Sunday, January 30, 2011

Catch of the Day: January 30th 2011 40's Jacket

You all know how I fell about a good jacket.  A good jacket is the stamp that goes on any well put-together outfit.  A good jacket is the thing no well dressed lady can do without.  And when I saw this 40's jacket on eBay, I double checked it to be sure it's really a 40's jacket and not an 80's jacket because its in such stunningly good shape and is so very fashion forward.

With shoulder pads that would do Joan Crawford proud, this forties jacket is made of a delightfully rich black and white tweed. It's double breasted design only serves to emphasize the hour glass figure it imposes on even the most uncurvaceous young lady.  The black buttons give the double breasted design just the right amount of pop.  This lovely jacket is lined in black crepe.

Imagine this with your best black pencil skirt? Is that perfection, or is that perfection? 

Offered by cckettle for an opening bid of $49.99.

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