Sunday, January 9, 2011

Catch of the Day: January 9, 2011 80's (?) Velvet Party Dress

Funkomavintage at Etsy has so many gorgeous things right now, I had the hardest time choosing which of them to write about. I finally, and happily, settled upon this smashing sweetheart neckline black velvet dress.  From the snug ruching about the waist which dips to a V,  to the pleats about the sweetheart neckline, to the flare of the skirt, this dress is just jaw-droppingly smashing, and it's pricetag!  To find a dress of this quality for a mere $28.00?!?  Why, Cinderella's no longer need their fairy godmother's.  Just a wee bit of open credit on their visa.  The dress is a size medium to a large.  The tag said "Size 10" which I think is actually pretty true to size and is my reason for dating the dress in the 80's.  Any older and that size 10 would make it's ample waist (28"-34") laughable.  The dress apparently has elastic seaming across the back, which makes for a perfect fit, and a lovely silhouette.  

A Little Black Dress is something no woman should be without, and at $28.00 there is simply no excuse for being without one.

Shop ladies!  Shop!

Second Hand Roze

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  1. hey, I resemble that! thanks for writing about this lovely dress....& someone better snap it up before I change my mind.