Thursday, February 3, 2011

Catch of the Day February 3, 2011 Fur Coat

I couldn't help myself from blogging about today's catch.  It's unusual.  It's imaginative.  It's gorgeous, and it's... well... it's skunk.

Fitting somewhere in between a full sized coat and a duster, this lovely (and it truly is lovely!) coat is some fashionistas dream waiting to be scooped up off eBay. No way will you ever walk into a party and find someone else wearing your coat.

And just look at the markings on it!  It's magnificent.  For anyone worried,  I did the obvious thing and wrote the seller to see if it has an odor. She wrote back, "I'm sure they did when they were alive, but they don't now!"  (She's a delight too, which is always a plus in a transaction.)

Finally, I just wouldn't be it justice if I didn't show you the full impact of the back of this marvel.

Can you believe how gorgeous a coat they can make from those little pesky critters?

Offered by eBay vendor's koko1954 for the Buy It Now Price of $1499.99.  Seller is also accepting offers.

I wish you happy, furry, soft and luscious shopping!

Second Hand Roze


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