Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Catch of the Day: January 26th 2011 70's Hardy Aimes Suit

This vintage 70's Hardy Aimes Suit (size 40 R) is so Rat Pack Cool I can just hardly stand it!  It fairly jumped off the page at eBay, so perfect in it's tailoring and the presence of its pinstripes!  It has a two button jacket with a moderately sized lapel (Thank God!  Remember how ENORMOUS some of the 70's lapels were), and the buttons are these lovely metal pieces that his refined while still missing feminine and fussy.

Pin Stripes are the suit equivalent to having a high chair behind your desk.  They make you appear taller, and in your "opponents" mind give you greater stature, and thus add to your advantage in any business dealing.  They are the classic mens fabric, up there with herringbone and tweed, and are timeless and at home in any decade.

This suit is cut so perfectly, I doubt anyone would know you were wearing vintage if you were to saunter into the office wearing it!  Instead, the only comments would be, "My, isn't he a handsome man?"  Always an advantage!

The jacket still wears the original Hardy Aimes label, as well as the label of the department store which sold the suit.

Perhaps someone familiar with Hepworths would be so kind as to drop me a note and allow me the benefit of your knowledge?

The suit is in superb condition with no flaws, odors, or other issues to report.  I've only been reporting on men's clothing for a little while, and it seems that everything is a size 44.  Is size 44 the size every man actually is (like 12 for women), or the size every man aspires to be (like 6 for women)?  Inquiring minds and all that.

The suit is offered by bt_970 for the Buy-It-Now price of $199.00.

Happy Shopping Kittens!

Second Hand Roze

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