Saturday, January 22, 2011

Catch of the Day: January 22, 2011

If I didn't know this was a 60's dress,  the front zipper (not to mention the front pockets) would be a dead give-away. This dress has 1960s written all over it. I can even see Twiggy in it. Made of a strangely oddly conservative herringbone tweed of black and white, the dress would be fabulous to wear as a dress, or even paired with a pair of black or white stretch pants. My most recent full length blog post included some Mary Quant flocked white stockings with a poppy pattern. These would be simply divine paired with this dress! I've also seen some leggings in a hugely over-sized houndstooth pattern which would be equally chic. 

Whatever decision you make for the covering of your legs, there is no denying the mod chic of this dress. Alas, the dress is an XS, or I would be all over this! Found on eBay, this dress is offered by eBay favorites 2tryhard.  They always start their vintage auctions at $0.99, and with only a single bid to date, someone may get away with a terrific bargain.  This auction is due to close on January 25th at 12:11 Pacific Time (aka eBay Standard Time).

Happy Shopping Kittens!

Second Hand Roze

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