Thursday, January 20, 2011

Catch of the Day: January 20, 2011 70s Von Furstenberg Dress and Paloma Picasso Belt

This classic Diane Von Furstenberg 1970's Wrap Dress is a fashion icon. The whole disco era caught in a single garment. And Von Furstenberg was the genius upon whose shoulders the designers of the day stand. The fabric, the gathering caused by the wrap, the classic "V" neck and the long slender sleeves all work in today's ascetic. The only thing which falls a bit short (aside from the unfortunate choice of necklace) is the sash. Alas, the sash is a bit dated. I think the dress would look so much better with a simple black belt.  Perhaps one with a crocodile or alligator embossing?  Perhaps this belt shown below by Paloma Picasso.

The glittering gold seems a bit garish to me, but then, I'm not a gold person. (I'm a bronze person.) This single change to Ms. Furstenberg's masterpiece would not only move it successfully into the twenty-first century. The black would serve as a grounding element for the dress and accentuate the waist which gets lost in the tiny sash. This belt is 31" long (so one's waist should not exceed 29" at most!), and was made in the 1980's. 

Both garment are available at ArtFire; the belt sells for $35.50 and the dress sells for $120.00 (a steal for a vintage Von Furstenberg). I started to throw in the shoes (and I've found some vintage Ferragamo's which would be sublime), but I should leave you ladies something to do, right?

Oh, and kittens, the necklace for this dress should be black, definitely not pearls, and should not exceed 19" in length (unless it's a "Y" Necklace, in which case a dangle towards the cleavage is permitted).

Happy Shopping!

Second Hand Roze

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