Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Catch of the Day: February 9, 2011 Black Chenille Handbag

I found this lovely jazz age purse on eBay, and though it looks terribly like chenille to me, the seller says it is mesh.  Try as I might, I cannot see that fabric in a way that suggests "mesh" to me.  The seller, FrenchCenter, is new, and they have another purse which they are calling mesh which is, indeed, not mesh.   Perhaps they don't know what it is that really constitutes a "mesh" purse.  Both purses are from the 20's, have lovely metal frames, and are obviously Jazz Age Hand Bags. Perhaps they have been led to believe that "mesh" encompasses all bags from this era.  

I can just see this lovely purse hanging from the wrist of a fashionable flapper, and it seems to have been wonderfully well kept.  I would be more comfortable if we had pictures of both side, and if the seller had said something about the item, rather than just placing it out for bid with barley a word. We know nothing about the state of the inside of the purse, if the clasp is still operable, if there are kinks in the chain, or if the other side of the purse is moth eaten. Still their silence may be someone's gain, as this lovely purse with the transitional art nouveau steel frame is up for an opening bid of a mere $10.00.  Provided the clasp works, the frame itself is worth that.

Should FrenchCenter have the opportunity to read this, may I suggest that you do a wee bit of research prior to placing something out for auction?  Find out what you really have.  Photograph it well. Describe it to the best of your abilities and offer to answer questions anyone may have about the item or its condition.  Tell us everything that works and is in good condition, and then, don't fail to tell us everything that - alas - does not work, and upon whom the ravages of time have been unkind.  You'll find that you'll entice many more people to bid on your auctions, and develop a reputation which will set you in good stead should you chose to making this a growing concern.

Happy Shopping my dear kittens, and best wishes to the seller,

Second Hand Rose

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