Monday, January 24, 2011

Catch of the Day: January 24th 2011

I am sure some of you are ready to throw rotten tomatoes at me and yell, "Enough with the sunglasses already." I can't help myself. I am truly rendered powerless in the face of a mod pair of 60's (or 80's retro faux 60's) sunglasses. This pair from eBay is the real deal from the 60's. Vintage Ray Ban B&L Tampico sunglasses  And isn't the rainbow design all that and a bag of chips? 

The striped rainbow motif is carried throughout the ear pieces making for one, impeccably cool pair of shades.  Would Jackie have worn them?  Probably not, but Niko would have given them a second look, as would have Janis.  

The "hinges and inner support rods are clean and free of any oxidation," but what's even better news is that the lenses are free of chips, nicks, or scratches.  These babies still got game. If I hadn't recently picked up some 60's glasses for my next set of prescription driving glasses,  I would be giving these serious thought.  Vintage cool, and they're only $30.00 to boot (or at least that's the opening bid).  Offered to us by Dexymidnightrunner (a  name which reeks of nostalgia);  they don't carry a large volume of goods, but what they do offer is all eames era cool.

Happy Shopping Kittens!

Second Hand Roze


  1. I love those shades, they look great. sigh but for my face shape, I need to wear square shades... so I'd never wear those darling things.

  2. Yet, Don't loose heart! I blog more sunglasses than you'd see at the racetrack! There are several sellers on eBay and Etsy who specialize in old sunglasses, and some have amazingly low prices. Don't shell out your hard earned cash for high priced "Name" sunglasses, when you can find edgy, appealing and most of all CHEAP sunglasses vintage. I'll keep my eyes open for a pair of square shades for you!

    P.S. Love your blogs, especially Stay Sexy... what a great attitude!