Sunday, January 23, 2011

Catch of the Day: January 23, 2011

While I'm trying to be true to my promise to try to include more men's wear in my blog, I can't help but point out what a great boy-friend jacket this would be!  This fantastic 60's harris tweed men's blazer is the perfect suit coat for any dark brown, or any tan or khaki men's trousers. (Are tan and khaki different colors?  If so, could someone tell me which is darker?)  I also think they'd look terribly sexy and professional thrown over a pair of jeans.  For a woman,  just roll the sleeves up a little bit, and maybe turn up the collar. Viola!  Instant "boy-friend chic".  Sized medium, the jacket is made of a herringbone tweed with two covered pockets, two buttons, and a slim lapel. Just love the thin black tie they've used to photograph the jacket.

The jacket has an inside pocket to keep your wallet safe, and the mark of the tailor.  A perfect vintage find!  I couldn't be more pleased.  Johnny,  while these aren't the colors you asked for, you would look smashing in this coat!

Offered on eBay by Puppy_Dog_Clothing for 19.95 British Pounds Sterling (approximately $31.90 in USD).  

Happy Shopping Kittens and Cats!

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  2. For anyone who hasn't worn a blazer before, jackets aren't meant to be buttoned at the bottom. The bottom button is meant to be open. Besides because of tradition, it throws off how a jacket sits on the shoulders and creates a gap in the collar. This blazer might be decent, but it looks bad on him because he buttoned both buttons. Guys, don't do that.