Thursday, February 17, 2011

Catch of the Day: February 17, 2011 80's Beaded Dress

Warning:  Today's Catch is only for the flawless of figure. Saddlebags? A little muffin top?  Overly endowed? Under endowed? Drooping derrière?  Crinkling décolletage? Forget it. Young, healthy, a nice rack, some nice buns, the right legs, and a flat belly? Meet your new best friend:

Oh my. Do I just adore today's dress! This lovely, timeless, figure hugging, curve loving, shimmering, slithering luscious bit of silk covered, and I do mean covered in glass beads -  from top to bottom - is just the cat's pajamas. Found on eBay, it is said to be from the 80s or the 90s, but I find it so classic, so incredibly timeless that it could be from anytime after hemlines went above the knee. This is the dress that gets all the right attention. The one that is not too loud but just a lovely whisper. It's not too short, but shows off a nice pair of gams, It's not too daring, but definitely shows off a woman's figure, and is not too adorned - despite all that beading - because the beading is not busy. By avoiding ornamentation and design in the beading, it comes in as understated. By avoiding that plunging neckline, it merely shows off your figure. By not being too short, it merely draws attention to your legs. It is...  perfect. For any "After Five" occasion.  

Take a look at it from the side:

If you have even a hint of a tummy, pass on this one. But if you have the figure for it, by all means, go for it. Because this will show all your assets while still leaving them wanting to find out all the dress has allowed them to imagine.  

And the beading I mentioned?

Just look at it! Simple silver lined glass beads. In a pattern that mimics the weave of the fabric. It's not busy at all. And if you've never worn a beaded dress, you can't imagine the lovely feeling. Beads add weight and drape to a gown. Beads make a dress drape just right. And there's really no other way to accomplish that. No other fabric does it. No sewing technique does it. Only the weight of hundreds and hundreds of hand sewn glass beads can do it. And on this dress, it is done to perfection.

As you can see from the edges of that photograph, this dress is skillfully tailored.  Darts and seams are in all the right places to give it just the right shape. And the beading blends into that tailoring flawlessly.  This is a masterpiece of craftsmanship.  

And my darlings, the starting bid for this dress is only $14.99! In all probability, you paid more than that for your coffee last week. This lovely cocktail dress is brought to us by myvintageromance1. They have lovely items, mostly from the 80's. Their buyer has a great eye for a good silhouette.  I saved them to my favorite sellers on the strength of their current listings alone.

And darlings, when the right one of you buys this dress, do an aging clothes horse a favor?  Send me a photo of you in it?  

Happy shopping my darlings,

Second Hand Roze

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