Saturday, January 29, 2011

Catch of the Day: January 29th 2011: 50s Skimmer Hat

This charming 1950's hat leapt off the screen at me on eBay.  Even in the 50's this would have been a retro hat, harkening back to the lovely and HUGE hats of the Edwardian Era (think Titanic). The underside, crown and edge trim is all a rich, luscious velvet and the hat itself is an ivory, tightly woven fabric with a soft sheen (I'm guessing rayon, but possibly silk satin). A barely blush pink fabric rose with a double stem serves as the coup de grace.

Can't you just see Audrey Hepburn or a young Elizabeth Taylor wearing this hat?  Oh my!

This lovely hat is offered to us by redgleen2, for an opening bid of $45.00.

Art Deco collectors:  don't miss the Salome statue offered by this same seller!

Happy Shopping Kittens!

Second Hand Roze

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