Thursday, January 6, 2011

Catch of the Day: January 6, 2011

Hello Kittens!

There are so many wonderful things out there, and so often I discover an auction within days of it's closing, so I have decided to institute - in addition to my larger, longer posts - short little daily posts called "The Catch of the Day."

Today's Catch of the Day is the ring found below:

This fabulous black ring features a dahlia with a rhinestone in the center. Perfect for a Goth, or even a random old lady like me who happens to be extraordinarily fond of the color black. I love the size of the flower, which is just large enough to escape the dainty (read timid) without being so large as to embrace the gaudy. My fondness of rhinestones is well known, but for the uninitiated, I shall explain. I have been the recipient, through inheritance, of several substantial and valuable pieces of jewelry. Do I wear them? No, I do not. I do not wear them for fear I will take them off in my apartment in some random place where they are never to surface again. I do not wear them for fear that their stones shall fall out. I do not wear them for fear that someone will see them in me, make the erroneous assumption that I am wealthy and plot to rob me. I also do not wear them because I fear I shall break them.

My rhinestones though! Oh, how I love my rhinestones. They look like diamonds, they shine, they sparkle, they say hello. They do not however cause me alarm. If I lose one, I merely replace it, and life goes on.

I have blathered much too long. The ring! The blog post is about the ring. This particular bit of black and rhinestone loveliness is available at Etsy. The ring was crafted by ghostlovejewelry and is available for the just-steal-it price of $9.00. Ghostlovejewelry is the purveyor of many fine pieces of costume jewelry, many specimens of which should appeal to the Goth among us.

And thus appears my first Catch of the Day. Let me know if you like this feature. I plan to keep it up for a bit and gage public response.

Happy shopping kittens! You never know what find is right around that corner!

Second Hand Roze

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