Saturday, February 5, 2011

Catch of the Day February 5, 2011 60's Mod Turtleneck Dress

The "dress" shown above is being marketed as, well, a dress on eBay.  I'm not that brave. Any more. Or perhaps the back of my thighs just ain't what they used to be.  At any rate, I would wear this with leggings.

I looked far and wide for leggings for you. Okay. Actually, that's not true. I looked the one place I knew I would find a lot of leggings: Sense of Fashion. I found that you can put all sorts of swell things under that dress, at all sorts of prices.

Coming in at a whopping $125.00 (which is 50% off!), you can do the op art thing from costelloanddonola:

Or you can do sort of the impressionist thing from QOOQOO for $60.00:

But I'm a punk from back in the day.  And old-school punk, we used to sharpen up our fingernails and shred our stockings,  so naturally I'm pretty fond of this pair from "distressed leggings" from Trinity Fashion (the old school punk thing):

Of course, it's worth mentioning that I am leaving out a whole world of colored leggings, lace leggings, leggings with cute valentines on them, or bunnies, or "adorable flower leggings".  It will be a cold day in hell when I wear anything that could be called adorable. (Sorry mom). This is not to mention leopard leggings, which would be a fine choice, are available for the most reasonable price from Newport News and which I've blogged before. 

But the sweater thing.  The sweater is the thing as they say, and so let's talk about the sweater.  

Despite being listed as vintage and 60's, it's brand new and has never been worn.  Try not to hold that too badly against it, as it is rather lovely, and does have that vintage je ne c'est qua. 

It's being sold in Australian dollars, so it's starting bid of $17.99 is somewhat deceptive.  It's really $18.18 in American money.  But chin up, that's not nearly the sticker shock of, oh say, British pounds.  

They aren't telling us what the sweater dress is made of, which usually means nylon or some other polyester cousin.  Sorry.  It is a lovely sweater/dress/thing.

And just to reinforce my feelings that one should wear something under this lovely creation, here's the view from the back.  (Imagine bending over).

It was really my intention to input a little poll thing here where you could vote on which leggings you liked best.  Alas.  I can't figure out the HTML to get it to show up in this blog post, which - I know you'll be shocked to know - I did not get at 5:15 AM to write.  So instead I'm asking you to tell me.  Which leggings would you choose and why? Come on out and have an opinion.  Even if it's for adorable.  I won't agree, but then again, I won't bite either. 

And on that note kittens, I shall wish you happy shopping, and warm legs.

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