Sunday, February 20, 2011

Catch of the Day: February 20, 2011 Stunning 40s Lilli Ann Pencil Suit

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Today's Catch is this lovely Lilli Ann Suit from the 1940's.  

The seller describes the color of this suit as "Starlett Pink" but to me, it's what I always envisioned to be Ashes of Roses.  A lovely, slightly grey, pale blush. This stunning suit is made of a mohair silk blend woven in France and is lined in apricot silk "sharkskin" satin.

The jacket is a classic 1940's pencil suit jacket with the special tailoring for which Lilli Ann is known. Like any Lilli Ann it is a unique creation. The collar is an interesting combination between a notch and shawl collar, the shoulders are padded true to 1940's fashion dictates.  The suit jacket is secured by three oversized, cloth-covered buttons. The cuff sleeves are turned back and stitched into an almost quilted pattern which is repeated in the peplum of the suit.  The nipped waist presents the hourglass figure which defines a pencil suit.

The skirt of the suit is tight at the hips and presents a slim, neat silhouette. A kick pleat in the back allows for easy walking. The back of the suit also presents a slim, neat silhouette, making the woman wearing it as lovely to view from the back as from the front.

Lilli Ann's labels changed over the years, but the seller has correctly placed this one in the 1940s.

This stunning and unusual suit is offered by Jumblelaya, an inveterate eBay seller with a fine eye for vintage fashion. The suit is available for a Buy It Now Price of $349.99, a bargain for a Lilli Ann suit so well maintained!

I hope you've enjoyed this lovely suit as much as I have. I encourage you to look at Jumblelaya's other vintage wares, and as always, darlings, I wish you

Happy Shopping!!!

Second Hand Roze

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