Saturday, February 12, 2011

Catch of the Day: February 12, 2011 Nissi Jean Jacket

This Nissi Jean Jacket is a wardrobe classic, and if you don't have one in your closet, the time to remedy that is right now. I knew the moment I found this on eBay that here was a garment for my blog. I must admit, I know nothing of the provenance or age of this garment.  That's how classic such jackets are!  The jacket shows obvious wear, and frankly, I consider that part of it's charm.  It's also evidence that this jacket is not left over stock. It's been loved and washed for quite some time.

Most often, these jackets button up the front,  but I love that this one zippers. It's sexy.  It's sultry, and it's very now.  I should warn that as the craze at this time is for low rise jeans, anyone with a muffin top should not consider this jacket.  It shoes a nice bit of "belly belt", and as long as you've got the abs and flat tummy to carry it off,  go for it girl friend!

The jacket looks as great from the front as it does the back:

There!  For some reason Blogger was just determined to show you that photograph sideways!  I finally had to save it sideways, so that when Blogger rolled it, it would roll it right-side-up. This fabulous American classic is brought to auction by Posh*Vintage for an opening bid of $17.99.

Happy shopping!

Second Hand Roze

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