Saturday, February 19, 2011

Catch of the Day: February 19, 2011 Charles Nolan Silver Dress

As Housing Works continues to have their 25% off sale (ends Feb 22nd),  I shall continue to use their items for my catches in the next few posts.  Your money could not be better spent on gently used, or often new (in this case new, with tags) couture items;  nor could your money go to a better cause.  

Today's Catch is a lovely Charles Nolan Silver Dress:

This lovely silver dress features a ribbed tank style top, a self belt or sash, and a full, slightly pleated drop waist skirt.  The top portion of the dress is a poly rayon blend.

(Don't you love that their female mannequins are muscular and small breasted?)  The ribbed styling allows for bra-less modesty,  and you don't need me to tell you how lovely rayon hangs.  The skirt is modal and is fully lined in polyester.  The dropped waist is a wonderful tribute to Jazz Age dressing, while the dress is still wonderfully fashion forward. The dress is a size 12. As mentioned, this dress is new and still has her original tags. 

You can get this incredible $650.00 dress for the amazing price of $72.75.  Someone is going to walk away with the bargain of a lifetime.

Happy shopping to you!

Second Hand Roze

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