Monday, January 31, 2011

Catch of the Day: January 31st 2011 60's Suit

If there's anything I love more than a good jacket, it's the completion of that jacket, or - in other words - a great suit. This 1960's suit is just smashing. It's a nice inky black wool with simply stunning over-sized buttons and the most amazing pop-print lining (pictures to follow). I am so in love with the lining of this suit, that I would almost consider that to be reason enough to buy it. 

Would you look at those buttons?  Made of plastic, they are in the most wonderful "knot" pattern.  If anything ever happens to the suit, promise me you will save these buttons. They don't make buttons like this anymore.

And this is the lining!  My God!  Can you imagine!  How much fun to leave the jacket open just a touch so every now and again, someone can catch a glimpse of that.  There is the slightest indication of wear in the lining, but then again, it is just lining.

Beyond the slight imperfections of the lining, the suit is in impeccable vintage condition.  There are no stains, no tears, no odors, and no unraveling.  My only bad news (and it's only bad for me) is that it's a size 2/4 (modern sizing!).  

Offered to us by my latest find, danevintage, for an opening bid of $14.14.  Can you imagine?  Hop on this little kittens.  Pounce.

And for the dedicated vintage shopper, add danevintage to your favorite sellers  She has a lovely eye for the line of a garment and for a garment which captures the spirit of the time when it was made.

And so I wish you happy shopping Kittens!  I'm in the middle of a move, and while I hope to write a column every day, there may be a day or two where I simply can't clear a path to my computer.  Should this happen,  keep checking!  I'll be back.

Much love,

Second Hand Roze

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