Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Catch of the Day: February 16, 2011 Smashing Ann Fogarty Dress

Oh!  Would that I could have found this dress for my valentine's post!  This absolutely smashing Anne Fogarty dress is up for auction on eBay, and not getting nearly the attention such a dress should command (only 3 bids so far).  This incredibly well done red satin dress is as lovely today as it was 60 years ago, and I would be as pleased to appear at a party in it.

The bodice is nicely snug with princess seams and darts at the bust.  The "V" neck is exquisitely tailored as though those two pieces of fabric had no choice but to join together.  This joining in the back is accomplished with a nicely covered metal zipper, which, if undone just a touch, reveals the inimitable Anne Fogarty label

The sleeves,  oh my the sleeves!  The sleeves are accomplished by repeated pleating of the fabric at the shoulder and then allowing to drop into a lovely short sleeve.

The sad truth is that seldom do garments make it to their 60th birthday without a blemish, and this lovely dress has two,  both in the skirt.  One is fairly dark, but only about the size of a nickle.  The other appears to have been the victim of someone trying to remove it, that someone not being a professional.  The result is a circular stain, where the discoloration is only around the edges.  I would say it's about the size of a tennis ball.  If you are a good girl and remember to wear your crinolines with this dress (and if you don't, you don't deserve the dress), the stains will be lost in the folds of the dress.  It is even possible that a proper dry cleaning could rid the garment of the stains entirely.  In either event, I do not consider these fatal flaws. There are garments that were originally of such beauty, that I proudly wear them in a slightly deteriorated state.  I would consider this to be such a garment.

I was so pleased to see the dress displayed with a significant pearl necklace, as such a dress demands proper adornment of the neck.  If you don't own jewelry, don't like jewelry, or were frightened by a necklace as a child, this is not the dress for you.

Offered for bidding by Red House Vintage where the price currently stands at $57,99

Good shopping my darlings,

Second Hand Roze

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