Monday, January 17, 2011

Catch of the Day: January 17, 2011 40's Black Velvet and Ostrich Plume Hat

This fabulous forties felt hat features an unusual pleated pinwheel design. Sporting three dashing maroon ostrich feathers, this hat was found on eBay courtesy of MaryMuldoon. This is one of the most unusual and stylish hats I've seen, and it truly makes me long for the days when a lady wouldn't dream of leaving the house without a hat and gloves. The hat bears no label but is a size 22 (there's a contradiction in there somewhere, but I'm leaving it be). Sadly, no dimensions have been posted, so I advise anyone seriously interested in acquiring the hat to wear to write Ms. Muldoon and inquire about the crown circumference. There appears to be grosgrain ribbon along the opening of the hat, and the hat has been lavishly photographed from every conceivable angle. This is especially lucky, because otherwise we wouldn't know how truly fetching it looks from the back, and fetching it is. After 5 bids, the price is currently at $65.00. Bidding closes tomorrow (01/18/2011) at 6:20 PM eBay Standard Time (also known as Pacific Time).  

Happy Shopping Kittens!

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