and some ballet shoes. All this loveliness is available to you for $125.00. This is a vintage inspired item, and though it contains vintage parts, but it is not a vintage necklace.

This 1940's blouse with the lovely eyelet lace jabot has survived the past 70 years in miraculously good condition. Great for pairing with anything from a pair of jeans to a black pencil skirt for thenoffice. Its wonderfully old fashioned and feminine and you just don't find treasures like this anymore. available from DearGoldenVintage for $38.00.

And my final entry for the white / off white I submit this amazingly well preserved five piece Hollywood Regency Hand-Painted French Provencial bedroom set currently on sale at Etsy.

This set includes a twin size headboard, a lovely lingerie chest, a chest of drawers with an attached mirror and a bedside table. The seller, Rhan from Los Angeles is willing to part with the entire exquisite set for a mere $999.00.

The furniture is all a very soft yellow. The tops are not lighter than the rest, this is a photographic effect the seller was unable to correct, even with their best photo-shopping skills. There is wear to the corners of the furniture, wear which I feel only adds to its vintage charm.

It is early yet, for the 70's. I don't think these pieces will be fully appreciated artistically for another decade. Financially, of course, the set can only increase in value. I do not pretend to offer financial advice. My advice remains what it always has been: buy what you love.

And so I say goodnight, and happy shopping!

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  1. Hello...I always love visiting and viewing your beautiful vintage and vintage inspired "eye candy". A smile came to my face when I came upon one of my vintage/vintage inspired ballerina assemblage pendants! Thank you so much for sharing her ~ all are one of a kind. :)
    Have a lovely day!


  2. Dear Debby,

    I am such a fan of your work that I am surprised this is the first time you've found yourself on my blog! Thznk you for stopping by! I hope your ballerina dances her way to a good home soon; one where she will be loved, appreciated, and prominently displayed when not on her owners neck.

    Warmest regards,

  3. Thank you so much for featuring me in your blog! Its so kind of you :)
    Poppy xx